[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] anybody know a website for Sega CD ROM games?
[Makku] Blab.
[blab] hmm?
[Makku] I can't think of any good SNES games. I'm bored of my collection. Any reccomendations?
[Makku] o/~~~
[nori] yo~
[nori] am have a few
[blab] legend of zelda 3
[blab] chrono trigger
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] seiken densetsu?
[blab] that is what i play
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] where can I find it ?
[blab] and super mario bros
[blab] if u want a really fucking hard game
[blab] super ghouls 'n ghost
[blab] it sounds ghey, it is ghey
[blab] but its fucking hard mang
[Makku] Got 'em.
[Makku] Any others?
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] have you played BROKEN SWORD?
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] Broken Sword part 1 is the greatest RPG game of all time it shits on final fantasy series
[nori] gtfo and die
[nori] stupid cunt
[Makku] Blab--
[blab] www.romnation.net
[blab] i have not id further
[Makku] Nah-- not as good as edgeemu.com
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] so do you guys know any website that has sega cd rom games?
[Makku] Shh.
[blab] i only play rpg on snes
[nori] NO
[blab] ff3 is good too
[Makku] I'm playing it right now, but I'm stuck.
[Makku] So I quit. o.o;;
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] how many emulators do you have
[nori] lol
[Makku] Millions.
[Makku] Now STFU.
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] yOU'RE a hypocrite now EMS
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] XD
[blab] hmmm
[blab] what other games are fun
[blab] i dont have that many
[blab] just dl a rompack at torrentreactor makku
[nori] 1945
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] no body got as many games as me
[nori] good game, shoot stuff from airplanes
[Makku] Yeah, but I don't want to get a shitload of games that I'm probaly not going to play.
[Makku] Y'know?
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] and i got them all for free
[blab] ayes
[Makku] Dude. No one cares. Shut the fuck up.
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] hahahah
[blab] shut up tsubasa fucktard
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] i know you do
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] tsubasa is god
[blab] yes i know i did your mama lost night
[blab] so plz stfu and listen to ur father
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] youfuckingshitzneteatersunofthedicklickingbytchwhoeatsdicks
[blab] you leeching cunt
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] im your god
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] your mom believes in me
[nori] zomfg i cant be bothered with this ignorant arsehole tonight
[blab] he'll leave
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] you're mad because you have a small one and you be lucky if you can even get it up
[blab] eventually
[Makku] I'm not in much of a bashing mood... too melancholy atm.
[blab] me too makku
[nori] yeah i got lots of college worx to do
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] im bashing you fuckers
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] bashing your faces
[Makku] Ahem... not really.
[nori] ROFFLE
[nori] ZOMFG
[blab] woo, am goin to the beach tomorrow
* nori dies laughing
* TsuBaSa_OzoOra ignores the faggot
[blab] haha
[blab] XD
[blab] ignoring yourself ey..
* nori didnt think that you could ignore yourself?
[blab] impressive
[blab] XD
[nori] lol
[blab] haha
* blab hi-fives nori
[nori] great minds think alike eh man
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] be aware not to drown you dickhead i know you cant swim
[blab] indeed
* nori recieves high five and returns it
[nori] booyah
[blab] to drown... in that cunt of your mother
[blab] fucking BAH
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] i will drown my dick in your moms ass
[nori] ............................
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] she's that big in there
[blab] she's in her own ass?
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] because mine is huge
[nori] my fucking christ you have no idea how to insult people
[blab] pretty... awesome
[blab] yes, your ego is very huge
[Makku] Tsubasa, how old are you?
[Makku] Not as big as Kage's--
[Makku] But close.
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] yes because your moms face looks an ass too
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] she's too fuckable
[Makku] XDDD
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] haha
[Makku] Well, Tsubasa? 12, 13?
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] 10
[blab] I GUESS 45
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] but i still have a bigger dick than most of you
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] no Im 10
[nori] ...................
[blab] no, yuo got more dick.... on *.avi
[Makku] No, you're a 45 year old man acting out your fantasy of being a ghey 10 year old boy.
