[matiK] elitist on chatrooms are nerds who get no attention in the real world
[Drago_sanguinante] everyone hates me in chatrooms
[Black_Unicorn05] Hello
[Drago_sanguinante] everyone hates me in real life
[Drago_sanguinante] I HAVE FAILED BOTH HOW CAN THIS BE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
[XxViciousxX] [matiK] lmao your name is kohaku faggot <-- coming from someone who claims God or War will be worth buying.
[XxViciousxX] XDDD
[matiK] vicious you also thought other 10 rating games suck
[matiK] arent you a girl?
[XxViciousxX] Drago, I don't hate you.
[matiK] like music, girls dont know what theyre sayin when it comes to games
[XxViciousxX] LOL, and I don't listen to the ratings.
[SantaSonicSuixyd] lol Drago ;
[matiK] isnt that why girls are bad at all games
[Black_Unicorn05] I beg to differ!
[XxViciousxX] LOL, matiK, you have some nerve talking about that.
[matiK] awww u mad?
[Drago_sanguinante] like emus, matik speaks with his head in his ass when it comes to communicating
[matiK] lmao i dont care
[XxViciousxX] You're the one screaming about God of War and ratings when people get PAID to give those games good ratings.
[matiK] ^blah blah
[matiK] didnt even read it
[XxViciousxX] Yeah, don't.
[matiK] cause its basically just bitching
[XxViciousxX] Just like everyone else ignores you.
[Black_Unicorn05] I happen to be quite good at games and I know a good game when I see one!
[XxViciousxX] That's why Inu iggied you.
[XxViciousxX] It takes a shitload to get iggied by him.
[matiK] lmao i dont care if they ignore me
[XxViciousxX] XDDD
[matiK] its just responding to me
[matiK] therefor they lose
[matiK] try again
[XxViciousxX] Therefore, you lose.
[XxViciousxX] Cuz everyone hates you.
[XxViciousxX] So stfu.
[matiK] lmao
[XxViciousxX] Slit your wrists on an angle and hold it under warm water.
[matiK] o no anime fans hate me
[XxViciousxX] Your life should be over soon.
[matiK] my e-self esteem is at an all time low
[matiK] what will i do
[matiK] lmao
[XxViciousxX] Hopefully die is what you'll do.
[matiK] nah that wont happen for awhile
[matiK] dont hold your breathe kid
[XxViciousxX] [Drago_sanguinante] like emus, matik speaks with his head in his ass when it comes to communicating <--- XDD
[matiK] breath*
[XxViciousxX] Kid?
[matiK] lmao at emoticons
[XxViciousxX] I think I'm older than you. And if not, I definitely act like it.
[matiK] thats nice
[matiK] no one cares
[XxViciousxX] LOL, and you're the one who mentioned it.
[matiK] cookie for being 40 yrs old on a file sharin program?
[matiK] i just said "kid"
[matiK] and then you overanalyze so...
[XxViciousxX] Are you 40 years old?
[matiK] so who mentioned it?
[XxViciousxX] Because that just equals loser.
[matiK] no not even
[matiK] but you were sure that you were older than me
[Drago_sanguinante] [matiK] elitist on chatrooms are nerds who get no attention in the real world
[matiK] so
[matiK] i was just makin a big assumption
[Drago_sanguinante] i see you exhibiting elitist airs
[XxViciousxX] I don't have to overanalyze. There's nothing in your statements to analyze.
[Drago_sanguinante] you are a nerd
[XxViciousxX] it's all out in the open.
[matiK] thats nice drago
[Drago_sanguinante] it is
[Drago_sanguinante] its very nice
[XxViciousxX] You're a raging fucktard screaming for attention desperately in the middle of people's conversations.
[matiK] you just overanalyzed when i said "kid"
[matiK] what is that then
[XxViciousxX] LOL, that's not overanalyzing.
[Drago_sanguinante] that is liek, completely different
[XxViciousxX] I want to know just who you're addressing as a kid.
[Sasuke69] AHHHHH
[matiK] lmao its a three letter word
[XxViciousxX] And apparently, you're the kid when you don't know the meaning of overanalyze and how to use it.
[matiK] are you offended when people call you kid?
[XxViciousxX] LOL, hardly.
[XxViciousxX] I know how to act when it's necessary.
[matiK] so why do you care?
[matiK] you just wrote 10 lines about it
[matiK] you must obviously do
[XxViciousxX] And you fed into it.
[XxViciousxX] So I won.
[matiK] nah not really
[XxViciousxX] =P
[XxViciousxX] Now fuck off and kill yourself.
