[Sandzi] who has dbgt intro song - japanese version
[Sandzi] ?
[Heuzel] this isn't the google room
[Heuzel] first you say hello
[Heuzel] then you ask
[Heuzel] so, now you get nothing
[Heuzel] :)
[Sandzi] sdfu
[Sandzi] noob
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Sandzi] im not here to hear some1 opinion
[dark prinz] yo i got onto downloadin azureus
[Ancient Goddess] YOU'RE calling Zeul a n00b?
[Sandzi] im here to get files
[Sandzi] paying per e-gold
[Sandzi] yes i am
[Heuzel] sure, you can' pay shit
[Heuzel] +t
[Sandzi] 1$
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Sandzi] sdfu i said
[Ancient Goddess] IF you had even bothered to do a room search...
[Heuzel] i don't think you got such a nice collection, that you could exchange something for that dbgt op
[Ancient Goddess] you would have found that I had the file you wanted
[Sandzi] i did bitch so?
[Ancient Goddess] but you're banned
[Ancient Goddess] so..
[Sandzi] so...?
[Sandzi] who cares
[Sandzi] i dont need anything from u
[Sandzi] u abused me then u say that u had that file
[Sandzi] but wait im baned
[Sandzi] ohh how bad
[Sandzi] dam
* Sandzi crying
[Sandzi] rofl
[Ancient Goddess] um..apparently you did, since you're going around begging people in the room for files when you should have done a fucking search
[SarahKatt] It's spelled Damn, friend.
[Sandzi] i did
[Sandzi] no matches found
[Heuzel] [SarahKatt] It's spelled Damn, friend. <--- lol
[Heuzel] erm, Sandzi: you fail
[Sandzi] if u have the file u just had to tell me
[Sandzi] and not to waist my time
[Heuzel] i searched, and 14 peeps are sharing it
[Sandzi] with these words which have no sence
[Ancient Goddess] I would...but you decided to call people in here names...
[Ancient Goddess] so...
[Heuzel] you're waisting our gime
[Ancient Goddess] NO SONG FOR YOU.
[Ancient Goddess] NOW GTFO
[dark prinz] drop the ban hammer
[Sandzi] ignored
[Ancient Goddess] ooh...I'm so hurt
[Sandzi] girls should talk like that
[Ancient Goddess] I'm on someone's iggy list
[Heuzel] lol, ignoring someone with the file you need
[Heuzel] how retarded
[Ancient Goddess] I know, Zeul
[Sandzi] noob i said i was ignoring u but i dont know how then just wait
[dark prinz] due you have alot to learn about sucking information out of people
[Sandzi] till i find out
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Ancient Goddess] oh...so I'm the n00b, when you can't even find the iggy feature?
[Sandzi] dam i added u to list
[Sandzi] how do i get u removed
[Sandzi] whauahahha
[Sandzi] dam
[Sandzi] this program is stupid
[Ancient Goddess] dam...lol. Wow, someone needs to be smacked in the face with a dictionary. ¬¬
[Sandzi] i cant find a shit
[Heuzel] damn, you're retarded
[Heuzel] where are you from?
[SarahKatt] Multiple times.
[Heuzel] and did you come here riding 'the special' bus?
[Ancient Goddess] ...and a thesarus
[Sandzi] lithuania
[Heuzel] lol, i even found that song, on google
[SarahKatt] Ahh just drop the Library of Congress on him and be done with it.
[Sandzi] lol
[dark prinz] grrrrr do you people need a fucking english dictionary damn has an N in it you reteard
[Sandzi] i dont use google cause it drops viruses
[Ancient Goddess] ....
[Ancient Goddess] omg
[SarahKatt] My gods....
[Heuzel] O.O
[dark prinz] you are a virus
[Heuzel] that's a quote
[Sandzi] im a keyloger
[Ancient Goddess] just when you think people can't get any dumber....¬¬
[Sandzi] not virus
[SarahKatt] *cuts, pastes, and saves*
[Heuzel] a keyloger?
[Heuzel] erm?
[dark prinz] no a virus n00b is a virus ,an infection ,a disease of the brain
[Ancient Goddess] (13:15) [Sandzi] do u have that file?
[Ancient Goddess] ...
[Heuzel] Sandzi: you're retarded, peeps should just put you against a wall, and use u as target practice
[SarahKatt] Ahem... anyway, I'm new. Tell me people like this are rare... someone?
