[xjonahx] Anyone have Rahxephon episodes 24-26
[Heuzel] google
[Ancient Goddess] Zeul~
[gisele_sakura] Oie
[gisele_sakura] alguem tem episodios de Naruto
[gisele_sakura] ??
[Ancient Goddess] http://graphicconnection.tripod.com/n00bguideesp.html
[Ancient Goddess] aqui
[miguel_0706] yo no los tengo pero si te puedo decir en dodne conseguirlos
[Heuzel] AnG
[Heuzel] NO one gisel
[Heuzel] +e
[Heuzel] get THE FUCK out
[Heuzel] NOW!!
* davastworld streaks across the room
[kot_bez_nogi] hi
[kot_bez_nogi] does anyone have DBZ ?
[W3BJammin] movies?
[kot_bez_nogi] nope
[W3BJammin] or episodes?
[kot_bez_nogi] ep
[W3BJammin] nope
[kot_bez_nogi] what movies do you have?
[W3BJammin] all of em
[W3BJammin] do you have any eps
[kot_bez_nogi] nope
[kot_bez_nogi] =P
[W3BJammin] cept for 3 of the db ones
[W3BJammin] hey kot if you find eps you mind tellin me
[kot_bez_nogi] ok
[blablanabong] www.google.com
[blablanabong] they have all
[Ancient Goddess] or....you can use google
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[kot_bez_nogi] there are lots of eps in Kazaa
[blablanabong] ^-^
[Ancient Goddess] jinx, blab ^^
[blablanabong] hey~ AnG
[Ancient Goddess] blab~
[blablanabong] yes..
[blablanabong] use kazaa, and die of virus
[Ancient Goddess] hehe
[W3BJammin] google?
[Ancient Goddess] ....
[Heuzel] fucktards
[blablanabong] dont tell me you dont know what google is O_O
[W3BJammin] yes I know what google is
[W3BJammin] I dont know how to use it to find episodes to download
[Ancient Goddess] .............................
[W3BJammin] off of soulseek?
[blablanabong] why the fuck dont you use it then?
[kot_bez_nogi] what is the resolution in DBZ movie 3 ?
[Ancient Goddess] torrents, Jammin.
[Ancient Goddess] look for those on google.
[blablanabong] www.boxtorrents.com
[Ancient Goddess] ¬¬
[W3BJammin] 320x240
[kot_bez_nogi] fuck
[Heuzel] blab
[Heuzel] no torrent links
[Heuzel] plz
[Heuzel] not
[Heuzel] for
[Heuzel] the
[Heuzel] n00bs
[Heuzel] thanks
[Heuzel] a
[Heuzel] lot
[blablanabong] >.>
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[blablanabong] gotta go
[blablanabong] bai~
[Heuzel] c ya
[Ancient Goddess] baiya blab~
[xlolien] :)
[kot_bez_nogi] does anyone have BAREFOOT GEN ?
[Ancient Goddess] http://graphicconnection.tripod.com/n00bguide.html
[Ancient Goddess] learn how to use the two features mentioned. ¬¬
[W3BJammin] Ancient Goddess, you realize that at one point you didn't know how to use any of this either. Dont be such a prick about it.
[Heuzel] arm
[Heuzel] *erm
[Ancient Goddess] Oh? I'm a prick?
[Heuzel] shut up
[Heuzel] n00bish behaviour isn't = to being a newb
[Ancient Goddess] Unlike some people here.
[Heuzel] if you don't understand this , then just get the fuck out of here
[Ancient Goddess] So stfu n00b
[Heuzel] this isn't the google room
[Heuzel] it's anime
[Heuzel] first you introduce yourself
[Heuzel] then you be patient
[Heuzel] let people accept you
[Heuzel] then you might learn
[Heuzel] and then you might even get something
[kot_bez_nogi] well...maybe someone has this anime...but didn`t shared it
[Heuzel] again: you didn't even understand what i just said
[Heuzel] follow the rules
[Heuzel] fuck if this was irc, you'd be banned for lifetime
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[kot_bez_nogi] blah
[LastTime] meow
[Heuzel] Hey! don't hurt yourself! I'd like to do that for you!
[miguel_0706] hey blablanabong ----> http://graphicconnection.tripod.com/n00bguideesp.html, ------> bad traduction
[miguel_0706] but interesting
[Heuzel] traduction
[Heuzel] erm
[Heuzel] ....
[Ancient Goddess] ah well..I'm not Spanish.
[Heuzel] and again
[Ancient Goddess] if you can read english:
[Ancient Goddess] http://graphicconnection.tripod.com/n00bguide.html
[Ancient Goddess] try that one
[kot_bez_nogi] don`t be so smart Heuzel
[LastTime] meow
[Heuzel] barefoot gen hasn't been subbed
[Heuzel] you stupid fucktard
[Heuzel] don't tell me I'm smart
[kot_bez_nogi] are you crazy !
