[DeliriumCordia] hey guys. whats a fooking great anime. help me out here.
[everyday jungleist] anyone seen record of the lodoss wars?
[everyday jungleist] cuz im dling that
[baka^2] sailor moon delirium
[Heuzel] i'm downloading the oav, ej
* everyday jungleist secretly loves sailor moon
[Heuzel] gonna download the tv series, when that one is finished
[Heuzel] O.O
[everyday jungleist] haha me too
* Heuzel should punish you for that
[DeliriumCordia] sailor moon.... isnt that a little bit too girly?
* baka^2 agrees
[baka^2] no
[everyday jungleist] hey man, i grew up with sailor moon
[everyday jungleist] that was my first anime
[Heuzel] same here :)
[baka^2] it's very dark
[Heuzel] dubbed in french
[Heuzel] :)
[baka^2] I grew up..... with armitage III
[baka^2] POLY MATRIX
[DeliriumCordia] bullshit... you're fuckin with me huh... okay... ouch you got me there... good one... can you tell me a good one now?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] <3
[Heuzel] erm, i grew up with saint seiya, hokuto no ken, ranma, sailor moon, ...
[baka^2] and akira
[everyday jungleist] yeah akira too
[Heuzel] pffft @ akira
[baka^2] I just listed two delirium
[baka^2] so hush
[Heuzel] entertainment for the masses = craptacular
[everyday jungleist] and there was an anime that i used to watch when i was really little about agirl that lived in space
[everyday jungleist] she rode on a polar bear
[everyday jungleist] with stars on it
[baka^2] haha heuzel, I saw it when I was 12
[1000VOLT] hi guys
[Kitsune-Tsuki] akira is pretty meh
[everyday jungleist] i have the toys, but i have no idea what the anime was
[Heuzel] zomg, it's really finished
[Heuzel] :(
[Kitsune-Tsuki] but armitage is nice even after all this time still
* Heuzel could cry
[baka^2] I was like "woah"
[everyday jungleist] whats really finished?
[Heuzel] jklmsf
[Heuzel] ljkmsf
[Heuzel] eazroji
[Heuzel] ,vc
[Heuzel] ,:;=vcbjkoa;=:,er
[baka^2] though the second one sucked
[Kitsune-Tsuki] lol yes
[baka^2] were sorry heuzel
[Kitsune-Tsuki] sorry about what
[DeliriumCordia] hey guys whats this anime with this tall pale guy with a black hat and long silver hair called...
[Heuzel] thanks baka :(
[Kitsune-Tsuki] o.o?
[baka^2] monte cristo anime methinks
[Heuzel] [DeliriumCordia] hey guys whats this anime with this tall pale guy with a black hat and long silver hair called... <--- hellsing?
[Heuzel] nah
[Kitsune-Tsuki] hellsing is red
[Heuzel] his hat was red
[Kitsune-Tsuki] he was all red
[Heuzel] yush
[baka^2] is that tuxcedo mask from sailor mood delirium?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] TUXEDO MASK
* Kitsune-Tsuki throws rose.
[baka^2] tuxedo*
[baka^2] stupid c
[baka^2] lol
* baka^2 faints
* baka^2 luvs masked one
[Kitsune-Tsuki] its so horrible
[DeliriumCordia] hmmm... im not sure.... it was very badass though... he was this tall evil thin looking guy with silver hair and black clothes and a black hat...
[baka^2] that's very non-descript
[Heuzel] indeedy it is
[baka^2] has anyone seen that anime with the big breasted girl with red hair and she's really hyper?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ohshi
[DeliriumCordia] hmmm... i was too stoned to remember anymore of it... except ... towards the end he goes to this weird place that is half organic and half mechanic and shreads some assholes....
[baka^2] stoned eh?
[baka^2] sounds like you get the b/i
[Heuzel] haha
[Heuzel] even i wouldn't do that, baka
[DeliriumCordia] b/i? whats this
[baka^2] haha, I dont like cockbites
[baka^2] but sh
[baka^2] dont tell them that
[Kitsune-Tsuki] O.o;
[DeliriumCordia] fuck .......it feels like im in the twilight zone...
[DeliriumCordia] can you guys just recommend a good anime apart from sailor moon and ill be on my way...
[Heuzel] you could watch pokemon
[Heuzel] or you're gay ooooOOOoooh
[Heuzel] or gaybleyde
[Kitsune-Tsuki] macross 7!!!
[Kitsune-Tsuki] DYNAMITE
[Heuzel] kitsu!
[Kitsune-Tsuki] dejdfhsw
[Kitsune-Tsuki] shhhh
[Heuzel] ¬.¬
[DeliriumCordia] apart from ninja scroll, ghost in the shell and appleseed.
[baka^2] DYNAMITE
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I'm pretending to be shini
[Heuzel] hahahahahah
[baka^2] man
[baka^2] wtf
[Heuzel] well, kitsu, he's kinda right, you know
[baka^2] I need to watch nadesco right now
[Kitsune-Tsuki] about what _._?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] oh
[Heuzel] no you don't, baka
[DeliriumCordia] macross 7? whats that like? i want to watch something dark and demented... is macross anything like that?
[baka^2] lol why not heuzel?
[Heuzel] because i say so?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] macross 7 is about a band that pilots transforming mecha and they defeat thier enemies with guitar wails
[Kitsune-Tsuki] if thats not dark and demented
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I dunno what is
[baka^2] almost convincing but not quite
[baka^2] dark and demented?
[DeliriumCordia] hahahaha. that sounds pretty cool.