[Heuzel] you don't have a fucking clue how to spell, you don't have a fucking clue about anime, so
[Heuzel] erm, Sarah, : no, that's all you get in here
[Heuzel] but welcome
[Sandzi] dam i want to kill some1
[Sandzi] u r so annoying
[Sandzi] OR SMTH
[Heuzel] SMTH?
[Heuzel] and slow down on the CRAPSLOCK NO JUTSU
[Sandzi] yuure no uta
[Sandzi] fuckhead
[Sandzi] eat this
[Ancient Goddess] [Ancient Goddess] ...what part of "You are banned" don't you understand?
[Ancient Goddess] (13:16) [Sandzi] i dont see it on your list
[Ancient Goddess] (13:16) [Sandzi] i dont see your list at all
[Heuzel] kek€kekekekeke
[SarahKatt] Hah
[Ancient Goddess] [Ancient Goddess] YOU ARE FUCKING BANNED
[Ancient Goddess] [Ancient Goddess] YOU CAN'T SEE FILES WHEN YOU ARE BANNED
[LastTime] moop
[Ancient Goddess] (13:17) [Sandzi] BUT I WANT
[LastTime] hahaha
[Sandzi] KIDS...
[Ancient Goddess] You're a fucking moron, Sandzi
[LastTime] NUT I WANT!
[Ancient Goddess] gtfo
[LastTime] BUT I WANT!?!?!?!
[Heuzel] ok ,so, I'm a kid, ... ¬.¬ ... but i do know how to use this program
[Heuzel] wierd isn't it
[Heuzel] you must be old, and retarded
[Ancient Goddess] lol....exactly.
[Sandzi] huh? i know that in this room are alot of teens but this is girls speaks like taxi driver in rush hour
[Sandzi] that bitch is so stuoid
[LastTime] ...
[dark prinz] w00t
[LastTime] STUOID!
[Heuzel] sandzi: isn't getting banned and bitched @ in Japanese music room enough for you?
[dark prinz] finaly i got azureus
[Heuzel] peeps don't like you there
[Heuzel] peeps don't like you here
[Heuzel] don't you understand it?
[Heuzel] go away
[Sandzi] peeps u sit there?
[Sandzi] noob
[Sandzi] u can ban me
[Sandzi] ...
[Sandzi] lol
[Heuzel] peeps u sit there?
[Heuzel] wtf?
[Sandzi] u have no music
[Ancient Goddess] lol....oh I have music...but you can't see it becasue you're banned
[Heuzel] sure sure, only 15 gigs of anime ost's but hey, who am i to tell you
[Sandzi] u have no taste for music
[Sandzi] u listen to crap
[dark prinz] sandzi go away and come back when your litterate and have some files
[Ancient Goddess] how the fuck would you know?
[Heuzel] lolol U ask for DBGT opening song, isn't that crappy enough?
[Sandzi] ancient stop repeating this shit so im banned?
[Ancient Goddess] you can't even see our files
[Sandzi] what now?
[Sandzi] u dont lvoe me huh?
[Sandzi] *love
[Ancient Goddess] No...I couldn't possibly love someone so fucking stupid and retarded
[dark prinz] learn to spell n00b rash
[Sandzi] ancient u r smarter then me
[Sandzi] ohh yeah babe
[Sandzi] u can see my files
[Ancient Goddess] apparently
[Sandzi] and i cant see yours
[Sandzi] dam u r very smart
[Sandzi] i admire your brain
[Ancient Goddess] since I know how to work the client, AND YOU DON'T
[Ancient Goddess] bet you can't even find the exit.
[Sandzi] plz say something i liek your voice dam u r prety when u r stupid
[Ancient Goddess] um...yeah...My voice, huh?
[Sandzi] lol i have it 2 years i was just joking i dont ppl because they talk dont greet
[Sandzi] or something this is stupid
[Sandzi] ...
[Ancient Goddess] okay...so how come you couldn't find the fucking search?
[Ancient Goddess] or the iggy?
[Ancient Goddess] moron.
[Heuzel] you have it for 2 years, yet you're this retarded? and yet you don't have a clue about the english language?
[SarahKatt] If it's so stupid, why are you still here? RUN! Save yourself from our shortcomings!
[Ancient Goddess] Do us a favor and shoot yourself in the head
[Ancient Goddess] promptly.
[Heuzel] hmm, i like you :)
[Sandzi] ...i tell u second time that i did the search in this fucking room and i didnt find any files i need
[Heuzel] erm, no, drink some acid, that would be better
[Sandzi] r u stupid or what
[Sandzi] now grow up and get a life
[Sandzi] u thing u have the power to ban ppl so ...