[miguel_0706] oh, better
[Heuzel] 'cos i know a lot more about anime then you'll ever know
[kot_bez_nogi] It`s an old anime
[Heuzel] it's not one anime
[Heuzel] it's 2
[kot_bez_nogi] and it was subbed
[Ancient Goddess] ....
[Heuzel] 1983 AND 1986 RELEASE
[Heuzel] no it's not
[Heuzel] you stupid stupid fucktard
[kot_bez_nogi] it is
[Ancient Goddess] Zeul knows more about anime than you do.
[LastTime] lets settle this way. you're both equally idiots for different reasons.
[Heuzel] and for your information
[LastTime] kot, because youi're wrong. and zel because you're arguing on the internet.
[kot_bez_nogi] p6ol nah suka !
[xlolien] Would anybody do me the biggest favour?
[Ancient Goddess] NO.
[xlolien] o.O
[xlolien] ok
[Heuzel] but no official fansubgroup subbed it
[Heuzel] xlolien
[kot_bez_nogi] suka Heuzel
[kot_bez_nogi] =PPPP
[Heuzel] suka?
[xlolien] -_-
[kot_bez_nogi] poceluj moj zad
[Heuzel] wanna get the movie or not?
[Heuzel] you stupied polish ass
[Heuzel] or whatever you might be
[kot_bez_nogi] Russian ass )
[Heuzel] 'cos i really do know where to get it
[kot_bez_nogi] where ?
[Heuzel] maybe you can suck poetins' dick for it?
[Heuzel] google
[Heuzel] now get the fuck out of here
[kot_bez_nogi] eghm....
[kot_bez_nogi] are stupid or just pretending to be one?
[kot_bez_nogi] *you
[Heuzel] erm, i have one terrabyte of anime, you just guess
[Heuzel] no need to browse, eon47, i'm list only
[kot_bez_nogi] ...and half of It is pokemon :D
[Heuzel] yeah, like pokemon could fill half of a terrabyte
[Heuzel] ¬.¬
[W3BJammin] Heuzel, stating that you have a terrabyte of anime simply means that you dont have enough to do with your time.
[xlolien] Nehmen Sie Ihren verschwitzten russischen Esel aus hier heraus und gehen Sie tun Ihren Vati..Kot_bez_nogi
[kot_bez_nogi] gehe nah hause
[kot_bez_nogi] dumpfkopf
[kot_bez_nogi] :3
[Heuzel] [W3BJammin] Heuzel, stating that you have a terrabyte of anime simply means that you dont have enough to do with your time. <---- erm.... stating you're saying something as stupid like that... must been a: you're just jaleous, b: you're retarded, c: you're on dial up
[Heuzel] and a terra isn't even that much
[LastTime] ...tera is a sexy girls name.
[Heuzel] i have more of a life then half of the peeps in this room
[LastTime] or a sexy name for a girl
[LastTime] either or.
[W3BJammin] Heuzel you're annoyed too easily.
[blablanabong] >.>
[Heuzel] LT, you can be tera, and I'll buttrape you :)
[LastTime] do I get the reach around?
[Heuzel] [W3BJammin] Heuzel you're annoyed too easily. <---- I'm not annoyed, i just hate n00bs
[blablanabong] XD
[blablanabong] dont we all
[LastTime] hahaha
[LastTime] no, you do not get the reach around.
[LastTime] sorry.
[LastTime] sorry... :(
[davastworld] oh oh what about me adam?
[LastTime] haha
[LastTime] yeah sorry
[LastTime] I will be good.
[kot_bez_nogi] Heuzel BAKA! ))))
[Heuzel] no, still you're the baka
[Heuzel] 'cos i really do have that movie
[davastworld] ........ so i dont get a reach around?
[kot_bez_nogi] nope....you are
[Ancient Goddess] the only idiot here is you, kot.
[kot_bez_nogi] so?
[Ancient Goddess] you're the one trying to go up against Zeul. ¬¬
[Ancient Goddess] so...GTFO
[Heuzel] so? you still don't get it do you...
[kot_bez_nogi] sosi huj blja ))))
[kot_bez_nogi] dura
[kot_bez_nogi] =P
[Heuzel] yeah, that's nice, being retarded, and insulting people in a language they don't understand
[kot_bez_nogi] thanks god you don`t know russian ))
[Ancient Goddess] Oh, I'm sure whatever you said was very productive
[Heuzel] pffft, you all should have died under lenin, or stalin
* Ancient Goddess nods
[Heuzel] communism was good for you peeps
[kot_bez_nogi] Heuzel...are you american?