[XxViciousxX] ~
[matiK] hahaha
[Drago_sanguinante] NO
[Drago_sanguinante] I WON
[Drago_sanguinante] GIMME COOKIE
[Drago_sanguinante] NOW BITCHES
[Drago_sanguinante] o.o
[XxViciousxX] LOL, Drago.
[matiK] whos got tactics 22
* XxViciousxX hands Drago a handful of cookies.
[matiK] and samurai 24
[matiK] anyone
[Drago_sanguinante] and once again, we point to our friend google
[XxViciousxX] LOL
[Drago_sanguinante] go to google
[Drago_sanguinante] type in elgoog
[matiK] um no
[Drago_sanguinante] click on first link
[Drago_sanguinante] enjoy results
[matiK] do you know what the purpose of soulseek is
[Drago_sanguinante] chatting?
[XxViciousxX] Good answer...
[matiK] not really
[Drago_sanguinante] pretending your smart and inventing arguments you twist into winning because you are insecure and need attention?
[matiK] so anyways anyone have samurai 24
[matiK] simple yes or no
[Drago_sanguinante] no, its not simple at all
[matiK] tactics 21?
[Drago_sanguinante] see, we could give you a simple yes or no answer
[matiK] no wonder drago doesnt have any anime
[Drago_sanguinante] but then you would be left in the blue
[matiK] hes kbs is 4.5
[matiK] its the 21st century kid, go call comcast
[Drago_sanguinante] my kbs is 4.5
[Drago_sanguinante] because fucktards on DSL
[matiK] sure
[Drago_sanguinante] keep taking my shit
[Drago_sanguinante] i do have comcast moron
[matiK] you know you runnin on 28.8
[Drago_sanguinante] trace my IP
[matiK] comcast is cable
[matiK] not dsl
[Drago_sanguinante] hahahaha
[matiK] trace your ip?
[Drago_sanguinante] i know what comcast is retard
[Drago_sanguinante] yes
[matiK] why would i do that
[Drago_sanguinante] so that you can se
[Drago_sanguinante] i have comcast
[matiK] lmao
[Drago_sanguinante] and am operating offa comcast server
[matiK] you have to prove everything...
[matiK] pathetic
[Drago_sanguinante] i do
[Drago_sanguinante] i am
[Drago_sanguinante] your point?
[matiK] ok
[matiK] tactics 21?
[Drago_sanguinante] so......
[Drago_sanguinante] if you trace my IP
[Drago_sanguinante] you can find my ISP
[matiK] hmmm? your still on the comcast thing?
[matiK] move on pls
[Drago_sanguinante] and the only way for me to be operating under comcast
[Ancient Goddess] have you tried google, matik?
[matiK] move on pls
[Drago_sanguinante] is for me to have comcast HSI at my house
[Drago_sanguinante] which i am paying 19.99 for
[terrorsammiel] hey peeps i am going to bed whish every buddy a plasent evening on the other site
[matiK] nah im just kidding
[XxViciousxX] ~ Terror.
[matiK] tactics 21 isnt even released
[matiK] or...22 i mean
[Drago_sanguinante] i am paying 19.99 for comcast HSI 3.0mbdownstream
[Ancient Goddess] so why are you talking, then?
[XxViciousxX] LOL
[Drago_sanguinante] and 728kbps upstream
[Drago_sanguinante] why is my transfer 4.5 K then?
[Ancient Goddess] if you're asking for an episode that isn't released, why even be here?
[Drago_sanguinante] well simple
[Ancient Goddess] people obviously don't like you here
[matiK] i dont care?
[Drago_sanguinante] i have several people with low bandwith taking my stuf
[kasturikemen] i hate to interrupt this but is anybody other than psykobitchfromhell willing to share naruto?
[matiK] i have people who ill never meet not liking me?
[Drago_sanguinante] SLSK bases their KBPS based on an average
[Ancient Goddess] ah...so you're just being retarded then
[matiK] o wow thats more horrible than people who i do know hatin me
[XxViciousxX] On torrents or direct download, kasturikemen?
[Drago_sanguinante] the more people that download from you at lower speeds
[Ancient Goddess] or is that really an act?
[Drago_sanguinante] the lower you average speed will appear to be
[matiK] no not really
[matiK] lmao whos drago talkin to
[Drago_sanguinante] yesterday i had 22 people downloading from me
[Drago_sanguinante] i will list them and their transfer speeds
[kasturikemen] either, vicious
[matiK] smh...hes talkin to himself, tryna get the attention
[Drago_sanguinante] first i had akoustiko
[XxViciousxX] I have all the torrents.