[Sandzi] nerd girl
[Ancient Goddess] I ban idiots.
[Heuzel] erm, i banned you ages ago, Sandzi
[Sandzi] erm like a care
[Sandzi] ...
[Ancient Goddess] I have the power to also give you the file you want.
[Ancient Goddess] Because...according to you...
[Sandzi] so i dont need it anymore from u
[Ancient Goddess] no one else on slsk has this file
[Sandzi] i will find other way to get it bye
* Sandzi gone
[SarahKatt] Good riddance.
[Ancient Goddess] he's not gone
[Heuzel] erm, no, do plz stay, i like insulting stupid fuckers like you
[Ancient Goddess] he's too stupid to find the exit
[Ancient Goddess] ¬¬
[SarahKatt] I know. :|
[Sandzi] ...
[Ancient Goddess] see?
[Sandzi] i didnt leave slsk just stop talking
[Sandzi] noobs...
[Ancient Goddess] just ignore me
[Ancient Goddess] OH WAIT
[Ancient Goddess] moron
[Ancient Goddess] guess you're screwed then
[Sandzi] your wish is my demand
[SarahKatt] ...hahaha
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Ancient Goddess] pathetic
[Ancient Goddess] "I've used this for 2 years..."
[Ancient Goddess] riiight.
[dark prinz] yo sandzi would you like me to give you a course on how to fuck off when people dont want you around and how to spell when on your pc
[dark prinz] hello and welcome to pc`s for n00bs
[LastTime] ...maybe on a mac?
[dark prinz] i could handel that to
[dark prinz] but n00bs dont deserve macs
[Ancient Goddess] [Sandzi] your wish is my demand <--can't even use cliches right. ¬¬
[SarahKatt] Mac is funny that way... all that power, wrapped in such a stupid-friendly coating
[Sandzi] u like to hear your own opinion but i dont care a shit about what u think
[Sandzi] i think u r like 12-14 years old
[Sandzi] and pie in bed
[SarahKatt] hehe.
[SarahKatt] Never heard that one before ... o.O
* Heuzel golden shower's Sandzi
[Sandzi] your wet ass all over the place
* Heuzel now goes for the scat part
* Heuzel thinks it has no idea what I'm talking about
* Heuzel thinks.... what about some puke on your back, while i'm giving you a rim job with an old baseballbat?
* SarahKatt cringes.
[Sandzi] blow me
[SarahKatt] On that lovely note. I'll BRB
[Sandzi] kid
[Sandzi] u r feel very powerfull behind pc
[Sandzi] yeah u r the man
[Heuzel] how old are you?
[Sandzi] 18
[Ancient Goddess] probably 5
[Heuzel] so, i'm the kid?
[dark prinz] actually i am 12-14 and if seriously dont boast about how you are in bed its just a waek point for people to pick on because it means your vunrable there so dude a pillow dosent count and dosent tell you how you are try it on a person
* Heuzel grins
[Sandzi] so u r older then me?
[Sandzi] and talk shit like that
[daaen] hey
[Ancient Goddess] O'RLY?
[daaen] is anime tool?
[dark prinz] lts al tlk n00b
[Ancient Goddess] The sad thing is...
[Heuzel] [daaen] is anime tool? <----- wtf?
[Sandzi] dark pantz...
[dark prinz] no dude seriously just go away
[Ancient Goddess] you think we're younger than you
[Ancient Goddess] but we can spell far beyond you
[dark prinz] claps hand :; give this fuckare a medal
[Ancient Goddess] What does that tell you, Sandzi?
* Heuzel is younger, but i have my l33t splelling that makes me big ¬.¬
[Sandzi] i know... english isnt my best place because i learned german in school
[Sandzi] so?
[Ancient Goddess] We can also come up with better comments and comebacks than you
[Heuzel] daaen : DON'T EVEN THINK, i'M LIST ONLY
[SarahKatt] I'm a grammar whore... majoring in English and Education...
[Sandzi] not all ppl can speak ebnglish or write properly
[Sandzi] this doeasnt mean that im stupid or smth
[Ancient Goddess] I'm not even majoring in English...and I can still write better than him
[Sandzi] i didnt teached it in school
[dark prinz] but you can sure as hell read and correct what you got wrong
[Sandzi] bitch dont u get it
[Ancient Goddess] no..it's your behavior that's classifying you as retarded
[Ancient Goddess] Wait...