[baka^2] lol not macross 7
[Heuzel] [DeliriumCordia] macross 7? whats that like? i want to watch something dark and demented... is macross anything like that? <---- dark and demented..... go watch your granny fuck a horse in a barn
[baka^2] G Gundam = dark and demented
[Kitsune-Tsuki] lol g gundam rules
[Kitsune-Tsuki] TEQUILA GUNDAM
[baka^2] I love g gundam
[Kitsune-Tsuki] CANADA GUNDAM
[baka^2] lol
[baka^2] I liked the dutch ones
[Heuzel] brb, gonna grab a beer
[Heuzel] the dutch ones?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I love how they are all stereotypes except for japan
[baka^2] yeah
[DeliriumCordia] [Heuzel] id rather just dig yours up from her grave and fuck her deteriorating eye sockets [Kitsune-Tsuki] yeah its a... windwill
[Kitsune-Tsuki] mill even
[Kitsune-Tsuki] dejhfj
[Kitsune-Tsuki] but like it transforms and all
[Kitsune-Tsuki] its ridiculous
[baka^2] yeah
[baka^2] what did the americans have?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] a boxer/footballplayer/cowboy
[baka^2] lol
[Kitsune-Tsuki] it had laser revolvers, shoulderpads
[baka^2] they should have included a tank
[Kitsune-Tsuki] and they shot off and became boxing gloves
[baka^2] that anime deserves a prize
[DeliriumCordia] is black jack any good?
[Heuzel] [DeliriumCordia] [Heuzel] id rather just dig yours up from her grave and fuck her deteriorating eye sockets <--- how much do you wanna pay for that?
[Heuzel] i'll make you a nice offer :)
[Heuzel] ....
[DeliriumCordia] an offer? no i like fucking corpses behind peoples backs... it makes it more fun.. the suspence n all.
[Heuzel] ah, i c
[baka^2] oic
[Heuzel] so, with all the corpse fucking, you're to numbfucked to even consider googling for anime?
[baka^2] looks like it heuzel
[baka^2] im gone though folks, homework to attend to
[DeliriumCordia] i never get tired of necrophilia with your family tree. i just ask you cunts for advice on anime... i have googled it.
[Heuzel] c ya later, baka
[Heuzel] and yes, i'm a cunt, a cunt who has one terrabyte of anime, burned and watched, so.....
[DeliriumCordia] i figure you bastards will have a better opinion on them...
[Heuzel] indeed i have a better opinion
[DeliriumCordia] so why wont u tell me a good one tough guy?
[Heuzel] 'cos 1. you didn't say what genre
[Heuzel] 2 you didn't say how old
[Heuzel] 3 you didn't say how
[Heuzel] and by 3 i mean : how are you gonna download it?
[DeliriumCordia] i said dark and demented. twisted shit is what i wanna see.
[DeliriumCordia] download it? from soulseek
[Heuzel] erm, dark and demented isn't a genre
[Heuzel] hahahaha
[Heuzel] then i don't need to give you any titles, 'cos you won't find any in here
[DeliriumCordia] where do you find them?
[Heuzel] google :)
[Heuzel] and bai bai now :)
[DeliriumCordia] you buy them
[Heuzel] hahahahah buying anime
[Heuzel] that would be the day
[DeliriumCordia] dude you suck
[Heuzel] you wanna know what b/i is?
[DeliriumCordia] no go fuck yourself
[Heuzel] i do suck, .... but you have no idea where to get your anime
[DeliriumCordia] yes i do asshole
[Heuzel] and do you even know what it would cost to BUY one terrabyte of anime
[Heuzel] erm, no you don't
[DeliriumCordia] yes i do dickhole
[Heuzel] [DeliriumCordia] download it? from soulseek <---- sure sure
[DeliriumCordia] i dont buy em
[Heuzel] bai bai :)
[DeliriumCordia] i know a program that works with torrents
[Heuzel] aaah, the nice bliss that brings b/i
[DeliriumCordia] i find anything i want
[DeliriumCordia] ANYTHING. you name it choda breath and ill get it
[DeliriumCordia] you can check my files afterwards
[baka^2] find the original astro boy
[Heuzel] ¬.¬
[DeliriumCordia] ok
[baka^2] have fun
[baka^2] no bugger off
[baka^2] youre clogging my room list
[Heuzel] why don't u tell him to search for kasshan
[baka^2] hah, because I dont know what that is :]
[Heuzel] baka? kasshan?
[DeliriumCordia] the birth of astro boy divx rip
[baka^2] yeah, never heard of it
[baka^2] that's not the original one
[Heuzel] you know casshern right
[baka^2] yeah
[DeliriumCordia] i found it shit face
[DeliriumCordia] i found loads of astroboy... tv episodes .... loads
[DeliriumCordia] so fuck you asshole.
[baka^2] how about gi joe
[baka^2] no one likes GI Joe ;;
[DeliriumCordia] i foud that too... loads of tv episodes
[baka^2] I dont believe you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I like gi joe
[baka^2] you're too cool for school kitsune
[DeliriumCordia] ill tell u a coule episodes.... wait
[baka^2] how about a link?
[baka^2] huh?
[DeliriumCordia] link? me?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I know I am
[baka^2] yeah, a link to where the episdoes are
[baka^2] or do you just have the PSA shit
[DeliriumCordia] id like to tell you... but youl tell heuzel... i dont like that prick... i hope he dies from a lack of oxygen to the brain from excessive masturbation and is found by his parents the next morning, dead, lying in a pool of semen with his dick in his hand...
[baka^2] in other words
[baka^2] you cant come up with jack shit
[DeliriumCordia] no seriously... i dont want kids like that using this program
[DeliriumCordia] some episodes i found...the pyramid of darkness avi.