[Heuzel] NO
[Heuzel] acting to be free = retardness for you peeps
[kot_bez_nogi] ))) Russia 4 ever
[Heuzel] and the only thing it's doing to EU country's = making them infected with stupid russian maffia
* LastTime eats soup with a fork
[kot_bez_nogi] we have more nukes than any other countries )
[Heuzel] and why the hell can't you peeps stay in your own countrie?
[kot_bez_nogi] *countryies
[Heuzel] yeah, and look were the nukes got you
[Heuzel] you're a poor country
[LastTime] you may have more nukes but you don't know where the fuck they are.
* Heuzel thinks LT will have a hard time eating her soup
[kot_bez_nogi] ha ha
[kot_bez_nogi] )))))))))
[kot_bez_nogi] Are all americans so stupid?
[Ancient Goddess] no, but the majority are
[xlolien] Good game to your retardedness Kot Bez
[xlolien] Just go die
[davastworld] not all but most
[blablanabong] why are interbutt ppl seen as american
[kot_bez_nogi] USA will DIE under Russian`s nukes =P
[blablanabong] hes the second who acts like that
[LastTime] ..
[LastTime] glad I am not american
[kot_bez_nogi] good for you
[kot_bez_nogi] )))
[blablanabong] wheres kurdt and his nukes?
[kot_bez_nogi] zu hause
[davastworld] hahaha
[blablanabong] =)
[davastworld] yeah he needs to nuke this guy
* Heuzel wonders why kot won't be nice
[Heuzel] 'cos if he would be nice, I'd assrape him
[Heuzel] come on kotz
[Heuzel] I'll dry hump you
[Heuzel] plz
[Heuzel] pretty plz
[davastworld] ROFL
[kot_bez_nogi] halt die knappe
[kot_bez_nogi] assloch
[kot_bez_nogi] )))
[Heuzel] sure sure
[kot_bez_nogi] yep )
[Heavy Power!] todas vuestras madres llevan botas militares
[kot_bez_nogi] Russland uber alles
* Heuzel impales kotz with a baseballbat up his arse
[kot_bez_nogi] Heavy Power SOSI HUJ
[kot_bez_nogi] ))
[kot_bez_nogi] sosiiiiiiiiii
[kot_bez_nogi] :D
[Heuzel] go and make yourself a russian anime room
[Heavy Power!] kiss my ass
[Heuzel] look how many peeps are gonna come to it
[kot_bez_nogi] suck my dick )
[kot_bez_nogi] Heuzel
[kot_bez_nogi] )))
[xlolien] It's prolly got cheese on it
[Heuzel] yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you? you gay fart
[Heavy Power!] ia snaiu pa ruski
[kot_bez_nogi] good for you )
[Heuzel] kot, why don't you ignore me?
[kot_bez_nogi] Heuzel halt die knappe
[kot_bez_nogi] dumpfkopf
[Heuzel] come one tard, ignore me
[kot_bez_nogi] should I ?
[Heuzel] and... like i wouldn't understand dumpfkopf
[Heuzel] yes you should
[Heuzel] you afraid? or what?
[kot_bez_nogi] I should I be afraid
[kot_bez_nogi] ?
[Heuzel] and heavy power, you do the same, t would be nice
[Heavy Power!] what I should do?
[Heuzel] ignore me
[Heavy Power!] I must ignore you??
[kot_bez_nogi] Ignore him ))) he is shy
[kot_bez_nogi] same to you
[kot_bez_nogi] bitch )
[Heavy Power!] riedkii
[Heavy Power!] how many russians are here?
[yukimura] erm 2?
[Heavy Power!] who?
[yukimura] lol, russians don't have an isp ?
[yukimura] kot_bez_nogi is, port 10302
[Heuzel] hahaha
[davastworld] im russian
[Heuzel] erm, ok, not you
[Heavy Power!] very pleased to meet you ;)
[davastworld] haha
[davastworld] im not fuckin russian
[Heavy Power!] also me
[Heavy Power!] I'm spanish
[kot_bez_nogi] you are a fuckin spanish
[kot_bez_nogi] )))
[Heavy Power!] no
[davastworld] im half mexican
[Heavy Power!] I'm only spanish
[Heavy Power!] not fucking
[Heavy Power!] anything
[kot_bez_nogi] halt die knappe
[davastworld] so dont get on spanish ppl you polska fuck
[kot_bez_nogi] I`am not polish
[Heavy Power!] Spanish form Spain, not form anywhere else :p
[davastworld] well whatever
[kot_bez_nogi] davastworld can`t you read! I`ve said I`am Russian
[Heavy Power!] ti karóva
[kot_bez_nogi] a ti loh ;)))))
[Heavy Power!] niet rusky
[kot_bez_nogi] p6ol nah
[kot_bez_nogi] ))))
[davastworld] polskas not russian?
[kot_bez_nogi] hahahahahha
[kot_bez_nogi] learn
[kot_bez_nogi] geography
[kot_bez_nogi] )))))))))))))))))))))
[Heavy Power!] well...