[Drago_sanguinante] taking some of my classical music
[kasturikemen] sweetness
[XxViciousxX] Which one are you looking for specifically?
[Ancient Goddess] or maybe he's iggied you. Like I'm getting ready to
[kasturikemen] season 1
[matiK] thats nice
[Ancient Goddess] since all you talk is nonsense
[matiK] go ahead
[Drago_sanguinante] his transfer speed averaged at 1.0kbps
[kasturikemen] just got started on the series
[XxViciousxX] Okay, I have the complete season.
[Ancient Goddess] I don't need your permission
[XxViciousxX] If you can see my files, you can have it.
[Drago_sanguinante] during the day he spiked at 1.7 KBPS
[Ancient Goddess] thank you very much
[matiK] so then wats the holdup
[matiK] go for it
[matiK] dont tell me, do it
[Drago_sanguinante] then i had idealord take more music from me
[Ancient Goddess] See? You go on and on
[Drago_sanguinante] a selection from sr-71
[Ancient Goddess] like a little porkchop
[matiK] lmao people braggin about ignoring me
[XxViciousxX] Lol
[Ancient Goddess] why are you here?
[Drago_sanguinante] his speed was KBPS
[matiK] must be an accomplishment
[Drago_sanguinante] 5
[kasturikemen] do you work on user list only, vicious?
[matiK] why am i here?
[kasturikemen] ahh nvmnd that
[matiK] cause im an anime fan
[XxViciousxX] Only when I go away for a long time.
[Drago_sanguinante] another reason my speed appears to be so low on slsk is because of other applications i have runninhg
[matiK] this is....the anime chat...right?
[XxViciousxX] Let me double check and see that I didn't leave it that way.
[kasturikemen] no you're cool, i can view your files
[Drago_sanguinante] currently i am sharing Dear S with somebody using a different program
[XxViciousxX] Oh, okay. LOL
[Ancient Goddess] yeah, but judging by the way people iggy you on site, you're not going to gain much here
[Drago_sanguinante] with a speed of 7KPS
[Ancient Goddess] so....again
[matiK] thats nice
[Drago_sanguinante] i have torrents seeding
[Ancient Goddess] why are you here?
[Drago_sanguinante] at a total of 28KBPS
[matiK] soulseek isnt my only way of gettin anime
[Ancient Goddess] drago...wtf?
[matiK] matter of fact i only used bit torrent for anime
[Drago_sanguinante] and i have a third music program retrieving other music
[Drago_sanguinante] mostly rap
[XxViciousxX] LOL, Drago...
[matiK] and i already answered your question
[Drago_sanguinante] with some rock songs
[matiK] im an anime fan
[Drago_sanguinante] that is taking up a total of 17KBPS download
[XxViciousxX] Who are you talking to specifically?
[Drago_sanguinante] therefore
[Ancient Goddess] drago...are you alright over there? lol
[matiK] haha i made drago crazy
[Drago_sanguinante] and in conclusion
[Drago_sanguinante] i have comcast
[Drago_sanguinante] and not DSL
[Drago_sanguinante] or dial up
[matiK] funny what you can do to people online
[Ancient Goddess] no, don't flatter yourself, matiK
[matiK] nah trust me, i made him do that
[matiK] all cause of his 4.5
[Drago_sanguinante] [matiK] funny what you can do to people in the ass online
[matiK] really?
[matiK] i wouldnt know
[XxViciousxX] LOL
[XxViciousxX] Oh no.
[Drago_sanguinante] i would
[Drago_sanguinante] trust me
[Drago_sanguinante] its reaaaaaaal funny
[matiK] do you put your dick in the usb port?
[matiK] i dont know how that works
[XxViciousxX] ...
[Drago_sanguinante] no idiot
[matiK] is that some e-action?
[Drago_sanguinante] USB condom
[Drago_sanguinante] everyone knows that
[matiK] i.e.
* matiK fucks ass?
[Drago_sanguinante] stick your dick in the USB
[matiK] is that how it work?
[Drago_sanguinante] pfffft
[Drago_sanguinante] no
[Drago_sanguinante] you did it all wrong
[matiK] please feel free to explain
[matiK] just like your comcast
[Drago_sanguinante] okay
[matiK] keep typing
[Drago_sanguinante] so my first argument
[Drago_sanguinante] is that i like kittens
[Drago_sanguinante] kittens being the work of the devil
[matiK] ok keep typing
[Drago_sanguinante] they incite assmongering amongst interweb users
[kasturikemen] hey vicious, do you mind if i grab the rest of your torrent files?
