[Shadow'sMistress] lol
[comeg] anyone have hundred stories or initial d?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Google.com is a good place to check first.
[comeg] i'm on dsl so i'll download fast as possible, my friends
[comeg] google.com is a stupid place to check first.
[comeg] i don't like using torrents
[comeg] i'd rather use the old-fashioned irc client
[Shadow'sMistress] maybe you should try sharing files before asking for help
[comeg] i do share files
[comeg] however, i have none to share
[comeg] i just whiped the hard drive
[comeg] wiped*
[Shadow'sMistress] well, if you don't like torrents, I can't help you
[comeg] so this room exists why?
[Shadow'sMistress] since that's my method of anime
[comeg] i'm downloading champloo on torrent anyway
[Shadow'sMistress] for people who like anime...but people usually run searches first.
[comeg] naruto 125 aught to be out tonight
[comeg] i'll get that via torrent too
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] So then if you don't want a torrent then why are you using it?
[Shadow'sMistress] so..you said you don't like torrents, eh?
[comeg] but i'd rather get rarer animes, like initial d and hundred stories on slsk
[Shadow'sMistress] but
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Well have you tried the three search options provided?
[comeg] i don't like them
[Shadow'sMistress] www.boxtorrents.com has all the old series
[Shadow'sMistress] on torrents
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] I didn't ask if you liked them.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] I asked if you've tried them.
[Shadow'sMistress] it's easier to obtain than here
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Because if you ask before using them then you'll make yourself look like an ass and people don't like asses unless they're of the four-legged kind.
[comeg] how do you know i'm not one of the four-legged kind?
[comeg] is boxtorrent.com free?
[comeg] most torrent sites charge money
[comeg] i'm not paying for a torrent
[Shadow'sMistress] why don't you try to check it first
[Shadow'sMistress] ....omg
[comeg] i'm lazy
[comeg] omg
[Shadow'sMistress] most torrent sites don't.
[Shadow'sMistress] wtf are you talking about?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] ....
[comeg] ok
[comeg] let me explain
[comeg] since you're obviously retarded
[comeg] i
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] comeg, why don't you try it before you start asking dumb questions.
[comeg] don't want to
[comeg] because
[comeg] i'm lazty
[comeg] lazy*
[Shadow'sMistress] oh, I'm retarded?
[comeg] is the concept that hard to grasp?
[comeg] i mean, really
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Because if we're all using SLSK which is a place to share files for FREE why would we use a torrent site we'd have to pay for?
[Shadow'sMistress] At least *I* can find what I want, WHEN I want
[Shadow'sMistress] unlike you
[Shadow'sMistress] you know what?
[comeg] because you're not lazy
[Shadow'sMistress] Boxtorrents DOES charge
[comeg] i use soulseek because the people on here are trustworthy
[Shadow'sMistress] no one here has your stupid file
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LMAO $50 A MONTH.
[Shadow'sMistress] so GTFO
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] This is why I hate n00bs.
[comeg] n00bs
[comeg] that's funny
[Shadow'sMistress] ditto
[comeg] i'm an irc n00b
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] You try and fuckin help them and they act like you're being a jerk to them.
[Shadow'sMistress] I know
[comeg] wow, how pathetic are you two?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] We gave you four options to find what you wanted AND a link.
[Shadow'sMistress] how pathetic are you?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] You didn't have to look for shit and your bitching.
[comeg] you're calling me a n00b on a fucking chatroom?
[Shadow'sMistress] you don't check for torrents
[TheDyklektic] n00b?
[Shadow'sMistress] AND you don't use the search feature
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] If you don't like what we give you the STFU and GTFO
[comeg] i don't check for torrents!
[comeg] holy christ!
[Shadow'sMistress] you go and beg for stuff
[comeg] i must be a n00b!
[comeg] woohoo!
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Yeah, you are.
[Shadow'sMistress] pretty much
[comeg] i didn't beg for anything, numbskull
[Shadow'sMistress] mmhmm
[comeg] i fucking asked if anyone had the files to share
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] No, you BITCHED about EVERYTHING.
[Shadow'sMistress] well, as I said before
[comeg] i bitched about nothing
[Shadow'sMistress] No one here has your fucking file
[comeg] you're truly a fucking moron
[Shadow'sMistress] so GTFO
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] "I'm too lazy to look for myself" blah blah blah...
[Shadow'sMistress] exactly
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] "Please help me..." blah blah
[comeg] i said "does anyone have initial d or hundred stories for download"
[comeg] then i said "i don't like torrents"
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] "That's not what I'm looking for!!" blah blah
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] You also said you were too lazy to look for yourself.
[comeg] if i wanted to use a torrent to download them, do you think i would have asked for the files on this irc?
[comeg] think about it
[comeg] use your head
[comeg] or "GTFO"
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] If the people are more trustworthy on SLSK like you said, they you would've stfu and clicked on the link to see for yourself.
[Shadow'sMistress] well, apparently you are too lazy to run a search'
[comeg] yes, i said i was lazy
[comeg] wow
[comeg] so much bitching
[comeg] jeez
[Shadow'sMistress] so you get NOTHING
[comeg] i wish i wasn't such a n00b...
[comeg] this sucks
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] He gets nothing initially since he shares no files.
[comeg] i don't even know how to use an irc
[comeg] man oh man
* Sephiroth_Kaizen shrugs.
[Shadow'sMistress] what say you, SK?
[Shadow'sMistress] Shall we do the B and I dance?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Not a loss for me...
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Hell yes, lets to the B dance!
