[anigirl82] sounds like a good time for me to exito...
* Ancient Goddess has a brain overload from all the activity
[Ancient Goddess] What, SK?
[XxViciousxX] Bye, ani.
[XxViciousxX] GTFO
[nori] cya ani
[Kaminomiginote - San] Quit shouting I have a headache.
[Ancient Goddess] ........
[XxViciousxX] ¬.¬
[nori] YEAH WHERE?>?¬?¬?¬¬?`?!!?!?!?!
[XxViciousxX] LOL
[anigirl82] and oh, AnG..
[anigirl82] are you planning to see Sin City?
[anigirl82] not a movie I'd go to with Bruce but...
[Ancient Goddess] I was close to seeing it this weekend, why?
[anigirl82] it was cool
[Ancient Goddess] ah
[Ancient Goddess] kk
[anigirl82] just wondering....it was pretty great
[anigirl82] Elijah Wood.....fucking scariest person in the movie
[Ancient Goddess] I saw Guess Who instead. =/
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[anigirl82] ahh, I saw that over break with adam lol
[anigirl82] it was pretty good, though, wasn't it?
[Ancient Goddess] yeah, I enjoyed it
[XxViciousxX] Why isn't it a movie to see with Bruce?
[XxViciousxX] What's wrong with it?
[Ancient Goddess] content, SK
[XxViciousxX] Ah
[XxViciousxX] I hate Montana, too.
[Ancient Goddess] ...
[Ancient Goddess] oohkay...
[anigirl82] well, I guess you could...depending...there is a lot of nudity...not really sec...just a lot of chicks walking around half naked.....I just wasn't sure if Bruce would mind
[anigirl82] *sec = sex
[nori] sex where?
[Ancient Goddess] ah...but it was a good movie, right?
[Anti-HERO] yea
[anigirl82] yeah it is
[nori] nekkid?
[XxViciousxX] Lol
[Anti-HERO] sex?
[Anti-HERO] where?
[Ancient Goddess] lol, nori
[anigirl82] very comicbook style
[XxViciousxX] Wow.
[Anti-HERO] ani girl?
[Anti-HERO] u have sex often?
[anigirl82] oh great.
[XxViciousxX] .....................................................................................................................................................
[nori] ZOMG ROFL
[Ancient Goddess] yeah, this is something I don't need to hear
[anigirl82] Hello, Mr. Clever
[Anti-HERO] or very very rare
[Anti-HERO] or u had it once?
[Anti-HERO] or u never had it maybe?
[anigirl82] you must be back to flame again
[XxViciousxX] Ew, there's this guy on MTV's Next... and he looks like an Orlando Bloom with nasty dreads.
[anigirl82] lol
[Anti-HERO] oh
[Anti-HERO] less hate on me here?
[Anti-HERO] no?
[Anti-HERO] see
[Anti-HERO] ppl dont hate
[anigirl82] not less....the same :)
[Anti-HERO] subtitles are shit
[Anti-HERO] doubled rules
[anigirl82] doubled?
[Ancient Goddess] doubled?
[Hypershock7] you noob.
[Hypershock7] it's dubbed.
[anigirl82] wow, you have just proved you have no idea what you are talking about
[Hypershock7] And subtitles are good.
[Anti-HERO] anyway
[Ancient Goddess] exactly
[Hypershock7] ^_^
[Anti-HERO] voiceovered
[XxViciousxX] >_>
[Anti-HERO] they are good
[anigirl82] lemme guess...your favorite anime is...
[Anti-HERO] but not for me
[Anti-HERO] for me thei are trash
[Hypershock7] He likes yugioh...
[Hypershock7] o_o0
[Anti-HERO] hmm
[Anti-HERO] ok guess
[Anti-HERO] nope
[anigirl82] either DBZ, Inuyasha, Digimon, or Yugi-HOE
[Ancient Goddess] okay...why are you dragging up a conversation that should have been finished yesterday?
[Anti-HERO] never seen it
[Hypershock7] Dude, have you noticed in yugioh, everytime they touch a card
[Hypershock7] they moan and scream
[anigirl82] lol
[Anti-HERO] my fav ones are mononoke haibane renmei metropolis
[Hypershock7] it has led me to belive that the cards
[Anti-HERO] those ones
[Hypershock7] have orgasmic endowing abilities
[anigirl82] yeah....yugioh reminds me of Pokemon
[Hypershock7] lol
[Hypershock7] does anyone have haibene renmai?
[Hypershock7] i want to see it reallly badly
[anigirl82] Ash moans a lot when he is trying to match the mouth movements because the dub is FANTASTICALLY bad
[anigirl82] nah....I have a friend who has it on dvd
[Anti-HERO] haibane renmei
[Anti-HERO] i got it
[Anti-HERO] but voicovered
[Hypershock7] o.
[Hypershock7] that's okay i guess..
