[chamane] hello I'm french & searching naruto n°84
[Ancient Goddess] hello I'm English & think you should try google.
[chamane] ??
[Ancient Goddess] ???
[chamane] google?
[Ancient Goddess] www.google.com
[Ancient Goddess] works wonders
[chamane] to find mangas?
[Ancient Goddess] to find anything in the universe
[chamane] ....
[Ancient Goddess] try it first, then come back here and ask
* chamane is searching NARUTO n° 84
[chamane] please!
[chamane] it's my drug
[Ancient Goddess] congratulations, chamane...you've just been added to my iggy and ban list
[chamane] i've 1 to 83 bouhouhouuuu
* Ancient Goddess actually had the file you were looking for
[chamane] yes yes you are great
[Ancient Goddess] use the search next time
[Ancient Goddess] nonononono....you are BANNED.
[chamane] yeah!!!!
[Ancient Goddess] especially when you don't share files yourself. ¬¬
[chamane] yes...I know
[chamane] but i'm just searching of naruto
[Ancient Goddess] then use the search feature
[Ancient Goddess] or wishlist
[chamane] i don't dl anything else
[Ancient Goddess] do that first before asking a room
[Ancient Goddess] we'll be more inclined to help you
[ursulilla666] alguien tiene we will win de macross??????
[Ancient Goddess] la sala de las personas de espanol es Anime Esp...no esta aqui
[zohar_modifier] trigun episode 14, need it, crave it, want it, share it?
[chamane] Ancient Goddess let me tell you i normally share around 30gigs of music but i don't have so much time to spend downloading. I have maybe a lot of things that would be interesting you but NO mangas sorry just naruto 1 to 83 now i'm leaving YOUR fucking soulseek ROOM it's ok for me sorry for ASKING just one thing...
[Ancient Goddess] it's not mine, but any normal person would run a fucking search
[Ancient Goddess] and good for you with your 30 gigs of musice
[Ancient Goddess] *music
[chamane] don't you think i'v done it??????????
[Ancient Goddess] I have 120gigs of items myself
[Ancient Goddess] so stfu
[chamane] wooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww
[chamane] i'm impressionated
[chamane] and?
[Ancient Goddess] I know...since you felt compelled to tell me about your meager 30 gigs...¬¬
[Ancient Goddess] weren't you supposed to be leaving?
[chamane] wow
[zohar_modifier] the fire crackles
[chamane] you are just here to speak of nothing
[Ancient Goddess] I didn't start it...I suggested you use google first.
[Ancient Goddess] no...I actually share
[Ancient Goddess] unlike you, you raging fucktard
[Ancient Goddess] now GTFO
[chamane] nevermind
[Ancient Goddess] yes...I thought so
[Ancient Goddess] it's actually YOU who are here for nothing.
[Ancient Goddess] YOU who leeches off of others without offering anything in return
[chamane] hahahaaa
[Ancient Goddess] so don't try to berate me...when you can't even talk.
[chamane] don't stress my little bitch (sorry for my english)
[Ancient Goddess] ha...I am not your bitch...so try again, moron.
[chamane] i'm laughig of you
[zohar_modifier] why wouldnt you share? man thats instant bannage
[Ancient Goddess] Good for you, chamane
[Ancient Goddess] Do I entertain you?
[Ancient Goddess] NOW MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.
[chamane] lol
[Ancient Goddess] NOW GTFO.
[Ancient Goddess] it doesn't share because it's a moron, zohar.
[chamane] sale grosse putain je te gicle dans le cul
[blablanadon] LOL
[chamane] share share share
* blablanadon back-ups
[Ancient Goddess] it could have ran a search before asking
[chamane] lol
* blablanadon grabs chamane from the back
[blablanadon] kick em in the nutsack AnG
[chamane] hahaha
[chamane] lol
[Ancient Goddess] and go ahead and say whatever you want in french...it's not like I care for what you say, fucktard
[Ancient Goddess] so stop talking and gtfo
* blablanadon mauls chamane with a dead rat
[Ancient Goddess] hmm...silence.
[Ancient Goddess] Maybe I killed it.
[blablanadon] =)
[blablanadon] lets hope so
* Ancient Goddess nods
[blablanadon] im goin to watch some tv
[blablanadon] am fucked up
[blablanadon] bai~\
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Ancient Goddess] baiya blab~
[chamane] the one time I come on soulseek since the last year...it is funny to see these mass of uninteressant people speaking of nothing so let me laugh one more time of you people...so...good night!!!
[Ancient Goddess] great! Do us a favor and don't return
[Ancient Goddess] or better yet, kill yourself
[chamane] lol
[Ancient Goddess] do the entire world a favor. ¬¬
[chamane] continue
[Ancient Goddess] I don't have to...I've established everything I need to say.
[Ancient Goddess] Why are you still here?
[chamane] good you do what i want
[chamane] continue...
[Ancient Goddess] oh, you don't have to worry about that...I'm already doing what I want
[Ancient Goddess] I'm sure you are too.
[Ancient Goddess] ¬¬
[chamane] good my little dog
[chamane] wouf wouaf
[Ancient Goddess] and just for the record:
[Ancient Goddess] "uninteressant" is not a word.
[Ancient Goddess] so stfu and gtfo
[chamane] my little bitch
[chamane] continue
[Ancient Goddess] my little fucktard
[chamane] good
[chamane] continue
[blablanabong] my little cunt
[chamane] continue
[chamane] ??
[Ancient Goddess] just like you're continuing to be a raging retard?
[blablanabong] i'd rather not
[Ancient Goddess] the only "uninteressant" person is you?
[Ancient Goddess] Why are you still here?
[zohar_modifier] chamane, this isnt the right room for you, this is the anime room, you need the ANIME room in bold letters
[chamane] no I say.......CONTINUE....NOW!!!
[zohar_modifier] k bye
[Ancient Goddess] no I say.....YOU'RE A FUCKING MORON.
[Ancient Goddess] kthxbye
[blablanabong] i say..... GTFO....... NOW
[chamane] good you continue when I want
[blablanabong] ANIMEroom is good for you
[Ancient Goddess] no, I continue because *I* want
[chamane] you're my little dog
[Ancient Goddess] I'm not here for you
* blablanabong rapes charmane doggy style
[blablanabong] :)
[Ancient Goddess] But someone so stupid amuses me
[chamane] lol
[Ancient Goddess] my little plaything if you will
[chamane] good
[Ancient Goddess] Do you even KNOW I'm playing with you?
[chamane] ok ok
[Ancient Goddess] Of course not, since you're a moron
[chamane] you are the master
[blablanabong] lol
[blablanabong] then suck my dick bitch
[Ancient Goddess] yes, now the master says to GTFO
[chamane] you are the godess of soulseek
[Ancient Goddess] Perhaps.
[Ancient Goddess] and you bore me.
[Ancient Goddess] so I'm going to go eat.
[chamane] you decides what people must do and think
* blablanabong will kill chamane for his queen
[Ancient Goddess] Take my advice and shoot yourself in the head
[Ancient Goddess] promptly
[Ancient Goddess] blab, zohar~
[zohar_modifier] can anyone tell me if wolf's rain is any good?
[blablanabong] enjoy AnG~

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