[Ancient Goddess] I think one of the most amusing things on WCIU is the really horrible commercials
[Ranma Satome] God, STFU
[Ranma Satome] Just like women...never stop talking about inane, boring shit.
[Ancient Goddess] and you think you're more interesting, fucktardish one?
[Ancient Goddess] don't like it? Iggy me.
[XxViciousxX] Yeah... the Maxwell house one... wtf
[Toshiya Hara] they can talk of whatever thay want >_<
[Toshiya Hara] its a chat ¬¬U
[Toshiya Hara] lol
[Ancient Goddess] And don't try to browse me anymore...I've banned you long ago
[Ancient Goddess] moron
[XxViciousxX] ... just ignore you genius.
[XxViciousxX] Or don't read. Either way, it's up to you...
[Toshiya Hara] you Win Vic : D
[XxViciousxX] O_o maybe he did? Let's give him the benefit of a doubt...
[XxViciousxX] LOL, I very rarely ever win, Kyo. I better enjoy this feeling. XD
[Ancient Goddess] riight. He apparently likes being in here, even though everyone seems to hate him in here
[Toshiya Hara] haha
[Ranma Satome] "just ignore you genius"
* Ranma Satome sighs
[Ranma Satome] wait a second...AG, you're the black girl, aren't you?
[Ancient Goddess] and you're the retard
[Ancient Goddess] so?
[XxViciousxX] ... what does being the black girl have to do with the fact that you're a total ignoramus and only show up to make a stupid useless comment?
[Ranma Satome] Ah, right.
[Ranma Satome] I've already seen your pic, AG, so no reason to browse your files.
[Ancient Goddess] yeah, like my picture has anything to do with what files I have. ¬¬
[XxViciousxX] Like looks have anything to do with getting files you want.
[XxViciousxX] Damn you, AnG.
[Ancient Goddess] just proves how much of a fucktard you are, Ramna
[Ranma Satome] AG, I was looking for your file in your user info.
[Ranma Satome] It wasn't there.
[Ranma Satome] So I browsed your files to see if it would be in there.
[Ranma Satome] "Like my picture has anything to do with what files I have."
[Toshiya Hara] -_-
[Ranma Satome] If your pic is a file, then, yes, it does have a LOT to do with what files you have. lol
[Toshiya Hara] we luv ya AnG : D
[Ancient Goddess] erm...wtf? I don't keep pictures of me in my files.
[Ranma Satome] Women's logic...or is it that University of Missouri edumacation?
[Ranma Satome] Yes, I know.
* XxViciousxX pokes Kyo in the eye.
[Ancient Goddess] HAHAHAHA
[Ancient Goddess] You're mistaking me for my sister
[Toshiya Hara] haha
[Toshiya Hara] AnG WINS >: D
[Ancient Goddess] Moron
[Ancient Goddess] lol, Kyo
* digininja *smaques* XxViciousxX on the behind
[XxViciousxX] Ack, digi.
[Ranma Satome] omg omg omg
[Ranma Satome] I mistook sisters online.
[Ranma Satome] That makes me a grade-A retard!
[digininja] *giggle*
[XxViciousxX] Actually, it does.
[anigirl82] yes it does
[Toshiya Hara] Ran youre mean sometimes >_<
[XxViciousxX] Because their personalities are completely different... and so are their usernames.
[Toshiya Hara] Aniii : D
[XxViciousxX] Well heya, ani
[Ranma Satome] Vicious, well, this shows how much I pay attention and care, apparently, now doesn't it?
[Ancient Goddess] Evil sis~
[XxViciousxX] It shows how much of an ass you make yourself look, now doesn't it?
[anigirl82] honestly, nothign better to do in life, hmm?
[anigirl82] *nothing
[anigirl82] so fulfilling
[XxViciousxX] We already know you obviously don't pay attention because you keep showing up in a chatroom where the people don't like you.