[matiK] ill just be playin tekken 5, go on
[matiK] keep goin
[matiK] im reading
[Drago_sanguinante] blablablablabla
[Drago_sanguinante] blablablaabblabla balbalabl balablablablabl ablablba
[XxViciousxX] Nah, not really.
[Drago_sanguinante] blablabl ablablabl ablablabalablablabla abalab abl bla bla blablablabl ablablablablablabl ablablabl blablabl blablablabal ablblblablabalbl blablabl
[XxViciousxX] Go ahead, Kasturikemen.
[XxViciousxX] Naruto torrents, right?
* Ancient Goddess pats drago
[kasturikemen] yeah, that's it
[Ancient Goddess] just stop...lol
[Drago_sanguinante] ANG!!!!!!!!!!!
[XxViciousxX] That kid really is an ass, Drago. Don't spend too much time on him.
[Drago_sanguinante] he insulted me :(
[matiK] god of war
[kasturikemen] cool, thanks
[matiK] ps2
[Drago_sanguinante] hehehe
[XxViciousxX] If you do, you'll make him feel special.
[matiK] march 22nd
[matiK] dont sleep
[Ancient Goddess] yeah
[Drago_sanguinante] hmmm
[XxViciousxX] Stfu.
[Drago_sanguinante] k
[Drago_sanguinante] o.o
[Drago_sanguinante] :(
[matiK] lmao @ vicious
* Drago_sanguinante stuf's
[XxViciousxX] no one cares about God of War.
[matiK] i thought you "iggied" me
[XxViciousxX] No, actually I didn't.
[matiK] all talk
[Ancient Goddess] he sits there and goes on and on about how people are trying to be elitist in chatrooms...when he really wishes he was one
[matiK] god of war
[matiK] ps2
[XxViciousxX] Actually, being able to ignore someone can be exibited without using the function.
[XxViciousxX] It's called forgetting they exist for a period of time.
[matiK] o really?
[matiK] then dont mind me
[Ancient Goddess] he got owned by staxx, Morsetlis, Kurdt, blab, SK, and a lot others
[Drago_sanguinante] he iggyed me didnt he
[XxViciousxX] matiK, fuck off and die.
[XxViciousxX] Please, NOW
[Drago_sanguinante] shutup
[Drago_sanguinante] shutup
[Drago_sanguinante] shutup
[Ancient Goddess] nah...he's enjoying being a fucking loser
[Drago_sanguinante] i know
[Drago_sanguinante] this is fun for me too : )
[matiK] ignoring can be used without the function?
[Drago_sanguinante] watch
[Drago_sanguinante] shutup
[Drago_sanguinante] shutup
[Drago_sanguinante] shutup
[matiK] its not wooooooorking
[Drago_sanguinante] shutup
[XxViciousxX] LOL
[XxViciousxX] Drago, you're silly.
[matiK] god of war people
[matiK] kratos is your gawd
[Ancient Goddess] on and on like a broken record
[Drago_sanguinante] [matiK] my penis can be used without it functioning?
[matiK] why are you asking me
[matiK] god of war
[matiK] ps2
[matiK] cant u tell that im paid to do this?
[Ancient Goddess] especially when you're endorsing it
[matiK] im a sony promoter
[Drago_sanguinante] are you?
[matiK] psp also buy it
[Drago_sanguinante] i liked sony
[Drago_sanguinante] then you came along
[Drago_sanguinante] and liek
[Drago_sanguinante] they suck
[matiK] nice conan is on
[Drago_sanguinante] i'm kicking my computer right now
[Drago_sanguinante] cause its a vaio
[matiK] haha conan is in china town
[Drago_sanguinante] and i hate you
[Drago_sanguinante] therefore i hate it
[Drago_sanguinante] and thus, i hate the bands you like
[Drago_sanguinante] because creed suck
[Drago_sanguinante] so does china town
[Drago_sanguinante] i bought bamboo there once
[matiK] awww i dont listen to wannabe gospel rock
[matiK] try again tho
[Drago_sanguinante] then went into mexico town
[Drago_sanguinante] and got speakers
[matiK] i thought creed broke up anyway
[Drago_sanguinante] for half the price
[Drago_sanguinante] so like.....china town sucks
[matiK] or at least kicked the singer....
[matiK] kinda hypocritical what the singer did
[Drago_sanguinante] i dont know what happenned to creed
[igniscarnis] ranma
[Drago_sanguinante] or what the singer did
[Drago_sanguinante] because i dont follow that crappy band
[matiK] he writes lyrics about christian faith yet he sinned
[igniscarnis] how are you
[Drago_sanguinante] does he matiK?