[Heavy Power!] that's an imperialist afirmation
[kot_bez_nogi] ok...let`s stop arguing
[davastworld] i know geography ass, i thought polska was a racial slur for russians
[kot_bez_nogi] so what?
[Heavy Power!] you should feel great "kot"
[Heavy Power!] Putin is gay
[Heavy Power!] and I must go
[kot_bez_nogi] davastworld I don`t see that you know heography well
[Heavy Power!] everybody go to hell
[kot_bez_nogi] all president`s are gay )
[xlolien] Kot Bez just go stick your dads dick up your ass an go sit in the corner feeling special like you usually do please.
[Heavy Power!] specially kot, that is gay as his president
[Heavy Power!] fuck off
[davastworld] me thinking that polska was a racial slur for russians has nothing to do w/ geography
[kot_bez_nogi] xlolien the same to you
[xlolien] I don't have a dad
[xlolien] so, gg to you
[kot_bez_nogi] go fuck you mum then
[kot_bez_nogi] or sister
[kot_bez_nogi] or neighbour
[kot_bez_nogi] =PP
[xlolien] none of those
[kot_bez_nogi] good luck
[xlolien] I live out in the country
[kot_bez_nogi] then go find someone
[xlolien] There is no-one
[kot_bez_nogi] )))))))))))
[xlolien] ^_^
[kot_bez_nogi] baka
[xlolien] I live bymyself
[kot_bez_nogi] then go fuck yourself
[xlolien] Did last night
[kot_bez_nogi] good for you
[kot_bez_nogi] =P
[xlolien] I know
[xlolien] Good for me
[kot_bez_nogi] now let`s stop argueing
[xlolien] Heh, why?
[xlolien] Your dumb
[xlolien] It's fun talking with you
[xlolien] You make me feel smart
[xlolien] Fuck sakes, you can't even spell mom
[kot_bez_nogi] ;)) go fuck yourself again )) you`ll feel smarter
[xlolien] Who says i'm already not?
[xlolien] I could be right now as we speak
[kot_bez_nogi] mum - british english way
[xlolien] I don't give a shit
[kot_bez_nogi] mom - american english way
[xlolien] I'm speaking english here
[kot_bez_nogi] so go to school
[kot_bez_nogi] baka ))
[xlolien] Already graduated
[xlolien] ^_^
[davastworld] no i say mum and im american you ass
[kot_bez_nogi] try one more time
[xlolien] Well I'm not American you dick
[xlolien] Go shove bushes dick up your pee hole please an piss off
[davastworld] that was to kot dude
[kot_bez_nogi] ) idiots
[kot_bez_nogi] I like this chat
[kot_bez_nogi] let`s continue
[xlolien] Great
[kot_bez_nogi] =)
[xlolien] lets
[xlolien] You fucking douche bag
[kot_bez_nogi] I`ll use Russian
[kot_bez_nogi] blja
[kot_bez_nogi] suki
[kot_bez_nogi] vi vse nah
[kot_bez_nogi] ujobki
[xlolien] o.O
[kot_bez_nogi] sasite hij blja
[kot_bez_nogi] )))))))))))))))))))))
[Ancient Goddess] just ignore him, xloli.
[xlolien] No... He's funny as hell
[xlolien] X3
[davastworld] shut up you fuckin (insert racial russian word here)
[kot_bez_nogi] u 2 )))
[Ancient Goddess] He thinks he's doing damage by speaking in another language
[kot_bez_nogi] I am
[kot_bez_nogi] ))))
[xlolien] to me
[xlolien] your speaking nothing
[xlolien] HOLY SHIT DUDE
[xlolien] youre a fucking
[xlolien] eteteg
[kot_bez_nogi] that means you are stupid
[xlolien] ^-^
[Ancient Goddess] but only a moron would think it would be an insult when the person can't understand. ¬¬
[xlolien] Oh, she gg you
[Ancient Goddess] stfu kot...you're a fucking retard.
[xlolien] or he
[xlolien] :P
[kot_bez_nogi] that only means that u r stupid )))
[Ancient Goddess] no
[kot_bez_nogi] losers
[kot_bez_nogi] ))))))))))))))
[Ancient Goddess] it means I know how to speak my native language
[xlolien] faggot
[kot_bez_nogi] poka bljadi !
[xlolien] ;/
[Ancient Goddess] and that my insults are good, since you can understand them
[Ancient Goddess] aw...he left...
[Heuzel] ah finally
[xlolien] u_u
[xlolien] bastard
[Heuzel] http://www.boxtorrents.com/download.php/10744/Barefoot%20Gen.torrent <---- that's what he was searching for
[Heuzel] K€K€K€K€
[Heuzel] when i say i know where to find an anime, i do mean it

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