[anigirl82] sitting here, "flaming" people
[Ranma Satome] Vicious, "keep showing up"
[XxViciousxX] So not only do you not pay attention, but your intelligence level is not up to par either.
[Ranma Satome] Right...
[Ranma Satome] Well, to prove my apathy, I'm going to go now.
[XxViciousxX] I'm sure you are.
[Ranma Satome] And I shall leave you women there. To seethe.
[Ranma Satome] Toodles!
[anigirl82] lol, thank you
[XxViciousxX] Fuck off and die! ^____^
[anigirl82] we thank you very much
[anigirl82] mind the life-threatening situations !
[Ancient Goddess] hehe
[cia shit] k
[XxViciousxX] anianianianianiani~~~~~
[Toshiya Hara] ^_^
[anigirl82] heya :)
[Toshiya Hara] lol
[anigirl82] that guy just gets more and more hilarious
* Toshiya Hara hugs ani : D
[Toshiya Hara] yay!
[XxViciousxX] Ah, annoying is what I say.
[XxViciousxX] Remotely entertaining.
[anigirl82] I'm not even on here very often, and every time I come in here, he's an idiot
[anigirl82] a head wound can also be entertaining
* anigirl82 huggles Tosh back
[XxViciousxX] LOL,
[Ancient Goddess] yeah...especially when he can't spell "Ramna Saotome"
[XxViciousxX] -,
[Toshiya Hara] ^_^
[nonantthepin] without thought the wise man hears the teachings of the sea
[Toshiya Hara] xD
[anigirl82] lol
[XxViciousxX] -_-"
[XxViciousxX] ROFL, nonan
[XxViciousxX] You are so unbelievably random
* Toshiya Hara has theraphy in 10 mins damn >_<
[XxViciousxX] O_o"
[nonantthepin] does the ocean know a birds song?
* Toshiya Hara = away
[XxViciousxX] ROFL, yes, I got a salutations!
[anigirl82] and I will get it from you VK
[XxViciousxX] Bye, Kyo~
[XxViciousxX] Alrighty.
[anigirl82] ooooh that was Kyo
[Ancient Goddess] no...don't answer to her wretched 'nicknames' !!
[XxViciousxX] LOL, yes, she's Kyo.
[XxViciousxX] She has many names... about 5 now, probably (which really isn't many... but it's hard to keep track of).
[Ancient Goddess] Ani...how exactly did you come to those nicknames?
[Ancient Goddess] ...
[Ancient Goddess] nm
[Ancient Goddess] I don't want to know
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] SURE YOU DO
[anigirl82] I dunno....it was a long time ago
[anigirl82] prolly something she said to me
[anigirl82] it's like Blinky
[digininja] :D
[XxViciousxX] :(
[anigirl82] she used to get mad when I BLINKED at her
[Ancient Goddess] I don't know why she calls me that...along with her other assorted nicknames. -_-
[anigirl82] she used to tell on me
[anigirl82] for blinking
[XxViciousxX] LOL
[Ancient Goddess] lol...when we were younger.
[anigirl82] no, how EVIL [anigirl82] lol
[XxViciousxX] How cute
[anigirl82] you through a mini trailer house at my head
[Ancient Goddess] hehe
[Ancient Goddess] good times.
* Ancient Goddess nods
[anigirl82] albeit barbie size
[anigirl82] lol
[XxViciousxX] LOL, how violent.
[Ancient Goddess] ani's more violent than me. =(
[XxViciousxX] LOL, but you hit harder
[Ancient Goddess] erm...
[Ancient Goddess] you've never been hit by ani...>_>
[anigirl82] it really depends~
[anigirl82] I'm creative
[digininja] ani: how creative?
[anigirl82] like, if I was a martial artist, I would kill you with a flower
[XxViciousxX] omg, ani
[nonantthepin] beware the rose for it has thorns
[anigirl82] yes
[anigirl82] god is love
[anigirl82] love is blind
[Ranma Satome] "If I were"
[anigirl82] ray charles is blind
[anigirl82] therefore, ray charles is god
[XxViciousxX] Ugh... I'm off to the waterpart
. [Ancient Goddess] cya, SK~
[anigirl82] weren't you dead?