[matiK] well i dont know...it was on access hollywood
[Drago_sanguinante] did you listen carefully and find this out>?
[SantaSonicSuixyd] i hate ranma
[igniscarnis] what's
[Drago_sanguinante] or did you rad the reviews
[matiK] yea i have good ears
[matiK] im a verbal guy
[Drago_sanguinante] are you
[matiK] so i have good ears
[igniscarnis] information the ranma 1/2
[Drago_sanguinante] good job
[matiK] i know
[Drago_sanguinante] you deserve a medal
[matiK] thank you
[Drago_sanguinante] what type would you like?
[Drago_sanguinante] i have gold
[Drago_sanguinante] bronze
[Drago_sanguinante] copper
[matiK] platinum
[Drago_sanguinante] amtheyst
[Drago_sanguinante] i ran out of platinum yesterday
[igniscarnis] the final the ranma 1/2
[matiK] you cant have an amethyst medal
[Drago_sanguinante] i can give you aluminum
[Drago_sanguinante] yes you can silly
[matiK] werent you supposed to explain something again?
[Drago_sanguinante] or an aluminum
[matiK] you stopped...
[Drago_sanguinante] yes
[Drago_sanguinante] no i didnt
[matiK] go on then
[Drago_sanguinante] i was using medals
[Drago_sanguinante] as my third argument
[igniscarnis] a i not pick ingles
[Drago_sanguinante] as to how kittens are employed by the devil
[igniscarnis] a i spanis
[Drago_sanguinante] perhaps if i explain this to you using a cost versus product analysis
[igniscarnis] spanish
[Drago_sanguinante] the variable cost of producing one kittten is 3.45 dollars
[matiK] whats funny is that your online friends are probably muttering stfu under their breaths
[Drago_sanguinante] if we produce 10,000 kittens
[Drago_sanguinante] our total variable cost will be 34500 dollars
[Drago_sanguinante] and since we sold 10,000 kittens
[Drago_sanguinante] at a price of 10 each
[Drago_sanguinante] that is 100,000 total in sales
[Drago_sanguinante] once we account for our variable administrative costs
[Drago_sanguinante] our cost margin comes out to be 60,000 dollars
[Drago_sanguinante] our fixed expenses we incurred from Manufacturing overhead and Fixed administrative costs were 26,000
[Drago_sanguinante] therefore our net operating income for the quarter was 34000
[Drago_sanguinante] 12000 was turned into retained earning
[Drago_sanguinante] the remaining portion was distribiuted amongst the stockholders
[Drago_sanguinante] so we find that last quarter, the devil made 1200 dollars
[kasturikemen] ROFL
[Drago_sanguinante] therefore, i must have comcast cable
[Drago_sanguinante] /end argument
[kasturikemen] badass, drago
[kasturikemen] i dunno what the hell is going on but all that random bs gets a karma point
[matiK] clap clap clap
[matiK] im impressed
* Drago_sanguinante has +1 to karma point
* Drago_sanguinante :)
[matiK] but for a different reason
* Petey the Pirate touches drago
[xiarary] hey drago!
[xiarary] long time no see.
[Drago_sanguinante] XIARARAWWRRRRR
* Drago_sanguinante glomps
[Ancient Goddess] touching everyone again...Petey?
[xiarary] hey dude!
* xiarary glomps back
[Drago_sanguinante] lol
[Drago_sanguinante] hi ^^
[matiK] you hate alot of things ancient goddess
[matiK] but i see you like video games
[matiK] soooooooooooo
[matiK] GOD OF WAR PS2
[matiK] MARCH 22ND
[Ancient Goddess] stfu matiK
[matiK] 50 BUCKS
[Ancient Goddess] I won't buy anything you endorse
[xiarary] so has anyone seen bleach 23 or samurai champloo 25?
[Ancient Goddess] I hope you fuck off and die
[matiK] haha
[matiK] ight well im out, have fun talkin shit behind my back
[matiK] 1
[matiK] GOD OF WAR
[Drago_sanguinante] well that was fun
[Ancient Goddess] indeed
[Drago_sanguinante] i cant believe i wasnt interrupted during my persuasive essay
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[kasturikemen] was that all over a vid game
[Ancient Goddess] I know
[Drago_sanguinante] no
[Drago_sanguinante] it was all because
[Drago_sanguinante] he didnt believe i had comcast internet
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Drago_sanguinante] that was the real beef here
[kasturikemen] harsh
[Ancient Goddess] that part was hilarious
* Petey the Pirate hugs Ang

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