[comeg] i share no files, because as i said.... i wiped my fucking harddrive today
[Shadow'sMistress] good for you
* Sephiroth_Kaizen tap dances all over the ban button... the best damn tap dance you've ever seen.
[comeg] yes, it is good for me
[Shadow'sMistress] you also said you were too lazy to look
[comeg] the computer runs a lot faster now
[Shadow'sMistress] so...until you get off your lazy ass
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] I don't care.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] WE don't care.
[comeg] without 3,800 song files on it
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] NOBODY cares.
[Shadow'sMistress] you get NOTHING
[comeg] and all the naruto and champloo episodes to date
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] So quitcher bitchin.
[comeg] you're morons
[Shadow'sMistress] no, I'm smart enough to do my own work
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Hmm, and I have 5669 shared files...
[comeg] do you have nothing better to do than criticize some random guy who asks a simple question?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] And my comp still runs fine.
[comeg] i said 3800 music files
[comeg] not shared files
[Shadow'sMistress] No, you asked the question before you even bothered to do your own searches
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Yeah, and you're bitching about that much.
[Shadow'sMistress] Why should we do it for you?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Get out. We can't help a lazy ass like you.
[comeg] you don't have 37 viruses.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Laziness gets you nowhere.
[comeg] you get out
[Shadow'sMistress] Give me a good reason, and I'll look for you
[comeg] you're sitting on your fat ass right now, eating doughnuts and drinking dr. pepper!
[comeg] and you're calling me lazy?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LMAO
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Actually, I weight 137.
[Shadow'sMistress] HAH!! But at least I can watch the episodes *I* want
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] And I'm eating York peppermint Patties.
[Shadow'sMistress] YOU can't, can you?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Looks like you're not psychic AND LAZY
[Shadow'sMistress] Shame..
[comeg] you're still a fat asian loser, mistress
[comeg] lol
[Shadow'sMistress] Asian? Oh, that's a good one
[comeg] man i wish i was psychic
[comeg] i am a telepathic ninja
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Wow, and Asians are beautiful.
[comeg] not quite psychic, but the next best thing
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] He called you beautiful, AnG.
[comeg] asians are not beautiful
[comeg] only scronny white nerds think they are
[xstw001x] huh
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] The Next Best Thing = STUPID
[Shadow'sMistress] hehe
[comeg] she may be beautiful
[Shadow'sMistress] He's the fat loser
[Shadow'sMistress] because he's fucking lazy
[Shadow'sMistress] he admitted it
[xstw001x] you sad bastards are you people lonly
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LMAO, you're the fat loser since you're the self proclaimed lazy one.
[Shadow'sMistress] I actually do my own work
[Shadow'sMistress] SK...
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Hmm?
[comeg] i'm very fat
[Shadow'sMistress] what the fuck is up with the n00bs sharing no files picking fights?
[comeg] i never said i wasn't eating doughnuts and drinking dr. pepper
[Shadow'sMistress] such as xstw?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Good. Which explains your disgusting attitude.
[comeg] where do you think i came up with the idea for that insult?
[Shadow'sMistress] Banned for not sharing
[comeg] my attitude isn't disgusting
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] I don't know, AnG.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] It's sad though
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Yeah, comeg, yeah it is.
[comeg] my attitude is in a state of disarray
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Lazy fat people are disgusting.
[Shadow'sMistress] My God...wasn't Zeul warning us about the late hours, with fucktard n00bs?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] comeg = lazy fat people = disgusting.
[comeg] as i'm being beaten down by a barrage of useless insults and pathetic criticism for no apparent reason
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Yeah, and midday, too.
[comeg] you guys can't even argue
[Shadow'sMistress] I'm through with this fat fuck
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Then if it's useless then wtf are you still doing in here.
* Shadow'sMistress iggies
[comeg] you just call me a n00b, and repeat what i've already said
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] NOW
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] PLEASE
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] DO US ALL A FAVOR.
* Sephiroth_Kaizen iggies
[Shadow'sMistress] Ah..the silence...no more fucking n00bish behavior
* Sephiroth_Kaizen listens to the silence...
* Sephiroth_Kaizen hears crickets chirping in the background...

[Sephiroth_Kaizen] *chirp chirp chirp*
[Shadow'sMistress] hehe
* Sephiroth_Kaizen hears an idiot still calling...
[Shadow'sMistress] This is ridiculous...one idiot after another
[Shadow'sMistress] I mean, really
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Yeah, this place is filled with them...
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] But you know, the lurkers andthose who are actually not lazy lardasses are alright.
[Shadow'sMistress] People can't even look up their own fucking files
[Shadow'sMistress] yeah
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] The newbies are alright to me...
[Shadow'sMistress] those who can find their own files on their own
[Shadow'sMistress] yeah...just the stupid n00bs
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] But it's the n00bs who ruin shit for everyone.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] They're like... children...
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] You give them what they ask for and they still bitch.
[Shadow'sMistress] yeah
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] I feel bad for the select few...
[Shadow'sMistress] yeah
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Poor souls... lumped up with assholes.
[Shadow'sMistress] especially those who think their words makes a difference
[Shadow'sMistress] they sit there and bitch about it, but they can't figure out how to leave
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL, they can't figure out how to use the THREE OPTIONS given to them to find what they want.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Let alone figure out how to leave.
[Shadow'sMistress] I only bitch at stupid n00bs for entertainment
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL, I bitch when they're jerks.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] And when I need entertainment.
[Shadow'sMistress] hehe
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] But they make themselves easy targets...
[Shadow'sMistress] true
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] 2525man has been banned for not sharing files.

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