[Hypershock7] can i download it from you?
[Anti-HERO] with russian voiceover
[Anti-HERO] :)
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] wow
[Hypershock7] uh.
[Hypershock7] never mind.
[Anti-HERO] u can if u still want
[Hypershock7] -_-0
[Anti-HERO] yea ani
[Anti-HERO] lol
[Anti-HERO] i speak fucken 7 languages
[Hypershock7] do you have an english dub?
[Anti-HERO] so thats not making me stupid i think
[Anti-HERO] as u ppl say
[anigirl82] lol
[Anti-HERO] sorry shock haibane i only have in russian way
[anigirl82] knowing languages does not make you very smart
[anigirl82] especially when you have only dumb things to say
[Anti-HERO] perhaps im smarter than u
[anigirl82] perhaps, but not likely
[anigirl82] not to say I'm a genius
[anigirl82] but judging from what you've said here...
[anigirl82] I'd bet money on it
[Anti-HERO] ure astupid whure
[Anti-HERO] without life
[anigirl82] yes, but I can spell whore, can't I?
[Ancient Goddess] ure afucking moron
[Anti-HERO] thats who u are
[Ancient Goddess] without dictionary
[Anti-HERO] no u dont deserve to be called whore but only whure so i said it right
[anigirl82] that is....the stupidest logic i have ever heard
[anigirl82] I'll just chock it up to the fact that English maybe isn't your first language?
[anigirl82] and maybe you can't express you insults correctly
[Anti-HERO] every language is my 1st language
[Anti-HERO] so shut the fuck up already
[Anti-HERO] try to catch some life
[Hypershock7] eng dub for haibene renmai???pleeeze
[anigirl82] lol....oooh...testy...
[Hypershock7] anyone?
[anigirl82] have you tried searching, Hyper?
[Hypershock7] yes...
[Hypershock7] >_>
[Hypershock7] no.
[Hypershock7] lol
[Hypershock7] the search ones i get always fuck up...>_<
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] well, do you have bit torrent?
[anigirl82] if you do, check on www.boxtorrents.com
[anigirl82] they have practically everything there
[Hypershock7] o ok
[Hypershock7] thanks
[Hypershock7] ^^
[Errror] everything not rare
[anigirl82] well yeah, but that isn't rare
[Errror] shure
[Anti-HERO] haibane is not rare
[Errror] i didnt say it is
[anigirl82] rare things are usually old things...and you can't find those without getting someone to rip it for you off of their dvds, or somehow from vhs
[Anti-HERO] ouu
[Anti-HERO] talking self evident things
[anigirl82] self-evident, huh?
[Anti-HERO] not only old is rare u stupid cunt
[anigirl82] care to try again?
[Anti-HERO] care i try again?
[anigirl82] wow, you have trouble reading don't you, poor thing...
[Anti-HERO] woow
[anigirl82] I did say USUALLY
[Anti-HERO] fuck off
[Anti-HERO] anyway
[anigirl82] and please...visit dictionary.com, or maybe thesaurus.com
[Anti-HERO] fucken WONDERFUL DAYS is not old
[Anti-HERO] and i cant find it still
[Anti-HERO] square
[Anti-HERO] visit howtogetsomelife.com
[anigirl82] how to get some life
[Ancient Goddess] Hah...that's funny
[anigirl82] lol
[Anti-HERO] and spermtoxicosis.com
[Anti-HERO] stupid fuck
[Ancient Goddess] since I found a torrent for Wonderful days in 5 sec. -_-
[anigirl82] you must be dyslexic
[Ancient Goddess] You're a moron that can't spell AND can't use a search
[Anti-HERO] i dont have torrent
[anigirl82] too bad, eh?
[Anti-HERO] so shut the hell down whure
[anigirl82] shut the hell down...
[Anti-HERO] u must be so ancient that u smell
[Ancient Goddess] Hell down...hmm
[anigirl82] that's....terrible
[Ancient Goddess] Oh my, these are some "Class A" insults
[Ancient Goddess] what grade are you in?
[Ancient Goddess] Kindergarden?
[Ancient Goddess] Do you still drink your juice out of a juice box?
[Anti-HERO] stupid shit
[XxViciousxX] I think she smells like intelligence.
[XxViciousxX] Something you lack.
[anigirl82] mocking you isn't even fun anymore
[anigirl82] you're too sad
[Anti-HERO] it took an hour to to think and ask this?
[XxViciousxX] LOL, yeah, he still loves juices boxes.
[nori] [XxViciousxX] I think she smells like pussy.
[XxViciousxX] Has to have his mommy open them for him so he doesn't spill it on his cute Sesame Street shirt.
[anigirl82] c a n ' t s p e l l w o r t h a d a m n
[Ancient Goddess] No, it takes you an hour to think of some really stale insults
[XxViciousxX] nori, you're just so wrong.