* SarahKatt snickers. "I've seen people in my Special Needs class that can"
[Ancient Goddess] wasn't I supposed to be on iggy?
[dark prinz] yes it is
[Sandzi] wtf
[Sandzi] ?
[Ancient Goddess] You still haven't figured it out yet
[Sandzi] u started the talk
[dark prinz] go away
[Ancient Goddess] This is sad
[dark prinz] go home n00b
[Sandzi] i just asked for file when i entered the room
[Ancient Goddess] I'm actually feeling pity for you
[Sandzi] stop bothering me
[SarahKatt] He's getting defensive...
[Ancient Goddess] if you learn how to use the iggy feature, you wouldn't see me bothering you
[Sandzi] i have no time for you jokes
[Sandzi] they arent funny
[Ancient Goddess] it's not even rocket science
[Heuzel] [Ancient Goddess] I'm actually feeling pity for you <--------- /me spanks you for that
[Sandzi] u think u can hurt ppl feeling with words
[Sandzi] silly bitch
[Ancient Goddess] You're fucking retarded, Sandzi
[Ancient Goddess] Apparently I am
[Sandzi] yeah who cares
[Ancient Goddess] since you don't want me bothering you
[Sandzi] sandzi is only a nickname
[Ancient Goddess] ¬¬
[Sandzi] bitch
[SarahKatt] It looks like you're getting a bit defensive...
[Ancient Goddess] I must have hit some sort of switch
[Heuzel] Sandzi = your real name, you're to retarded to look for a nick
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Sandzi] this bitch is 14 years old and she thinks she can tell me what to do
[Ancient Goddess] 14...oh, that's a good one
[Ancient Goddess] have any other insults besides my age and 'bitch'?
[Ancient Goddess] Come on...I know you can do better than that.
[Sandzi] she fucks for money because her familie is to poor to buy pampers
[Ancient Goddess] lol...this is hilarious.
[Heuzel] erm, Sandzi: you still wair pampers
[yenna1802] hey everybody
[Heuzel] and it's diapers in english, you retarded numbfuck
[Sandzi] awwww ikle talk to me bitch
[Heuzel] hell yenna
[Ancient Goddess] You like to listen, Sandzi
[Sandzi] hey i know other 5 languages english isnt very good i know
[Ancient Goddess] or until you can find that wretched iggy button
[Ancient Goddess] I know 3 others
[Sandzi] lol there are about 2000 languages not 8
[Ancient Goddess] I also know English, which you're not very good at.
[Sandzi] stupid bitch
[Sandzi] so?
[Ancient Goddess] Oh, I'm not the stupid one
[Sandzi] u born in england so u r smarter then me
[Ancient Goddess] Go and fuck your mother in the ass.
[Heuzel] erm, english =major language in the world
[SarahKatt] How many times has he used the word 'bitch' thusfar?
[Heuzel] what you speak = dying language in the world
[Ancient Goddess] I'm not English, retard
[Sandzi] u know all bad words and now u know english very well
[Ancient Goddess] so try again.
* Ancient Goddess rolls eyes
[Ancient Goddess] He has got to have some better insults.
[Heuzel] erm, where did be live again?
[Sandzi] erm chinese kansai is major language 1,5 bilion ppl speaking it
[Sandzi] english second place
[SarahKatt] Bitch is about the only word he can spell correctly, so I don't know.
[Sandzi] whore sdfu
[Ancient Goddess] I know...it's sad, Sarah
[Ancient Goddess] Whooo...whore...that's a new one
[Ancient Goddess] And for the record...Bitch isn't an insult to me.
[Heuzel] sdfu? shute denial fuck up?
[Ancient Goddess] lol
* Sandzi crying words can hurt ... whauahaha silly bitch annying how can ppl be so stupid
[SarahKatt] It's ebonics. Shut da fuck up
* Sandzi is she a girl or wtf girls cant talk stuff like that or can they?
[Ancient Goddess] pfft.
[Ancient Goddess] You don't know me...Everyone who knows me knows my tendencies
[Ancient Goddess] do not worry
[Heuzel] sandzi: you really need a girl don't you? you still need to suck daddy's cock, while mommy is using the strapon without lube on your arse?
[Sandzi] u will be good wife for some1
[Sandzi] yeah very adult indead
[Sandzi] go go go
[Sandzi] come on
[Sandzi] who knows more words
[Sandzi] i didnt say i need a girl maybe i have one...
