[Anti-HERO] but anybody got good cartoons with voiceover translation
[The Disembodied Entity] voiceover is terrible
[Anti-HERO] i heard it
[kittyhas1000legs] i'm a subtitle-only person
[Anti-HERO] thousand times
[The Disembodied Entity] especially german
[Anti-HERO] so i wont explain again all of it
[Anti-HERO] i hate subtitles
[The Disembodied Entity] durch is terrible too
[Anti-HERO] i cant read it
[Anti-HERO] and i wont read it
[The Disembodied Entity] *dutch
[Kitsune-Tsuki] boo hoo
[Anti-HERO] everything what based on reading is crap for me
[The Disembodied Entity] freeze frame
[kittyhas1000legs] reading's only been around for thousands of years
[Heuzel] [Kitsune-Tsuki] boo hoo <----- :) KITSU~
[Kitsune-Tsuki] this chat must be difficult for you, eh?
[Kitsune-Tsuki] hi heuz
[Anti-HERO] yes
[Anti-HERO] very
[Anti-HERO] i explained thousand times already
[Anti-HERO] that i cant read that shit
[Anti-HERO] even if it is better to have subtitles
[Anti-HERO] and voicovers are crap
[Kitsune-Tsuki] how is it any harder than reading this
[The Disembodied Entity] you should buy american anime
[Anti-HERO] ill go with any voiceovered cartoon as long as it is good
[The Disembodied Entity] not import
[Anti-HERO] american is not too good
[The Disembodied Entity] they have both english and japanese audio
[Anti-HERO] plus im not from america
[The Disembodied Entity] so, get a creditcard
[Anti-HERO] i need english russian polish whatever audio
[Anti-HERO] i understand any language
[The Disembodied Entity] so, you're polish?
[Heuzel] dubbed anime = shit
[Anti-HERO] 50% yes
[Heuzel] nothing more then that
[Anti-HERO] for u yes
[Heuzel] anyone who watches dubbed anime should be tortured to death
[Anti-HERO] for me sub shit sucks
[The Disembodied Entity] cuz, i think only polish people speak both english and russian
[The Disembodied Entity] some
[Anti-HERO] i have tons of cartoons that i will never watch because of the fact that them are subtitled
[skillz] whats the japanese film "Ring virus" like?...is it the 4th ring?
[Anti-HERO] hahhaha
[Anti-HERO] polish ppl can speak russian?
[Anti-HERO] u crazy or what?
[The Disembodied Entity] more old generation
[Anti-HERO] ask any polack if he can speak russian and he will tell u hell nah
[The Disembodied Entity] probably
[Heuzel] the 4th?
[Heuzel] erm no
[Heuzel] Ringu 0: Bâsudei <--- last ringu released in 2000
[Anti-HERO] i dont care
[Anti-HERO] english voicover good
[Anti-HERO] too
[Anti-HERO] any voiceover
[Kitsune-Tsuki] yes we understand
[Anti-HERO] ill never watch that subtitles
[Anti-HERO] letters words got dammit
[Kitsune-Tsuki] reading is too complex for your simple mind
[Heuzel] that's because you're a tard
[Anti-HERO] its a killer for eyes
[Heuzel] stupid fuck
[Anti-HERO] yes
[Anti-HERO] exactly
[Heuzel] it's a killer for the brain, which you don't have
[Anti-HERO] no im not stupid
[Anti-HERO] yea an killer for brain that i dont have
[Anti-HERO] whatever u say
[Heuzel] yes, yes you are stupid, you just proved that yourself
[Anti-HERO] i dont get obessed cuz im 2ce older than u and 2ce wiser and whatever
[Anti-HERO] the fact that noone understands u doesnt make u an artist
[Anti-HERO] u poor lost dog
[Heuzel] erm, you're probably 8 years old, so...
[Anti-HERO] thats what u are for me
[Heuzel] erm, no one understands me?
[Heuzel] so, now you're talking about yourself?
[Heuzel] how n00btastic of you
[skillz] is Beat takashi's version of "Zatoichi" good?
