[Heuzel] what?
[!QvaTvoR] hi
[sakito] i only said Hi
[!QvaTvoR] vale capullo
[!QvaTvoR] y q kieres ?
[sakito] ._. what?
[Heuzel] and i said what?
[sakito] fuck you
[!QvaTvoR] what de q ?
[!QvaTvoR] so tonto
[!QvaTvoR] con ese nick
[!QvaTvoR] es español
[!QvaTvoR] y tu ip tb
[!QvaTvoR] no te las desde guiry
[!QvaTvoR] subnormal
[Heuzel] hehe @ fuck you
[Heuzel] so, you don't like the spammish ones
[Heuzel] ban+iggy for you, tardish spammish one
[!QvaTvoR] callate un rato saco mierda
[sakito] stop it!!!
[Ancient Goddess] The spanish speakers rarely do, sakito
[!QvaTvoR] a ver tontito como hables otra vez en ingles te baneo
[Ancient Goddess] lol...guess he's gone...
[!QvaTvoR] ur mom maybe
[!QvaTvoR] i understood lamer
[!QvaTvoR] :P
[Ancient Goddess] wtf are you talking to?
[!QvaTvoR] look a lamer flying...
[!QvaTvoR] !!
[Ancient Goddess] yeah...sure. Is that the best you can come up with, tard?
[Ancient Goddess] it's sad, really. You're better off cussing at me in spanish
[Ancient Goddess] because your English insults are laugable
[Ancient Goddess] *laughable
[!QvaTvoR] no man
* Heuzel has iggied him already
* Heuzel also thought his engrish is craptacular
[!QvaTvoR] do u think that im with as ur
[!QvaTvoR] ?
[!QvaTvoR] jajaja
[Ancient Goddess] lol, Zeul~
[!QvaTvoR] i dunno what are u argument about
[!QvaTvoR] but quit
[!QvaTvoR] www.buyafriend.com
[!QvaTvoR] maybe there could help u
[!QvaTvoR] ;D
[Ancient Goddess] Yeah, since Zeul's right and your English is ridiculous, you're banned and iggied
[Ancient Goddess] ah...it's sad that you know that URL...visit there often?
[!QvaTvoR] jajaja
[!QvaTvoR] my english is ridiculous ?
[!QvaTvoR] jajaja
[!QvaTvoR] maybe my sticks arent...
[!QvaTvoR] do u wanna try someone ?
[Heuzel] lemme guess... the goatse one?
[Ancient Goddess] Wtf? You need to be spanked with a 1st grade English book.
[Ancient Goddess] no, Zeul...
[Ancient Goddess] [!QvaTvoR] www.buyafriend.com
[!QvaTvoR] hmmmmnein
[Heuzel] chinatsu666 how many times are you gonna try and browse me again? i'm list only, don't you understand? tardish one
[!QvaTvoR] sure man
[!QvaTvoR] jajaja
[Ancient Goddess] lol, they've browsed me 2 twice already
[!QvaTvoR] maybe i need practise with ur everyday sitting ur fucking fat ass fron the computer
[!QvaTvoR] maybe...
[Ancient Goddess] and, if you really think I'm a man, Qva, you obviously can't read much English
[Ancient Goddess] You bore me.
[!QvaTvoR] fucking leim noob
[Ancient Goddess] Oh? I'm a n00b?
[Ancient Goddess] hmm...funny
[!QvaTvoR] need some life oout ?
[!QvaTvoR] yeah ur a man
[Heuzel] maybe you should just shut up, and go back on the special bus, to your crappy spanish anime room
[!QvaTvoR] or u pretend give to understand with that fake nick something ?
[!QvaTvoR] stfu u fuckin small
[Heuzel] erm, you really are a fag, aren't ya
[!QvaTvoR] and go out
[Ancient Goddess] [!QvaTvoR] or u pretend give to understand with that fake nick something ? <--English at its best right there
[Heuzel] [!QvaTvoR] stfu u fuckin small <---- erm
[!QvaTvoR] sure that u from uk
[Heuzel] how retarded extactly are you?
[!QvaTvoR] another fucking dirty girl that dont wash her....
[!QvaTvoR] no no really
[!QvaTvoR] pero me comes la polla en dos tiempo jodido ingles de mierda
[Ancient Goddess] lol...oh, so now you think I'm a girl. Fascinating
[Heuzel] come on, retard, you can't even spell what you wanna say, so, shut the fuck up
[!QvaTvoR] y de paso el travelo q tienes al lado q te esta lavando el sable
[Ancient Goddess] Yeah, and you're a retard for trying to insult us in Spanish
[!QvaTvoR] podeis seguir vuestra gerga de inutiles retrasados
[Heuzel] yeah right, tis so easy insulting people in your own language....
[!QvaTvoR] yo puedo entender vuestro ingles vulgar y ustedes a mi me entendeis ....
[!QvaTvoR] mi cipote al reves
[!QvaTvoR] no no really im not insulting
[!QvaTvoR] but how u know too much english and i can understand u
[Heuzel] no no really, you're a tard ¬.¬
[!QvaTvoR] i tried to lol of u something with ur fantastic culture
[Heuzel] how did you ever crawl in here?
[!QvaTvoR] try to learn another lenguage
[!QvaTvoR] ur mom recomended it...
[Heuzel] *language
[Ancient Goddess] How about you visit the Spanish Anime room, genius.
[Heuzel] *recommended
[!QvaTvoR] this is a chat not a fucking examn for foolers
[!QvaTvoR] as u r
[!QvaTvoR] :)
[!QvaTvoR] sabes hablar español ¿?
[Ancient Goddess] or at least learn English before you try insulting us in it.
[Ancient Goddess] -_-
[!QvaTvoR] sabes otro lenguaje aaparte del ingles ?
[!QvaTvoR] sabes algo aparte del pc ?
[!QvaTvoR] look at social life out fucking fat
[!QvaTvoR] ;)
[Heuzel] erm, you wouldn't even understand the other languages i speak
[Heuzel] retarded fuck
[luxes] olaaaa!!
[!QvaTvoR] sure
[Heuzel] french, german, dutch.... so fuck off, stupid cunt
[!QvaTvoR] for that i understand all ur simple lenguage that ur writtin
[!QvaTvoR] :D
[!QvaTvoR] hola luxes
[!QvaTvoR] hallo
[!QvaTvoR] ik ben carlos
[!QvaTvoR] du ?
[Heuzel] yeah, like you can say more then that....
[Heuzel] and everyone can use a translator...
[!QvaTvoR] je ne parle français
[luxes] uis
[luxes] y d donde eres tu q hablas tantas lenguas?!
[Sirimono] hö?
[Sirimono] hier spricht jemand deutsch
[!QvaTvoR] cuz i dont like the fucking lenguuage FROM THE GABAXOS
[luxes] o xapurreras,mejor dixo
[luxes] ;P
[Ancient Goddess] yeah, you know, I've wasted too much time with you, retraso. And your craptacularly formed sentences. So...iggied you go.
[!QvaTvoR] DUTCH
[!QvaTvoR] ich nein
[luxes] *xapurreas *
[Sirimono] et qn parle francais
[Heuzel] zomg, tis the spammish armada
[Ancient Goddess] Indeed, Zeul -_-
[Heuzel] hmm fixed

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