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] :D
[Makku] o.o
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] no
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] ok im 45 :D
[nori] your just fucking boring me now tsubuttsecks
[blab] no
[blab] you are a fagg0t
[Makku] Tsubuttsecks... XDDDDDDd
[blab] lol norii
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] as long as i know my age i dont care what you guys think
[nori] THEN GTFO
[Makku] LEAVEU
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] hahahahaha
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] im starting to feel important
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] wow
* Kage Bunshin no Jutsu spies bashing... and the world was good
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] :D
[nori] yer right dude
[blab] yes, in real life no one gives yuo attention
[blab] cuz everyone dislikes a retard like yuo
[nori] this slag said he bought a video of you and your sister making out on e-bay
[Makku] So you come to the intarweb.
[nori] can i have a copy kage?
[nori] XD
[Makku] Dude, that tape has to be released.
[Makku] XD
[Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] He has no such video -___-
[Makku] Lies!
[blab] who knows?
[blab] :D
[nori] hehehehehe
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] you are a faggot nori
[Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] No such video exists outside of the minds of men
[Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] =P
[blab] its just passed on to the "black market"
[blab] >.>
* TsuBaSa_OzoOra is taking a dump on nori's head
[Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] If you want me to bash, don`t try to trick me into it =P
[nori] bwhgahaghahahahahaha
* blab cockslaps tsubuttsecks
[N0V4C41N3D] XD
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] hahahahah
[blab] OMG
[blab] I FOUND IT
[blab] AGAIN
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] don't lie i know it's too small
[Makku] ?
* blab farts in tsubasa's drink
* nori laughs at tsubuttsecks's poor attempt of funny green writing
[blab] !
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] blab's mom is an anal whore
[Makku] Always with the anal insults.
[blab] yuo sure love anal do you
[Makku] *cough* Closet?
[Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] Somebody has a fixation
* TsuBaSa_OzoOra is receiving more attention than he could ever imagine
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] :D
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] i love anal with your mom
[Makku] Because in real life you're a closet furry with no friends, right?
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] she has my picture tatted on her ass
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] yes :(
[blab] XD
[blab] bahahaha
[Makku] Thought so.
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] i have no friends and im all alone
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] wonderful right
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] haha
[N0V4C41N3D] ¬________________________________¬
[blab] yuo seriously are a fucktard
[Makku] stfu, gtfo, have a nice day.
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] :D
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] hahahaha
* Makku ban+ig
[nori] thoguht you were goin to bed?
[blab] i wonder how long he can keep this on
[nori] oh shes gone again
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] you can't have me kicked out with a fucking line
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] lol
[blab] dude
[blab] yuo some kind of masochist or something
[blab] getting all horny and shit cuz ppl hate ur guts
[blab] and want yuo to die
[blab] of aids
[blab] or my favourite: cancer
[Makku] He leave yet? o.o;
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] so
[Makku] Laggin a bit there, blab.
[blab] tis ok makku^^
[blab] the only thing u can answer is: "so"
[blab] very inteligent man
* TsuBaSa_OzoOra is such a hated person
[Makku] Guess not. >_<
[blab] and once again u prove that ur a complete moron
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] :)
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] no im not moron
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] hahaha
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] you're the fucking moron
[nori] ...........yes, you really are
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] im your god
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] glad you know that
[blab] ah good
[nori] god damn this kid just makes me fucking piss myself with all his self importance and egotism
[blab] im an athe
[blab] *atheïst
[blab] so plz gtfo
[blab] cuz u are crap to me
[nori] you are nothing, will never be anything, you just some loser with too much time on his hands
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] even an atheist would say i bless him
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] :D
[blab] no.
[blab] just no.
[nori] please cut this crap dickface
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] im everything, and i dont have to be anything because im everything and will be everything so STFUAEMS
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] :D
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] NO
[nori] then you are nothing
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] THAT'S YOU
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] NORI'S GOD
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] THATS ME
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] :d
[nori] ..........