[Anti-HERO] bang ur head like u didnt see the door
[Heuzel] skillz it's nice
[Heuzel] i liked it
[Kitsune-Tsuki] what the fuck are you babbling about
[skillz] ok, thanks
[Anti-HERO] and using that word proved one again that ure a stupid child
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you are
[Heuzel] [Anti-HERO] bang ur head like u didnt see the door <----- his mom banged his head a lot when he was little, and his dad banged his arse till he bleeded so much, he could drown in it, i'm sure
[Anti-HERO] bubbling is what u do
[Anti-HERO] freak
[Anti-HERO] once again i repeat for kids
[Anti-HERO] the fact that noone understands u Hauzel doesnt make u an artist
[Anti-HERO] im talking about u
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[Heuzel] he doesn't get, it, kitsu
[Anti-HERO] u the one wthout life going into stupid beefs online not me
[Anti-HERO] i got life
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[Heuzel] XD kitsu
[Anti-HERO] i can have sex with females u only dream
[Li-An] Anti-HERO take it easy man.
[anigirl82] lol...what the hell is happening?
[anigirl82] LOL
[Anti-HERO] and u r stroking ur dick every morning
[Li-An] hahhahhahahha
[Heuzel] [Anti-HERO] i can have sex with females u only dream <---- erm, inflatable dolls aren't my fetish, tard
[anigirl82] yes, because Kit dreams of females -_-
[anigirl82] I'm the one with the dick in a jar, sir
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I do ani
[Kitsune-Tsuki] all the time
[Anti-HERO] and then go online and trying to find some beef
[Kitsune-Tsuki] its my secret
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ohdamn
[anigirl82] ahhhh
[Heuzel] beef? wtf?
[Heuzel] he's so retarded
[anigirl82] it's on the interweb now :)
[Li-An] Beef is a animal.
[anigirl82] no, Beef is food
[Kitsune-Tsuki] beef tastes like cow
[Li-An] Beef is animal.
[Heuzel] indeedy, i know, but... i go online trying to find meat ¬.¬
[anigirl82] wait..you're not a hippie, are you
[anigirl82] ?
[Li-An] anigirl82 go to da zoo and u'll c.
[Li-An] :-)
[anigirl82] vegan?
[Anti-HERO] so whatever u saying freaky kiddo
[Anti-HERO] i dont care
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[Anti-HERO] i have enough beef in life
[Li-An] Okay.
[Anti-HERO] not having one online
[anigirl82] LOL
[Anti-HERO] so fuck that
[anigirl82] beef = manmeat?
[Li-An] Anti_HERO maybe is time to try lamb or chicken?
[Heuzel] [Anti-HERO] i have enough beef in life <--- zomg you're a fatty?
[Li-An] :-))))))))))
[anigirl82] so let us translate...
[Anti-HERO] u know what i mean
[anigirl82] [Anti-HERO] i have enough manmeat in life
[anigirl82] more power to you
[Anti-HERO] not as a food
[Heuzel] yes, he loves the cock in his arse, ani
[anigirl82] lol
[Anti-HERO] so dont act like u r 6 years old
[Heuzel] [Anti-HERO] not as a food <---- see he proves himself
[Anti-HERO] stupid idiot
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you are
[anigirl82] yes. but you see, I AM six years old
[Anti-HERO] anyway seems liek captain old far still winning the situation here
[Anti-HERO] all aboard
[TsunamiBlade] heyo!
[TsunamiBlade] anyone here? *knocks*
[Anti-HERO] thers nothing to conquer here we are already won overall
[Anti-HERO] yea grow up then
[TsunamiBlade] i know i went kinda wrong but uh... does anyone here have ayumi hamasaki - My story album?
[anigirl82] [Anti-HERO] i have enough manmeat in life
[Anti-HERO] then get back to me
[Heuzel] erm, the only thing you could conquer is an ant colony, and i think you'd even fuck that up
[Heuzel] tsunami : go to japanese music room
[Heuzel] they'll help you out
[TsunamiBlade] i did but no one had it
[TsunamiBlade] thanx anyway
[Heuzel] i doubt anyone here will have it
[anigirl82] if it is in my power to do so, you will never see me again
[Heuzel] i for one don't have it
[TsunamiBlade] aww that's too bad X_X
[Heuzel] [anigirl82] if it is in my power to do so, you will never see me again <--- poke his eyes out
[Heuzel] spoon his eyes out?
[Anti-HERO] i wont it
[Heuzel] let his daddy fuck his eyes out?
[anigirl82] SPORK his eyes out
[Anti-HERO] now
[Anti-HERO] hauzel
[anigirl82] I wont is
[Heuzel] woooow not the spork
[Anti-HERO] everybody seen
[anigirl82] I wont it
[anigirl82] I wont it
[Anti-HERO] so theres nothing to prove here
[Heuzel] I wont it
* XxViciousxX takes one look at the conversation and walks away...