[baka^2] you're retarded, I could post episode names easy as cake
[baka^2] until you can provide a site with the .torrents on it
[DeliriumCordia] arise, serpentor, arise avi.
[baka^2] then youre full of hot air
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ewerherh
[baka^2] yes kit
[baka^2] and now ~
[DeliriumCordia] fine... why should i tell you fucko.... did u help me out when i first came in to this page? i asked a simple question and you bastards couldnt even give me a straight answer.... so you aint gettin shit from me
[DeliriumCordia] and im not full of shit
[DeliriumCordia] i find anything out there
[DeliriumCordia] gotcha there huh... well maybe next time you will help someone out instead of fucking with him... i just may download this gay gi joe shit to see what the fuck it is... who knows i may like it.. too bad for you though...
[godsrighthand] Enough whining, christ you at like you actualy -had- a g/f and got dumped.
[godsrighthand] *act
[Ancient Goddess] and besides....I believe baka has left the keyboard, anyway....BEFORE you began your rant. ¬¬
[Ancient Goddess] righty~
[godsrighthand] Hiya~ Ancient Noblelady.
[DeliriumCordia] sorry for not being clairvoyant bitch.
[Ancient Goddess] you know...the hostility is not necessary.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] all I have to say is
[Kitsune-Tsuki] [Anti-HERO] i can have sex with females u only dream
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I'm off ~
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Ancient Goddess] hai/bai Kitsune~
[Heuzel] c ya kitsu~
[godsrighthand] Kitsu~
[DeliriumCordia] [Kitsune-Tsuki] .... hahahaha, that defines a man huh.... his abitlity to put up with women and play by her rules until he gets to spread her legs wide und fuck her... dude. evolve a little...
[DeliriumCordia] and besides ever since i bought a mazda mx5 the shallow bitches just wanna fuck me all the time.... its cool though. once you figure out that women are seriously stupid, shallow and extremily pretentious... it really doesnt matter how you nail them...
[godsrighthand] Self restraint is a trait lacking in individuales that are a product of generations of family inbreeding.
[godsrighthand] You only get your sister or mother.
[Ancient Goddess] You see, Delirium...you're the kind of males that make me want to bash your head into a glass window.
[DeliriumCordia] oh man... that was a good one
[Heuzel] erm, he still in here?
[DeliriumCordia] well they say that the truth hurts...
[Ancient Goddess] Stupid men usually get stupid female to fuck them since the intelligent ones are smart enough not to go near you
[Ancient Goddess] +s
[Ancient Goddess] sound familar to you?
[Ancient Goddess] Yeah, Zeul...he's still spouting nonsence
[DeliriumCordia] hahahaha. intelligent women are ugly.... their looks cant help them so they have no other choice... they become smart...
[DeliriumCordia] a sexy woman has no real need to become smart,,,, her looks are her weapon..
[Hiskett] you're an idiot
[DeliriumCordia] hence..... i really wouldnt want you near me... trust me...
[Ancient Goddess] Hmm...I'd rather be ugly and intelligent instead of beautiful and brainless...but these are by your pathetic standards
[baka^2] last time I looked ang was pretty hot
[Ancient Goddess] The feeling's mutual, Delirium...believe me
[baka^2] did you change?
[DeliriumCordia] who are you trying to convince???
[Ancient Goddess] lol...no, baka
[baka^2] I didnt think so
[baka^2] looks like delirum is wrong yet againb
[baka^2] OMG B
[baka^2] LOOK AT IT
[baka^2] ITS THERE
[baka^2] ITS A TYPO
[baka^2] -b
[DeliriumCordia] im wrong???
[DeliriumCordia] why?
[Ancient Goddess] And I'm not convincing anyone...I'm just calling you idiotic.
[Heuzel] erm, should i uniggy him?
[DeliriumCordia] ancient sketch... by the way... you only hate me so much cuz guyz like me dont give u the time of day...
[Ancient Goddess] You sit there and get angry when people don't want to help you, then you call all women stupid whores
[Ancient Goddess] O'rly?
[DeliriumCordia] its jealousy /..... see
[Ancient Goddess] hmm...interesting.
[baka^2] wow he has you figured out
[baka^2] that took like 7 posts
[baka^2] and he knows you in and out
[Kitsune-Tsuki] god fucking damnit
[DeliriumCordia] if you didnt know that... it means that you're both ugly and dumb... wow... tough break.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I walk out the door and the phone rings
[Ancient Goddess] See, I know males who aren't stupid like you. Who actually look for females with brains instead of looks.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] "don't bother coming in today"
[Kitsune-Tsuki] sdjhsdhsd
[Ancient Goddess] =/ sorry, Kitsune.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I just spend 30 mins getting dressed
[DeliriumCordia] hahahaha. ugly males.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] wrrrrry
[godsrighthand] I bet he carries a bunch of paper bags instead of condoms,... you know stick over the bag ladies heads.
[Heuzel] erm, delirium, you don't even understand when you're not wanted?
[Heuzel] go get your ass back on the 'special' bus, and go back where you came from
[DeliriumCordia] i like when im not wanted... its different for me...
[DeliriumCordia] something new
[anigirl82] oh yay a flamer
[baka^2] lol
[Kitsune-Tsuki] so
[DeliriumCordia] it takes all you pussies to "fuck" with me....
[Heuzel] indeedy ani, plz help out :)
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I notice the conversation took a turn for the worse
[baka^2] yay trolls
[godsrighthand] He is so desperate for attention he actualyenjoys this...
[Ancient Goddess] no...not really. You've already proven how retarded you are, Delirium.