[XxViciousxX] PARK~
[Ancient Goddess] have fun
[anigirl82] too much to ask for
[anigirl82] bai bai, Viccy-Krugar
[nonantthepin] but fear not the thorns for they shall bear goos fortune
[Ranma Satome] Does one suffer a lot of racism in Missouri, ani?
[XxViciousxX] Bye bye, AnG and ani
[anigirl82] there is enough here, but not everyone is an idiot
[anigirl82] I get along fine myself
[Ranma Satome] Are you in a small town?
[anigirl82] why do you ask?
[anigirl82] I'm not from a small town, if that's where you are headed
[Ranma Satome] I did not ask that.
[Ranma Satome] I asked if you are in a small town.
[digininja] :D
[digininja] ani
[digininja] you're insane :D
[anigirl82] and I asked why YOU asked
[anigirl82] I agree
[anigirl82] ^^
[digininja] you would though ;)
[Ranma Satome] Well, now that we've reaffirmed our speech acts, the conversation can die.
[digininja] i wish i was in a small town, in the US - i'd have more bandwidth than I do here in darkest africa :)
[digininja] I might as well be on the moon
[anigirl82] yes, speaking with you is likely pulling a tooth with a pair of tweezes
[anigirl82] lol digi
[anigirl82] *+r
[Ranma Satome] Digi, where in Africa are you?
[digininja] ani: or giving birth to a live full-grown porcupine
[digininja] Ranma - look up my IP :)
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] somehow those both seem a bit more pleasant :)
[nonantthepin] the small dog is happy it has more bone to enjoy
[Ranma Satome] Digi, I'm too lazy.
[Ranma Satome] And you're very uncooperative.
[Ranma Satome] No wonder Africa is full of strife, war, hunger, poverty, misery, corruption and suffering.
[Ranma Satome] If one person in Africa can't even be bothered to tell someone what country they're in, and they instead demand that that person look up the IP address, then the continent is doomed indeed.
[digininja] Ranma
[digininja] do you ever wonder as to why these nice young ladies dislike you so much?
[anigirl82] you are so good about deconstructing your character for us without us having to say much, miggie
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] it's not just us
[anigirl82] a majority of people dislike him
[anigirl82] from what I've heard
[Ranma Satome] "Nice young ladies"
[Ranma Satome] Boy oh boy...
[Ranma Satome] Horny virgins on the Internet...that's my queue.
[anigirl82] yes, because, like the intelligent individual he is, digi, he has judged me and others on a few internet convos
[digininja] i believe that everyone is nice, until they prove otherwise :)
[Ranma Satome] I haven't judged you at all, ani.
[anigirl82] hehe, regardless, I care not
[Ranma Satome] The fact that you think I have betrays a deeply held insecurity, no?
[Ranma Satome] Au contraire, ma pretentiouse amie du internet.
[digininja] hahahaha
[digininja] Ranma: that's a very long version of: "pretentious? moi?!?!"
[digininja] heheheh
[digininja] you're funny :D
[Ranma Satome] =D
[anigirl82] not at all, I'm simply stating that you pass judgement on people like digi or me or others and it just proves that you are worth less than you might have been
[Ranma Satome] Ani, how have I passed judgment?
[Ranma Satome] When?
[anigirl82] and that it makes me not really care about you
[Ranma Satome] If I say that you're a stupid, pretentious, irritating attention whore who spends her life on slsk talking to iFriends to feel good about herself--does this mean I'm judging you?
[Ranma Satome] Oh you care.
[Ranma Satome] It's too obvious that you do.
[Ranma Satome] Which makes this so much fun.