[Anti-HERO] u are owned
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[Anti-HERO] *won
[anigirl82] nope
[anigirl82] I wont it
[Heuzel] HAHAHAHAHAH they only one that's owned = you , retard, you just don't get it, everyone here is pointing towards you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I wont it
[Anti-HERO] yes u want ur front teeth to be kicked off
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] your
[anigirl82] yes, a fabulous feat through teh interweb
[XxViciousxX] You can kick front teeth off?
[Anti-HERO] and then u be just another hoe with ugly face doing a purple blowjobs on some russian corner
[Heuzel] you your out
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you
[anigirl82] russian...if I'm a poor ho, how will I get to russia?
[Heuzel] a purple blowjob?
[XxViciousxX] ....
[Heuzel] i've seen some wierd pics, but.....
[Kitsune-Tsuki] heuz... think starwars...
[anigirl82] apparently, his mother taught him how to give blowjobs with easy color-coded pictures
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you know those aliens...
[Anti-HERO] owned by my mob
[Heuzel] zomg, not your cleaning mob
* Heuzel shuves the heros mob in his arse
[Anti-HERO] ouuuuuhh
[Anti-HERO] im so good
[Anti-HERO] i cant help it sorry
[XxViciousxX] .....
[anigirl82] yes, what a good little manwhore you are.
[Anti-HERO] seems like old farts still winning all situations
[anigirl82] mommy is proud.
[Anti-HERO] and noone can even pull somethin
[Anti-HERO] cmon try better cuz nothin but poopp comes out of ur poop mouth
[Anti-HERO] try harder
[Heuzel] you're to far away from me, otherwise, i'd pull something....
[Ancient Goddess] try to get a dictionary, Anti-HERO.
[XxViciousxX] ... poop .... mouth....
[Heuzel] your
[Anti-HERO] cool cool
[Anti-HERO] come along be my guest
[Heuzel] i bet he's really 14 years old ¬.¬
[anigirl82] harder....poop...mouth....sounds like things your daddy says to you. :)
[Kitsune-Tsuki] ANI
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Kitsune-Tsuki] just ew
[XxViciousxX] How did this even get started?
[anigirl82] sorry lol
[skillz] .
[anigirl82] I just couldn't resist
[Anti-HERO] we will see what u pull
[anigirl82] :)
[Ancient Goddess] no clue, SK
[Kitsune-Tsuki] YOU
[XxViciousxX] O.o
[Kitsune-Tsuki] Y O U
[anigirl82] lol
[Kurdt Cobain] darn i have to put this one on autojoin
[anigirl82] YOU
[Anti-HERO] it started from Hauzel
[Kurdt Cobain] i'm missing all the good stuff
[Heuzel] yes you are, kurdt
[Kurdt Cobain] no it started from me you ph00l
[XxViciousxX] I doubt Zel started it.
[Anti-HERO] i wasnt hating noone well
[Kurdt Cobain] you hater
[XxViciousxX] Zel very rarely starts anything.
[Kurdt Cobain] you hate teh allz
[Anti-HERO] and then everybody went togeva with hauzel
[XxViciousxX] It's normally someone being stupid that started it with Zel.
[Anti-HERO] and im fighting against all
[Heuzel] together
[Anti-HERO] well
[anigirl82] lol...the ANTI-HERO, oh, so clever
[XxViciousxX] And... his name is Heuzel. Not hauzel. Spell check is your friend. Abuse it, please.
[Kitsune-Tsuki] GO MAN YOU'RE A REBEL
[Heuzel] hmm, maybe if we all start talking his language....
[Anti-HERO] so anyway seems like experince and authority is the best thing
[Heuzel] haha kitsu
[XxViciousxX] I can't stoop that low, Zel.
[anigirl82] you're like the anti-christ without the confidence, conviction, or witty devil behind you
[Kurdt Cobain] this is so lame
[Heuzel] experince si anynothing u know zabout, itna
[Kurdt Cobain] ;(
[Anti-HERO] old farts like me ar still winning
[Ancient Goddess] Why don't you just quit, Anti-HERO....save yourself some dignity.
[anigirl82] old farts.....how old are you?
[Heuzel] yuo smelllll liek old far indoodly
[anigirl82] this old and still can't spell?
[anigirl82] how....sad.
[XxViciousxX] Since when was someone with the vocabulary of a 14-year-old an old fart?