[Heuzel] [DeliriumCordia] it takes all you pussies to "fuck" with me.... <-- you never seen a pussie in your hole life, haven't you
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] this guy sound like a winner
[DeliriumCordia] i drive an mx-5... i have loads of moneey and im good looking...
[DeliriumCordia] what does that tell u
[DeliriumCordia] ?
[baka^2] he makes me chuckle slightly
[Kitsune-Tsuki] um
[Ancient Goddess] Prove it.
[godsrighthand] the Bullshit you spew keeps coming.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] it tells me you have issues by bragging about it?
[DeliriumCordia] well i know that what i am is the recipie for getting pussy... and abusing women.... they seem to like it though
[DeliriumCordia] ancient godess. hahahaha se... im makin you horny without tryin. u wanna see me. hahahaha
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ...
[baka^2] there's...a recipie? in what? the cookbook for a total loser?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] bahahaha
[Kitsune-Tsuki] bahahahaaaa
[Ancient Goddess] no...I don't believe you. Simple as that. :)
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ahahahaha
[DeliriumCordia] im not braggin. im tellin
[anigirl82] [DeliriumCordia] i drive an mx-5... i have loads of moneey and im good looking...what does that tell u...you need a car and money to be confident in your masculinity
[DeliriumCordia] im backing myself up with truth
[DeliriumCordia] no ... its what sexy women want
[godsrighthand] The truth is if you had it you would not be here.
[baka^2] oh delirium
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you're trying to tell us you are the peak of malsculinity through text
[anigirl82] nope, men who need these things aren't "man" enough, imo
[baka^2] youre making me hawt
[Kitsune-Tsuki] congratulations
[baka^2] tell me more of your powerful car
[Ancient Goddess] exactly, Kitsune
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you are a fucking jackass.
[baka^2] and your big WAD of cash
[Ancient Goddess] that's why I don't believe him
[Ancient Goddess] moron.
[DeliriumCordia] sure i can get busted up women like you..... if you do.... but they dont do it for me
[anigirl82] lol
[baka^2] and your DROP DEAD good looks
[Heuzel] [DeliriumCordia] no ... its what sexy women want <---- erm, over here you'd need more then taht
[baka^2] please
[baka^2] please please do continue
[anigirl82] lol....you obviously have low self esteem
[Hiskett] haha, just leave Delirium, everyone here hates you
[baka^2] no!
[anigirl82] if you are posturing on the internet in an *ANIME* chat room
[baka^2] I want more of my Delirium-kun! ^^;;;;;;;;;;
[DeliriumCordia] [anigirl82] lol....you obviously have low self esteem explain....
[anigirl82] I just did o_o
[DeliriumCordia] how did u come to this conclusion
[DeliriumCordia] ?
[baka^2] ; ; he hates me, even tho im a sexy woman
[anigirl82] [anigirl82] if you are posturing on the internet in an *ANIME* chat room
[godsrighthand] [godsrighthand] Self restraint is a trait lacking in individuales that are a product of generations of family inbreeding. <-- Spoiler his real experiance with pussy is revealed.
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] hmm, you wouldn't happen to be from Missouri, would you, Del?
[Heuzel] erm, i don't think he has experiance with pussy , i bet he's sitting on his daddy's cock right now
[DeliriumCordia] hahahaha. no im not american thank god....
[Ancient Goddess] lol, Zeul
[godsrighthand] Oh he prefers goats then.
[DeliriumCordia] yes fathers and goats... good. very original.
[anigirl82] you're life story, eh?
[godsrighthand] Nice to hear admit the truth for once.
[baka^2] 101
[DeliriumCordia] my life story? too epic for you...
[anigirl82] I just don't understand...what is your purpose? you have a car...you have money....you get tons of women.....you are a sex machine.....and?!?! you are still sitting here, bragging about it in an anime chatroom on souldseek....if you were that busy and self-fulfilled, you wouldn't be here
[Heuzel] erm, we like child abuse stories
[DeliriumCordia] listen im gonna go have a smoke.... ill be back though... you kids are funny.
[anigirl82] *soulseek
[DeliriumCordia] hahahaha. ill get back to you on that one.
[anigirl82] yes. please contract lung cancer and die.
[anigirl82] :)
[Kitsune-Tsuki] yes I am sure it is a wonderful story filled with fast cars and internet chatrooms filled with shallow and beautiful women
[anigirl82] have a nice day.
[Heuzel] erm, need your daddy's cock out off your arse to give comments?
* Heuzel thinks he's bleeding all over his daddy :)
[anigirl82] lol ew, Zool
[anigirl82] damn it I want more Vampire Game!
[anigirl82] I cannot find this manga anywhere
[Heuzel] yeah, his mommy and the big strapon will take over when he returns
[anigirl82] lol
[baka^2] im gone folks, class time
[baka^2] ~
[Caihle] There are some pretty outlandish handles here
[Kitsune-Tsuki] huh
[anigirl82] he is probably a eunuch
[Ancient Goddess] baiya baka~
[anigirl82] later~
[Kitsune-Tsuki] :\
[Heuzel] c ya later everyone
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ciao
[Ancient Goddess] bye Zeul~
[DeliriumCordia] hahaha. hope you feel better now that you insulted me.
[DeliriumCordia] lung cancer huh... wow.
[anigirl82] it was a friendly comment
[Kitsune-Tsuki] <3 ani
[anigirl82] I was just trying to help you get through your obvious depression much more easily
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ani
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I have a fast car and lots of money
[Kitsune-Tsuki] lets go out
[Kitsune-Tsuki] k?
[DeliriumCordia] depression... yes i am rather depressed....