[anigirl82] lol, tell me why I care? when I have a life outside of slsk, when I don't need to spend my time putting others down for fun because I don't have a fulfilling life in the real world
[anigirl82] slsk is a way to pass the time, and occasionally I come across people like you who obviously take their internet persona way to seriously
[anigirl82] and feel the need to be the internet "bully"
[Ranma Satome] Hmm. I don't understand.
[Ranma Satome] You don't have a fulfilling life in the real world, which is why you don't need to spend your time putting others down for fun?
[Ranma Satome] Nice solecism...English major.
[Ranma Satome] =D
[anigirl82] lol
[Ranma Satome] Ani, you don't understand.
[Ranma Satome] The Internet is not a place to make friends.
[anigirl82] still, true
[anigirl82] I don't need that to feel better about myself
[Ranma Satome] I shall say this only once.
[anigirl82] lol, for some
[Ranma Satome] The Internet is an opportunity to use language within a limited context.
[Ranma Satome] And I will go to my grave using it in that way.
[anigirl82] I find being friendly on the net can help you with lots of things, especially in a filesharign community where people have things you need
[Ranma Satome] You can have your little Internet friends, and wake up at 9AM, log on and type:
[Ranma Satome] "Why good morning everyone!!! Would you like some mugs of hot steaming coffee? =) cD~~ cD~~ cD~~ cD~~ cD~~ cD~~ cD~~ cD~~"
[anigirl82] lol, and you also don't realize, I have have friends in RL who use this prog, as well as my sister...so it is the same to me as a chat prog like AIM
[digininja] Ranma: and you'll spend an awful lot of time between now and then, wondering why it is that people in chat rooms aren't awfully nice to you.
[Ranma Satome] Go ahead, if it makes your life fulfilling.
[Ranma Satome] But I will use the Internet for what its for:
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] he will wonder why no one helps him find anything
[anigirl82] when he really needs it
[Ranma Satome] digi, I don't want people in chat rooms to be nice to me.
[anigirl82] lol, it does help when you are in teh major I'm in
[Ranma Satome] Did you not just read what I've just typed?
[anigirl82] *the
[Ranma Satome] ani, I NEVER ask anyone in this room for ANYTHING.
[anigirl82] you are just not taping it's full potential then
[Ranma Satome] Name a single thing I've asked for.
[Ranma Satome] I have 2TB of burned stuff. A streamload account full to the brim.
(Previous convos:
[Ranma Satome] Heuzal, I have 20tb of anime on Streamload.

Few minutes later:
[Ranma Satome] probably like 1tb of anime

[digininja] Ranma: it's awfully useful to be nice - I'm altruistic for perfectly selfish reasons
[Ranma Satome] I hardly watch any anime, and all the series I like I already have or have access to.
[anigirl82] as I said, if you ever did, you wouldn't get anything
[Ranma Satome] Ani, I don't need anything, which is why I can afford to do this.
[Ranma Satome] Ani, tell you what.
[digininja] Ranma: so you're saying that having everything you need gives you the right to behave badly? and that having resources means never having to say you're sorry?
[Ranma Satome] Whenever I come in here and ask for anything, you can gloat, laugh, shame me, piss on my rotting corpse, and make a general mockery of my pain.
[Ranma Satome] I would love for you to do it.
[anigirl82] that's great...and you keep trying o convince yourself
[Ranma Satome] Digi.
[anigirl82] and I don't have time to read what you wrote
[Ranma Satome] This is the Internet. It is decontextualised language.
[anigirl82] gotta go to work
[anigirl82] ~
[Ranma Satome] The second you start to moralise is the second you take it too seriously.
[Ranma Satome] Ani, you found a job!
[Ranma Satome] What's your job?
[A2L] does anyone know where I can get FMA raw?
[nonantthepin] winter, the meadow is bare, a fire burns
[Ranma Satome] Internet, a dead chat room, a shitty ametric haiku.
[A2L] isn't a haiku 5-7-5?