[nori] yeah whatever fucktard
[nori] you dont even know what religion i follow
[nori] fucking zero
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] you punktard dick licking goon
[nori] hahahahahahaah i aint no fucking punk
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] i know i know :)
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] the papers i wrote
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] thats your religion
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] im your god
[Shinigami-sama] [nori] i aint no fucking punk bitch
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] wow you're laughing at your own ass how gay is that
[nori] i am fuckin "a" punk bitch
[nori] where the fuck are you getting all this bollox from
[nori] your just making yourself look incredibly stupid
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] your moms ass
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] told you its big
[nori] .................
[blab] dude
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] you should have believed me
[blab] just ignore em
[nori] once again
[Makku] Is he still throwin those weak ass anal insults?
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] man i will take you in a journey inside your moms ass
[blab] nah
[nori] please take alook at yourself and see a gun in your hand pointed at your head
[blab] hes goin for the "i am your god" ones
[rurounikenshin03] ..............
[nori] both actually
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] makku why are you repeating "anal" so many times
[nori] ...you are actually
[nori] reciting it over and over again as if it was your mantra
* Makku yawns
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] fucking buttplug user son of the bitch
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] lol
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] fucking gay ass
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] you should strangle your self to a metal song you bytch
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] you're worthless
[nori] and still you talk about homosexuality
[nori] i think you have a serious problem mate
[nori] does your dad touch you when your asleep
[nori] because it would make alot of sense
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] lol makku is "yawning" opening his mouth for a dick
[nori] and agaian
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] i bet that makku yawns many times aday
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] lol
[Makku] Like I said.
[Makku] Closet.
[nori] your only making yourself laugh here mate
[nori] and i feel sorry for you
[nori] that you have no other pleasure other than think about homosexual relations
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] hahaha you're a pervert
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] that's because im talking to a bunch of perverts
[nori] see, your trying to use small pointless words against reason
[Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] He`s projecting...
[nori] so very true
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] i actually forget all the manners when talking to perverts ..someone should scold you faggots
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] :D
[nori] i think he must be schitzo and hes actually talking to himself and his different personalitys
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] where's the other faggot
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] blab
[nori] hes bored of you
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] he's probably fucking his mother somewhere
[nori] no, not everyone does that unlike you
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] he admitted that im he's lord
[nori] no, he didnt
[nori] your just delussional
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] you're a fucking figment beneath a childs hair
[nori] ...
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] i have no more time to waste with you faggots
[nori] that really made no sense
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] i know you're having some kickass time talking to me
[nori] please go to school more often
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] no need to make sense when talking to perverts
[blab] imma get drink now
[blab] brb
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] thats what my teacher told me
[nori] i can see why
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] when talking to faggots no sense should be considered
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] :D
[nori] i really think that you are a closet homo, you just love to talk about it dont you?
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] see i already stopped talking
[nori] i dont see why your trying to smile when evrything you say is being slain by reasonable thought
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] ! it shows how much of a faggot you are lol
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[nori] how does it show im a faggot? please show me? tell me?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] WOAH INTERNET
[nori] hey kitsune
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] i stopped talking and said that have no time
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] but you insisted on talking
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] showed that you're having a kickass time too
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] now shut the fuck up faggot
[TsuBaSa_OzoOra] because i said that i got no time for you
[nori] theres some little bwoi who got some access to an internet portal here
[nori] and thinks hes "clever"
[Urbal T] are you in an argument?
[Urbal T] if so
[Urbal T] you could probably use this: http://www.stupid.com/stat/MRTP.html
[nori] [TsuBaSa_OzoOra] because i said that i got no time for you <-- then go
[nori] no one here likes you, and would ever want to talk to such a foul mouthed moron
[Makku] XDDD Urbal, that's awesome.
[blab] PERFECT
[Drago_sanguinante] EXCELLENT
[Drago_sanguinante] what happenned?
[nori] i just got the last word in and beat him on every sentance he wrote
[blab] of course
[nori] hehehehe
[Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] BEautiful strategy
[nori] yeaaaa
[Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] He he he
[nori] damned kids these days have no idea how to slay
[Makku] Flawless Victoly.
[nori] heheheh am asking AnG to put it on the noob bashing page of doa
[nori] well i just wasted an hour on that usless cunt, gotta get on with some work
[nori] speak to you peeps in a while
[Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] Bhai
[nori] ~
[blab] ~

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