[anigirl82] YES OMG
[Kitsune-Tsuki] awesome I knew you wanted me
[Kitsune-Tsuki] everyone does
[Kitsune-Tsuki] for I am perfect
[anigirl82] do the car and money and random women help you much?
[anigirl82] yes
* anigirl82 starts a Kit Cult
[DeliriumCordia] u know u would angie... IF a hot guy in a fast car with a lot of money asked you out youd jump on him... admit it
[anigirl82] LOL...they have, good sir....
[anigirl82] I'm currently with a gamer boy though :)
[DeliriumCordia] and what did you say?
[anigirl82] because I really don't care about all of that
[DeliriumCordia] talk is very cheap.
[anigirl82] no thank you :)
[DeliriumCordia] so you're saying that YOU are the one woman that would turn down that package???
[Kitsune-Tsuki] shes saying alot of women would, fucktard
[anigirl82] it sure is....and you don't need lots of material things to do it...I value talk, amd most men with cars and money for penises can't talk worth a damn
[DeliriumCordia] i assure you that u are the only one that would.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] and no, shes not
[Hentai Ojisan] me...
[Ancient Goddess] Nope. There are plenty of us, retard
[anigirl82] I assure you, you know nothing about women
[DeliriumCordia] i bet you are all hidiously ugly though
[Kitsune-Tsuki] crap I just got ambushed by fairies
[anigirl82] see, all you are going to attract is a gold digger
[anigirl82] a women who will marry you for money, then clean up in the divorce
[Hentai Ojisan] i wouldnt mind a gold digger if i had the dough for it
[DeliriumCordia] hahahaha. they're the hottest though... i dont give em shit... i do my deed and then thats it.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] and yes we are obviously completely hideous
[anigirl82] lol...yeah, until she leaves you penniless
[anigirl82] such a deep, fulfilling life that is, right?
[zekester] i would want to talk to the same person day in day out for the rest of my life
[Kitsune-Tsuki] because its not possible to be intelligent and attractive right
[Ancient Goddess] Exactly, Kitsune
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ohwait
[godsrighthand] Del's dream date, some cunt wanting to get knocked up for a child a support check.
[anigirl82] yep
[zekester] scared to death that some day the lady would find someone that can talk faster and smarter than i
[Kitsune-Tsuki] unless you are a MAN of course
[Kitsune-Tsuki] right?
[zekester] like busta muthaphuckin rhymes
[DeliriumCordia] a woman cant outsmart me... i know what they want... i treat them like the farmer who rides the mule, hanging a carrot infront of the mule will make it walk and work... it never gets the carrot though...
[DeliriumCordia] thats who i am.
[anigirl82] you are going to attract a lot of criminals, Del. Hope you don't mind prison.
[anigirl82] oh that IS clever
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you know sometimes animals go crazy and kill thier owners for mistreating them?
[DeliriumCordia] you know it is.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] keep it up
[anigirl82] you are going to be Schmuck of the Week, I guarentee
[anigirl82] lol Kit
[DeliriumCordia] hahahahha.
[anigirl82] so, do you think of yourself as an attractive man, Del?
[DeliriumCordia] too funny..... maybe a gold diggin bitch would eat you guys alive... but i like fucking them at their own game.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] obviously. he has a fast car and money
[anigirl82] these things have to be compensation for something else
[godsrighthand] [DeliriumCordia] a woman cant outsmart me... i know what they want... i treat them like the farmer who rides the mule, hanging a carrot infront of the mule will make it walk and work... it never gets the carrot though... <--Translation I have a crack ho and I keep the crack for myself.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] and those are apparently the most attractive feautires a man can have
[anigirl82] lol
[Hentai Ojisan] XD
[anigirl82] he must hang around prostitutes a lot
[DeliriumCordia] its true though... the man has status as his power... the woman has looks...
[DeliriumCordia] i have both
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you're an idiot
[anigirl82] HA
[DeliriumCordia] you call me an idiot cuz you're jealous.
[anigirl82] you are probably sitting in your computer chair stroking you're penis while saying this...
[DeliriumCordia] many guys are jealous of me...
[zekester] haha
[zekester] is this the professional biker dude again?
[anigirl82] jealous of all that manly horse power you have in that engine?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I have nothing to be jealous of. you are a broken man who clings to money and possesions because you don't really have what attracts women
[anigirl82] lol, I have no idea...he claims many things
[DeliriumCordia] angie you wish you could see me huh... now youre thinking about my dick too. hahaha
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you have quite an ego
[Ancient Goddess] probably how small it is, Delirium
[DeliriumCordia] i amke a lot of cash... what am i supposed to do with it????
[Kitsune-Tsuki] though thats nothing to be proud of
[anigirl82] yep. that and lots of sharp implements in which to disconnect it
[DeliriumCordia] i bought myself a nice car and its getting me loads of women
[anigirl82] buy yourself a psychiatrist
[DeliriumCordia] no im beyond that kind of help
[Kitsune-Tsuki] there you go then
[Kitsune-Tsuki] buy a gun
[anigirl82] so it seems
[Kitsune-Tsuki] end it all
[anigirl82] LOL
[godsrighthand] Religion if that fails.
[DeliriumCordia] why? i love my life... how many of you can honestly say that.. a few i bet
[Kitsune-Tsuki] um, I can?
[DeliriumCordia] why end it?
[anigirl82] the point is, Del, you've proven that you need help....you are going to end up one of those sad, rich, heroin addicts who jump off of a building
[DeliriumCordia] no i dont think so.
[anigirl82] I do. :)
[DeliriumCordia] ill do something big though...
[anigirl82] like blow yourself up? well okay..
[Ancient Goddess] And maybe you'll land on that expensive car when you do jump. ¬¬
[anigirl82] hehe
[DeliriumCordia] hahahaha. all this talk about me jumping of a building.... you all really hate me cuz im better...