[Sandzi] i dont come here to look for a girl
[Sandzi] i just need that fucking file
[Ancient Goddess] I don't know who would actually date such a retard
[Sandzi] ok ill try
[Heuzel] that fucking file = not something you'll be getting in this place, that's for sure
[Sandzi] yeah u wish to know
[Sandzi] nah this is childish
[SarahKatt] You know, since this convo started, I found and downloaded that file... You're not missing much, it sucks.
[Sandzi] they can speak what they want i dont care
[Ancient Goddess] yeah...I only got it from a cd ani gave me
[Sandzi] :D
[Sandzi] stupid fuckiers ignore everyone
[Ancient Goddess] Yeah...but YOU CAN'T FIND THE IGGY OPTION
[Sandzi] unignore jehera
[Sandzi] i think they need to grow up
[Sandzi] :D
[Ancient Goddess] so I guess you'll just have to listen to us until you figure out how to GTFO
[Heuzel] erm, jehera is on my list :)
[Sandzi] ok i have that file almost
[Ancient Goddess] mine too
* SarahKatt smirks "This has gotten boring, hehe"
[Sandzi] need to switch slsk client
[Sandzi] and downlaod it from this bitch
[Heuzel] indeed it has
[Ancient Goddess] yeah...he's no fun anymore
[Heuzel] erm, you need to switch client ? before downloading something?
[Sandzi] she banned me u forgot that
[Sandzi] rofl
[jedimonkey20] got ur file sandzi
[Sandzi] ok
[Ancient Goddess] The sad thing is....
[Sandzi] tnx
[Sandzi] dude
[Ancient Goddess] you can find the song anywhere on the net.
[jedimonkey20] its cool
[Sandzi] ancient good see not everyone are so bad
[jedimonkey20] girl power all the way..........not
[yukimura] 19:43:26 IP address of Sandzi is, port 12404
[Ancient Goddess] Lol...I never said people aren't bad...All I said is you're a fucking moron.
[Sandzi] [jehera] fughts and then ignores when he seems to be losing it
[Sandzi] whauaha she is stupid
[Ancient Goddess] whauaha....so are you
[Sandzi] ancient
[Heuzel] 19:43:26 IP address of Sandzi is, port 12404
[Sandzi] bitch
[Heuzel] how nice
[Ancient Goddess] At least I'm a stupid bitch that can spell and use the client properly/ ¬¬
[Sandzi] unignore jehera
[Ancient Goddess] no
[Sandzi] u fucking retards
[SarahKatt] Bah forget em.
[Sandzi] [jehera] man there just a bunch of kids tell em that
[Sandzi] i agree with that
[Heuzel] sure you do, and the both of you didn't get what you wanted
[Ancient Goddess] of course you would. Since you both are fucktards.
[SarahKatt] So, what else is going on. I'm anxious to hear something intelligent now...
[Ancient Goddess] lol...yeah.
[Heuzel] okies, I'm dropping the hammer
* Ancient Goddess does the B and I dance ritual for Sandzi
[Heuzel] i can't watch anime, and argue with the n00b
[Heuzel] +s
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Heuzel] okies, that would make the list, somewhere around 1344
[Ancient Goddess] hehe
[Ancient Goddess] I think I'm over 100 now
[Heuzel] so, sarah, you new here
[Heuzel] what you doing in here ?
[SarahKatt] Yeah. I got tired of eMule giving me porn everytime I tried to find something.
[Heuzel] 'cept looking @ n00bish behaviour
[Ancient Goddess] ah..what were you looking for?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] AnG~, Zel~
[Heuzel] brb, gonna get another beer
[Ancient Goddess] SK~
[SarahKatt] Alot of stuff. Taste varies. Right now I'm obsessed with Psycho Le Cemu. They played at an anime con here last month.
[Heuzel] Sephililly~
[Ancient Goddess] do us a favor...
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] How'd UT go? LOL, Zel...
[Ancient Goddess] ban and iggy Sanzi
[Ancient Goddess] *Sandzi
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] What'd they do?
[Ancient Goddess] scroll up and read after you do
[Heuzel] [Sandzi] AND NO1 WILL RECOGNISE ME <---- ONE 10000000000000000000000000000 INTARBUTT POINTS FOR TAH GODDESS
[Heuzel] he's in jmr
[Heuzel] getting his arse kicked again
[Kitsune-Tsuki] um lol
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] ..................
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Heuzel] by more peeps then before

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