[Ranma Satome] I could easily make that an actual Haiku:
[nonantthepin] a word has meaning, but only what is invested in it, some say this makes words worthless, the forest knows the leaves shall fall
[Ranma Satome] "On the Internet/In a quiet, dead chat room/A shitty haiku"
* Ranma Satome bows
[digininja] :P
[digininja] that was weak - but it did follow the structure :)
[digininja] you cannot make chicken soup from chicken shit though :P
[Ranma Satome] Weak, true, but it was done in 20 seconds.
[Ranma Satome] In any case, Haiku is inappropriate in an Indo-European language.
[digininja] very true
[Ranma Satome] I would argue that all English haikus are weak...except the comical ones, of course.
[Ranma Satome] HOWEVER, the comical ones aren't properly haiku, as a haiku must be about nature.
[Ranma Satome] Which, in turn, would mean that my haiku was nothing of the sort.
[digininja] it's like trying to order hamburgers in Swahili :)
[Ranma Satome] Which basically means you must lick my balls.
[Ranma Satome] You can't order hamburgers in swahili?
[nonantthepin] the valley of ice, a home
[luxcyan] HELLO
[digininja] not in actual swahili, since the word for hamburger doesn't exist
[Ranma Satome] A pretentious prick/Who will never fuck a girl/Writes poems online"
[digininja] i'd rather not infect my tongue with whatever is thriving in your unwashed scrotum, sir. I'll leave that to the misguided strumpet that thinks you love her.
[Ranma Satome] Hmm.
[Ranma Satome] "who" goddammit
[Ranma Satome] Is it that hard to use that relative pronoun when referring to people?!
[digininja] My rhetorical skills are obviously less refined than yours, o wise one :)
[Ranma Satome] It's not rhetoric, it's fuckin' grammar.
[Ranma Satome] I don't blame you, digi. I blame your teachers.
[digininja] I blame your upbringing, personally.
[Ranma Satome] Virtue over intelligence, eh?
[Ranma Satome] What are you, 15?
[digininja] Who do you think you are, just for starters?
[Ranma Satome] That's right. Mhmm.
[Ranma Satome] I ran down to the corner store, bought it, whipped it out of its can, heated it in a pan, and then put it on a plate and gave it to you, girlfriend!
[Ranma Satome] Digin, stop forgetting rule #1:
[Ranma Satome] The Internet is decontextualised language use.
[Ranma Satome] Figure that one out, young Jedi.
[digininja] Without context, there is no meaning. Why is it that you've spent such a long time engaged in meaningless activity?
[Ranma Satome] That's a bit of a leap of faith, isn't it?
[Ranma Satome] Without context = decontextualised? Wow.
[Ranma Satome] News to me.
[Ranma Satome] And then something without context is meaningless, thus being engaged in something without context is meaningless. Wowzers.
[nonantthepin] schizophrenia
[Ranma Satome] So a surgeon performing open heart surgery is engaged in a meaningless activity if he does not take in the context of, say, 12th century China?
[digininja] Now you're the one leaping about like a pineapple on cheap amphetamines :)
[digininja] The skeleton in the closet has finally come home to roost!
[Ranma Satome] What a mixed metaphor.
[Ranma Satome] Two in a row.
[Ranma Satome] "leaping about like a pineapple on cheap amphetamines"
[Ranma Satome] "skeleton in the closet has come home to roost"
[Ranma Satome] Can you tell me what either of those actually mean?
[nonantthepin] that v for vendetta filom had better be good
[Ranma Satome] Don't try to bullshit the bullshitter, ya fuckin' cunt.
[Ranma Satome] Are you the middle aged veterinary science student, digi?
[digininja] You've got me - aren't you the leading expert in the field of decontextualized language?
[digininja] Or is that just something you say to impress your iBoyfriends?
[Ranma Satome] Don't answer a question with a question. Or questions.
[Ranma Satome] ESPECIALLY when they're non sequiturs.
[digininja] V for Vendetta was a lovely comic book - I had no idea they were making a film?
[Ranma Satome] Was that a question or a statement?
[digininja] If I didn't answer your questions with questions, would you be more inclined to respond in a less hostile manner?