[Ancient Goddess] I hate you because you're a moron. Don't get that confused.
[godsrighthand] Stupidity, ill bred manners, and no clue how to behave = better?
[anigirl82] yes. that's exactly it. you are so very observant.
[anigirl82] so what started all of this dick-stroking?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] yes because you are obviously superior to me
[Kitsune-Tsuki] because you have a fast car
[Kitsune-Tsuki] which, is really the endall purpose of human life
[Kitsune-Tsuki] to get money
[Kitsune-Tsuki] and to drive a fast car
[Kitsune-Tsuki] that is why we are all put on this earth
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you have shown me the way
[Kitsune-Tsuki] and for that I thank you
[DeliriumCordia] especially the "women" in here......
[DeliriumCordia] cmon just another 15 minutes till i go to sleep. keep it commin.
[Chazzy Chaz] Who got's the guyver
[anigirl82] whoa lag
[Kitsune-Tsuki] "women"?
[Ancient Goddess] Besides. I don't believe a word that you're typing anyhow. You came in here to ask help on getting some free anime, then you go about spouting how you're rich and how moronic women go for you. You start bitching at those who tell you to run your own searches since you're probably a lazy lard ass.
[anigirl82] yes...I am actually a 65 yr old gay male, Del.....and your car and money don't interest me nearly as much as your plump warm bottom
[DeliriumCordia] life??? we make whatever we want from it... what makes me tick wont necissarily work for you and vise versa
[Kitsune-Tsuki] no, but what makes you tick is why I loathe humanity
[DeliriumCordia] hahahahahaha. plump... i used to be when i was like 12... i work construction now. im the 2nd boss of my company... trust me youd love to see my torso...
[anigirl82] agreed, Kit
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ...
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ...
[Kitsune-Tsuki] gee
[anigirl82] here's sme lotion
[Kitsune-Tsuki] EGO TRIP
[anigirl82] *some
[Ancient Goddess] No, your mind is ugly enough to make me loathe any thought of you.
[anigirl82] and some tissue
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you know what you are
[Ancient Goddess] lol ani
[anigirl82] when you finish, please clean up and direct yourself to the nearest exit
[DeliriumCordia] i was 1nce like you kitsune... i have many personas though. im like a reptile that blends in... its the only way to live
[anigirl82] plzkthanksbye
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you're a narcissistic asshole
[Kitsune-Tsuki] so you don't have a personality
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you change depending on your situation
[Kitsune-Tsuki] what the fuck
[DeliriumCordia] i have a veeery strong 1... but only my closest friends know it and love it...
[DeliriumCordia] the rest i blend in tio benefit myself
[Kitsune-Tsuki] so you lie about who you are
[Kitsune-Tsuki] like right now
[Kitsune-Tsuki] aha
[godsrighthand] DeliriumCordia] i was 1nce like you kitsune... i have many personas though. im like a reptile that blends in... its the only way to live <-- Translation I am gay.
[DeliriumCordia] i am gay... haha... very good.
[anigirl82] yeah....you make up grat stories anout yourself..and I think you truly think this is original...but you just don't realize that every insecure fucker around makes up these kinds of stories on a daily basis
[DeliriumCordia] no believe me... im not lying.
[DeliriumCordia] i promise you im not lying.
[anigirl82] "no believe me"......best way to point out that you are full of shit
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you just told us you lie to get what you want
[Kitsune-Tsuki] why would I believe you
[godsrighthand] Ok I beleive you fuck bag ladies and homosexuals, that is called Bi-sexaual.
[DeliriumCordia] blend in situations.... please dont try to contradict me.
[anigirl82] lol
[Kitsune-Tsuki] "blend in situations"
[DeliriumCordia] is it bad to be bisexual?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] that means
[DeliriumCordia] or homosexual?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] change according you your situation
[DeliriumCordia] or lesbian?
[DeliriumCordia] or straight?
[anigirl82] you just pull little details out to make us believe you...or try to, anyway
[Kitsune-Tsuki] IE, you are a bullshitter who simply goes along with whatever is presented to you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] so you can get what you want in the end
[anigirl82] lol, we have a Mother Teresa here
[DeliriumCordia] why is this such a big issue to you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] its an issue because you come off saying you are better than me
[anigirl82] trying to pull in sympathy now by using the gay rights tactic?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] because you are full of shit and have money
[DeliriumCordia] so seriously... why do you people hate me so much?
[anigirl82] and because your bullshit has no place in an anime chatroom
[Kitsune-Tsuki] read above
[anigirl82] nobody cares
[anigirl82] so just stop talking
[anigirl82] so we can get on with other things
[DeliriumCordia] fine.
* Kitsune-Tsuki clap.
[anigirl82] hehe well that was nice
[Ancient Goddess] lol...he's probably crying on his keyboard. -_-
[anigirl82] lol
[Kitsune-Tsuki] boohoo
[anigirl82] well, at least he was something to do : \
[godsrighthand] Maybe he will do all humanity a favor and jump out a window.
* godsrighthand might jump out a window if this torrent really takes 386 hours and 20 min.
[godsrighthand] to finish..
[DeliriumCordia] hey im back.... i cant find any good anime
[DeliriumCordia] reccomend somrthing
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] h e l l n o.
[DeliriumCordia] no?
[DeliriumCordia] why not?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ...
[anigirl82] see above.
[DeliriumCordia] i cant see above i juast came in
[anigirl82] awww. too bad.
[anigirl82] sorry :)
[Kitsune-Tsuki] its generally not a good idea to ask people who you've pissed off for help
[DeliriumCordia] pissed off? hahaha. ohhhhhhhh...