[Kurdt Cobain] [Anti-HERO] so anyway seems like experimence and kinky stuff is the best way to experience my gayness
[Anti-HERO] hmm old enough
[Heuzel] [Anti-HERO] hmm old enough to remove the buttplug myself
[Anti-HERO] seen more life then u perhaps
[Anti-HERO] and anyway
[Anti-HERO] battling against all is crazy
[anigirl82] how old? try us.
[Kurdt Cobain] lol
[Anti-HERO] so fuck it
[Heuzel] [Anti-HERO] seen more life cocks in my arse then u perhaps
[Kurdt Cobain] go for it
[Anti-HERO] i won that motherfucka
[Kurdt Cobain] you are the rebel
[XxViciousxX] O.o
[Kurdt Cobain] you can be a hero
[Anti-HERO] i cant battle like one man army
[Kurdt Cobain] forever and ever
[Heuzel] [Anti-HERO] i want that motherfucka in my bleeding arse
[anigirl82] he's feeling the proverbial cock-up-the-arse now
[Kitsune-Tsuki] you can battle against all odds. YOU alone are the hope for the future
[Kurdt Cobain] just like david bowie you fag :D
[anigirl82] lol Kit
[Kitsune-Tsuki] as long as you believe you can never fail
[Kitsune-Tsuki] RAINBOW
[Heuzel] [Anti-HERO] i cant handle cocksucking like a one man army
[anigirl82] AHAHA
[anigirl82] he'll have to call in, the troops
[Kurdt Cobain] dont scare him away yet
[anigirl82] lol
[Kurdt Cobain] darn
[anigirl82] too late
[Kurdt Cobain] you are so mean
[Heuzel] damn
[Kurdt Cobain] i wanted to play with it
[Kitsune-Tsuki] :\ guess he doesn't like rainbows...
[anigirl82] lol, oh hush you Kurdt
* Kurdt Cobain pokes ani
[Heuzel] spam his arse all together?
[anigirl82] oooh
[Kurdt Cobain] i dont like this way of doing it too much anyhow
[anigirl82] is he still in slsk?
[Heuzel] nope
[anigirl82] how do YOu do it then?
[Kurdt Cobain] like
[Kurdt Cobain] alone or in a team of two
[Heuzel] kurdt goes to his house
[Heuzel] yeah well, kurdt, @ first it was me and kitsu...
[Heuzel] but he was so asking for it....
[Kurdt Cobain] well i havnt seen it as you know :(
[anigirl82] yeah, I just came in to chat
[Kurdt Cobain] but i'll put this one on autojoin
[anigirl82] and he seemed like an idiot so....
[Kurdt Cobain] i cant afford to miss any more
[Kitsune-Tsuki] I mostly just said "you" a bunch
[Kurdt Cobain] you
[Kurdt Cobain] you
[Kitsune-Tsuki] because he refused to spell it out :\
[Kurdt Cobain] thats no bashing culture :((((
[Heuzel] he didn't get it, kitsu
[Kitsune-Tsuki] well yeah
[Kurdt Cobain] the great art of bashing....
[Heuzel] and to say it all started with this : [Heuzel] anyone who watches dubbed anime should be tortured to death
[anigirl82] did you guys see AnG's bash page?
[Kurdt Cobain] ...maybe men that think they are women arent born for that EITHER
[Kurdt Cobain] :)
[Heuzel] nope, paste it, ani
[anigirl82] http://graphicconnection.tripod.com/halloffame.html
[Kitsune-Tsuki] here's the highpoint
[Kitsune-Tsuki] Anti-HERO] i can have sex with females u only dream
[Kurdt Cobain] lawl
[Kurdt Cobain] a 14year old
[Kurdt Cobain] XD
[anigirl82] you're in it a lot Zoolie
[Heuzel] :)
[Heuzel] first shower, then bash page :)
[anigirl82] I liked...[Anti-HERO] and then u be just another hoe with ugly face doing a purple blowjobs on some russian corner
[Heuzel] i'll be back in like 30 mins :)
[Kurdt Cobain] dude
[Heuzel] i still don't know what a purple blowjob is btw
[Kurdt Cobain] there's none of mine
[Kurdt Cobain] that site sucks
[Kurdt Cobain] XD
[anigirl82] if you have some saved...
[anigirl82] give it to AnG....she needs to put more up
[Kurdt Cobain] i never save them
[Kurdt Cobain] i like doing it not showing off with it
[Kurdt Cobain] but if someone collects them for fun
[Kurdt Cobain] anyhow
[Kurdt Cobain] you failed
[anigirl82] :p

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