[Lucky Lunar] V for Yo Momma
[nonantthepin] the wachowskis have a hand in it so it could go either way
[Ranma Satome] Digi, if you replied intelligently, then I would give you the courtesy of an intelligent response.
[Ranma Satome] You see, it's a constant game of power struggles, and the most intelligent is the most powerful. Because it is a realm of language.
[digininja] Perhaps if you could see your way clear to asking intelligent questions, I am sure that intelligent responses would be forthcoming :)
[Ranma Satome] Digi, I have nothing to ask you.
[Ranma Satome] I haven't really asked you anything at all.
[Ranma Satome] You basically just gave me the 3 year old's response.
[Ranma Satome] "I know what you are but what am I?"
* Makkura yawns
[Ranma Satome] C'mon...you try so hard...surely you can do better than that.
[digininja] :D
[digininja] I'm not trying :) I'm waiting for my downloads to finish, so that I float away on a cloud of wonderfully silly japanese television shows.
[Ranma Satome] digi, lol.
[Ranma Satome] 23:38:09 [digininja] i'd rather not infect my tongue with whatever is thriving in your unwashed scrotum, sir. I'll leave that to the misguided strumpet that thinks you love her.
[Ranma Satome] That isn't trying?
[Ranma Satome] It's crude, but, hey, you're in Africa.
[digininja] not really :)
[digininja] that's the standard response for somebody who demands sexual favours from people they're not familiar with :)
[Ancient Goddess] digi...nothing we say is going to get his head from being lodged in his ass.
[Makkura] Damn, this Ranma fucker sounds like Miguel.
[Makkura] Oh, wait.
[Makkura] -_-
[Ancient Goddess] it is
[Ancient Goddess] I knew that the second he tried to insult my 'edumacation' -_-
[digininja] oh my
[Ranma Satome] Wow...creepy...
[Ranma Satome] After 2 months you still remember that name.
[Ranma Satome] What an impact I've had on you people!
[Ranma Satome] My god, the Internet must be very serious to you.
[Ranma Satome] How very sad.
[Ranma Satome] And fucking hysterical.
[Ancient Goddess] I knew that because my sis told me that I should have iggied your ass and how much of a fucktard you were
[Makkura] Same way you can't forget seeing a small child raped. <3
[Ancient Goddess] she seems to be right nowadays
[Makkura] You're a walking trainwreck of pseudo-intillectual blather and lame insults.
[Ranma Satome] Makkura, and yet it seems to tear everyone's shit up in this room.
[Ranma Satome] So what does this say of them?
[Makkura] I've just yet to figure out why your only purpose is to attempt to do exactly that-- stir people's shit up.
[Makkura] It's a normal reaction to random assholish behaviour.
[Ancient Goddess] because he thinks it's amusing. Sad how you have no other life or purpose on here than to insult others
[Ancient Goddess] is that why you changed your name and fled from the main room?
[Ranma Satome] Makkura, your inability to comprehend is exactly the reason why.
[digininja] It's true, Ranmiguel - you spent an awful lot of time arguing with me about issues you know nothing, or next to nothing about - you're not friendly, helpful, or even remotely useful. Log off, and leave us alone. Please, it's better for everybody that way :)
[Makkura] Because no one was willing to feed the troll anymore.
* Makkura ban+igs
[A2L] what does avast mean exactly?
[nonantthepin] ye be a landlubber
[A2L] very much
[nonantthepin] splice the mainbrace
[Petey the Pirate] hahaha
[nonantthepin] pieces of eight!
[Petey the Pirate] ..me love you long time?
[nonantthepin] I don't know what avast means but it sounds like some kind of prompt
[A2L] so i take it no one here knows what avast means
[A2L] guess i'll google it later
[Ranma Satome] Urbandictionary.com you cunt.
[A2L] lol
[A2L] everyone stopped arguing with you i see, sorry but i'm not gonna waste my time =/ find another playmate

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