[anigirl82] oh well fine.....I'll help you...dl, Bottle Fairies.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] hahaha ohhhhhhhhh
[Kitsune-Tsuki] right
[DeliriumCordia] cmon stop being a sour puss. just tell me something good
[anigirl82] Bottle Fairies
[DeliriumCordia] kitsune right?
[DeliriumCordia] that probably sucks .
[DeliriumCordia] i want something dark and demented... like my soul.
[anigirl82] no, of course not. It's the foundation of all anime
[anigirl82] LOL
[anigirl82] I can taste the angst from here
[Kitsune-Tsuki] what about me
[Kitsune-Tsuki] oh shi you are so emo
[DeliriumCordia] fuck you
[DeliriumCordia] thats an insult
[anigirl82] are you wearing black>
[anigirl82] ?
[DeliriumCordia] ....emo.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] no shit
[anigirl82] WOW, we sure are bright
[Kitsune-Tsuki] why else would I have said it
[DeliriumCordia] hey kitsune.. what r u. a bitch or a guy?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] a bitch or a guy
[DeliriumCordia] yes
[Kitsune-Tsuki] see this plays into me not liking you
[DeliriumCordia] which of the 2
[anigirl82] he's probably in love woth you Kit
[Kitsune-Tsuki] most people are
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I mean come on
[DeliriumCordia] so you're a bitch then
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I have a fast car and money
[Kitsune-Tsuki] whats there not to like
[anigirl82] he can't understand when he can't outsmart a person, man or woman
[Kitsune-Tsuki] "so you're a bitch then
[Kitsune-Tsuki] right.
[anigirl82] so he immediately falls in love with them, and tells them about his car and money
[Kitsune-Tsuki] a bitch.
[DeliriumCordia] see. all women are attracted by the car and my killer biceps
[Kitsune-Tsuki] this is why you fail
[anigirl82] LOL
[Kitsune-Tsuki] right
[anigirl82] oh wow....are you reading this out of a book?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I totally believe you
[anigirl82] please tell me you are
[DeliriumCordia] no
[anigirl82] killer biceps...
[DeliriumCordia] this is who i am...
[anigirl82] so very sad
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you are the true highpoint of masculinity
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you are everything I want and need
[Kitsune-Tsuki] specifically the car
[anigirl82] yes, I agree
[DeliriumCordia] hahahahaha.
[DeliriumCordia] i hear tha a lot
[anigirl82] during sex?
[anigirl82] I'll bet
[DeliriumCordia] see i dont care cuz i know women r extremily shallow.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] hey did you ever hear of sarcasm
[anigirl82] with the left or right hand?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] yes only women are shallow
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you're an idiot
[anigirl82] never a man
[Kitsune-Tsuki] humanity on a whole is shallow
[DeliriumCordia] veeeery shallow
[DeliriumCordia] not me.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ...
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ...
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ...
[DeliriumCordia] i dont know about u and you're crowd
[Kitsune-Tsuki] from what you've said in here today
[anigirl82] but you are in the dregs of the human genepool, that's for sure
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you appear to be among the most shallow people I've met online
[Kitsune-Tsuki] but then again
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you lie about who you are to get what you want
[Kitsune-Tsuki] so how much of this is the real you
[godsrighthand] Look at his user pic or lack of it.
[anigirl82] damn this lag
[DeliriumCordia] no this is who i am.... i have the caracter of a jack knife
[anigirl82] yes, if he was so in love with his image, he would be posting pics left and right
[Kitsune-Tsuki] again
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] are a narcissistic jackass
[Kitsune-Tsuki] nothing more
[DeliriumCordia] im sorry for not having an online pic..... i like meeting women the real way
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you are exactly like kage; alas without any charm to back up being total fucking asshat
[DeliriumCordia] is it bad to love yourself?
[anigirl82] right...so you were just hoping to get an adoring fan club in the anime room when you starting spouting all of that bullshit?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] yes, it is
[anigirl82] case in point, Narcissis
[DeliriumCordia] why is it bad?
[anigirl82] if you've ever heard the story
[DeliriumCordia] what do you think all the people you admire are. ie. actors , musicians ect.... are you admitting that u are bellow them? thats not too cool and thats not how i am.
[DeliriumCordia] so anyone know any good anime. something darkk demented and twisted.
[anigirl82] it's too late to play nice and make friends
[anigirl82] you had your chance.
[anigirl82] blew it.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] narcissus was so obsessed over his image that he fell in love with his reflection and in desperation killed himself
[DeliriumCordia] hahahaha. i dont want anymore friends
[DeliriumCordia] cool
[DeliriumCordia] pretty sick story
[Kitsune-Tsuki] and as for people I admire
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I wouldn't consider myself below them
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I don't get your point
[Kitsune-Tsuki] they have talents that I do not have, and that is what I respect about them
[Kitsune-Tsuki] how does that put them above me?
[DeliriumCordia] do they respect your talents they dont have?
[DeliriumCordia] do they admire you. they love themselves. why cant i?
[DeliriumCordia] asshole?
[DeliriumCordia] u get it now?
[anigirl82] lol...what is your point here?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] no, now you're saying that everyone who has talent is narcissistc
[Kitsune-Tsuki] which is hardly true
[DeliriumCordia] you said its bad to love yourself
[Kitsune-Tsuki] it is bad to care for ones self more than you care for another
[anigirl82] bad to love your image
[Kitsune-Tsuki] yes
[anigirl82] a car and money is just an image
[DeliriumCordia] i love myself and you pepole fuck with that
[DeliriumCordia] no its not
[Kitsune-Tsuki] yes it is
[DeliriumCordia] its another level of what you think is normal
[anigirl82] lol, if a few people in a chat room can make you question yourself, then what does that tell you?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you're the one who is being shallow if you don't want to admit it
[anigirl82] damn this lag
[DeliriumCordia] im not questioning myself... stop putting words in my mouth
[anigirl82] if we fuck with your self-love...then I'd say you are
[DeliriumCordia] i stopped questioning in my teens
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you're trying to prove to us that it's ok to be on an ego trip
[anigirl82] lol
[DeliriumCordia] you're wrong cuz its not like that. seriously.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you are like that
[Kitsune-Tsuki] oh wait no, your not
[Kitsune-Tsuki] because this is all one of your lies
[Kitsune-Tsuki] because you have no personality
[anigirl82] again, it sounds like you are protesting too much
[Kitsune-Tsuki] no ego to idolize
[anigirl82] "please listen to me! I'm a valuable person, honest! I can make myself sound cool too!"
[DeliriumCordia] hollow words to me.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] hollow person to me
[anigirl82] that's pretty much paraphrasing all that you've said
[DeliriumCordia] its you're jealousy...
[Kitsune-Tsuki] see once again
[godsrighthand] ZZzzzZZZzzZZzzzzzzz........
[DeliriumCordia] i can understand
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you're on an ego trip
[anigirl82] right, and you are just using a circular argument
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you think this revolves around you
[DeliriumCordia] i know i am... i love it
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you're an idiot.
[anigirl82] yes....what you don't realize is that's a negative trait, loser
[anigirl82] * it's
[DeliriumCordia] hahahahahaha
[DeliriumCordia] jealousy gushing
[Kitsune-Tsuki] see
[anigirl82] yesh, jealous for what, exactly?
[DeliriumCordia] for what you dont have.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you have nothing I have to be jealous of, I told you this already
[anigirl82] which is?
[DeliriumCordia] a guy with a fast car, money , good looks and confidence.
[anigirl82] lol
[Kitsune-Tsuki] not what I want
[Kitsune-Tsuki] sorry
[anigirl82] well, I think that last one is a definite falsity
[anigirl82] and regardless
[Kitsune-Tsuki] all of those things could come with a person, they don't make a person
[DeliriumCordia] i dont know... iv been told i looklike a mix of leo and val kilmer.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] if that is what defines your personality
[anigirl82] if you think every woman wants that, you either need to grow up or come back to earth
[anigirl82] LOL
[DeliriumCordia] i swear on my life which i cherish so much
[anigirl82] hush, AnG, before you start
[Kitsune-Tsuki] oh this is a waste of time
[anigirl82] ^^
[anigirl82] yeah it is
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I'm aware this is just trolling now after that line
[anigirl82] and I was talking about the confidence part, einstein
[Kitsune-Tsuki] congrats
[DeliriumCordia] ohhhh.
[DeliriumCordia] seeeeeeeeeeeeee.
[DeliriumCordia] jealousy
[DeliriumCordia] iv been told this
[DeliriumCordia] iby many women
[Kitsune-Tsuki] that what you're an amazing troll?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] because yes you really are
[DeliriumCordia] and you immediatelly hate me more?
[anigirl82] that you're an idiot?
[anigirl82] an unproductive memeber of society?
[DeliriumCordia] why am i talking to ugly girls anyway???
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I applaude you for bullshitting this much
[anigirl82] hate implies that I truly care about you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] and for dragging myself along
[DeliriumCordia] listen... im not lying
[anigirl82] LOL
[Kitsune-Tsuki] no, you're done
[anigirl82] how many times are you going to say that?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I'm done
[Kitsune-Tsuki] its over
[godsrighthand] It seems this obssesive vanity trait stems from massive feelinngs of insecurity, this is often the case of individuales with cross gender operations. Continued therapy is advised as well as your group support meetings.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I am aware you are a troll
[Kitsune-Tsuki] the arguement is over
[DeliriumCordia] see. youre an untrusting ugly bitch that hates good looking sucsessfull men
[anigirl82] lol
[Kitsune-Tsuki] no, I hate people trolling over stupid shit like this
[DeliriumCordia] lol
[DeliriumCordia] lol
[Kitsune-Tsuki] now nock it off
[DeliriumCordia] lolo
[anigirl82] yeah...it's getting soo repetitive
[DeliriumCordia] and still u dont trust me
[Kitsune-Tsuki] again.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] its over
[anigirl82] again, nobody cares
[Kitsune-Tsuki] give it up
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you're doing nothing but trolling and this is how you get your kicks in
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I realize that
[anigirl82] do you see anyone else joining your little doomed bandwagon of lies?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] find somewhere else
[anigirl82] nope. so leave.
[DeliriumCordia] kitsune.. you assume too much.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I am not assuming anything
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I am looking at the facts
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you typed a tirade of ridiculous shit
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you are a troll
[DeliriumCordia] facts you think you know
[anigirl82] whether or not you are telling the truth...why should we care?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] "facts you think you know"
[Kitsune-Tsuki] what the hell
[@kraken] ANIGAES
[@kraken] ANIGAES
[anigirl82] LOL
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I love you
[anigirl82] krak~
[Kitsune-Tsuki] kraken
[Kitsune-Tsuki] my hero
[@kraken] ANIGAES
[@kraken] ANIGAES
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] omg he's right
[@kraken] ANIGAES
[@kraken] ANIGAES
[@kraken] ANIGAES
* anigirl82 takes off her ninja costume
[anigirl82] lol
[externalmenaceuk82] fucks u
* Kitsune-Tsuki sulks.
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] nothing like a good Flame to clear out the idiots

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