[nori] thnx babe
[nori] XP
[XxViciousxX] XP
[XxViciousxX] ^_^
[Anti-HERO] Xx u re a fucken nerd
[Anti-HERO] intelligence
[Anti-HERO] hahhah
[anigirl82] ooooh....right, these are some snappy comebacks for *him*
[Anti-HERO] u like dorky females that stink and know much about harry potter
[Anti-HERO] and ole playing
[Anti-HERO] ?
[Anti-HERO] hahahhaahhaahahahhhhhaahhaha
[nori] yeah were all fucking geeks and nerds, what makes you so much better?
[anigirl82] lol
[Ancient Goddess] lol...wow
[XxViciousxX] LOL, I'm a nerd because you lack intelligence?
[anigirl82] he has the word HERO in his sn
[XxViciousxX] Well, what a compliment, thanks.
[Anti-HERO] im not geek or nerdf
[Anti-HERO] *nerd
[Anti-HERO] and i didnt say that to all of u
[anigirl82] lol
[XxViciousxX] And you STILL can't spell worth a damn. SPELL CHECK. Please, abuse it.
[anigirl82] or just stop talking. completely.
[Ancient Goddess] I think his spellcheck would break with the amount of errors he makes in the English language, SK ¬¬
[anigirl82] save us and your dignity some agony
[nori] BWAhahahaha
[Anti-HERO] yea ill stop talking when u stop breathing u whure
[XxViciousxX] Yeah... in that case, uber abuse it.
[XxViciousxX] That way, his monitor will blow up in his face.
[anigirl82] lol...you are so sweeeeet.
[Anti-HERO] i fucken battling against many and still winning
[anigirl82] winning in your mind, maybe
[XxViciousxX] HERO, if you consider being flamed and losing against 3 people winning... then you're an idiot.
[anigirl82] the rest of us are witnessing your slow and painful death
[Anti-HERO] im not idiot
[Anti-HERO] i was battling against all yesterday
[Anti-HERO] and i never even hated anyone
[Ancient Goddess] and you got pwned
[anigirl82] and you made the mistake of coming back
[anigirl82] you know what...try the ANIME room
[Anti-HERO] but the dude starte4d things like if u watch voiceovered cartoons ur a stupid
[nori] [Anti-HERO] im not idiot, im just a cock knocking faggot, that cant spell for shit
[Ancient Goddess] you came in here and started a fight
[XxViciousxX] LOL
[Ancient Goddess] How pathetic are you?
[Anti-HERO] and then like avalanche everybody went on me
[anigirl82] go to "create room" and type ANIME in caps.....try your antics there
[Anti-HERO] and i came not to hate
[patchanka] hello
[anigirl82] I guarentee....you will be shut down
[XxViciousxX] AnG, this is pathetic. His grammar sucks so much I feel bad even attempting to carry on a conversation with him.
[Anti-HERO] but i had to defend myself
[anigirl82] permenantly.
[nori] ani, wtf
[XxViciousxX] Not to mention his spelling.
[anigirl82] what, nori?
[Ancient Goddess] wait...don't encourage him to pollute ANIME
[anigirl82] oh...lol
[XxViciousxX] LOL, too late.
[nori] giving him directions to teh secrect sanctum
[anigirl82] well, I figured a good crying session would be good for him
[anigirl82] I didn't know it was secret lol
[anigirl82] it was always the public harrassment room for me
[nori] XD
[Anti-HERO] go fawking die
[nori] yeah, otherwise known as n00bslaying 101
[XxViciousxX] Yeah, nice insult.
[Anti-HERO] what the fuck is wrong with da grammar?
[XxViciousxX] ....
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] you don't have any
[anigirl82] that's the problem
[Anti-HERO] i speak 8 languages can u speak the same amount?
[XxViciousxX] [Anti-HERO] what the fuck is wrong with da grammar? <------- ...................................................................................................................... *coughs*
[anigirl82] creat room, Anti, and go to ANIME
[Ancient Goddess] I bet you speak them all horribly too
[anigirl82] have fun in there
[Anti-HERO] have fun with your ugly dog
[XxViciousxX] What's the big deal about speaking 8 languages if you can't form a complete sentence to convey an idea?
[Hentai Ojisan] haha...evry bodys hatin you anti-hero
[nori] [Anti-HERO] i speak 8 languages can u speak the same amount? <--- why so we can talk to inbreds like you all the time?
[anigirl82] [anigirl82] knowing languages does not make you very smart.....especially when you have only dumb things to say
[XxViciousxX] Oh, wow, what an insult.
[Anti-HERO] fawking whure
[XxViciousxX] LOL, my dog is ugly! OMG! That's so mean!
[anigirl82] "you're smart! fawking die!!"
[XxViciousxX] I would love to explore the odds of him being better looking at you.
[Anti-HERO] the fact that noone understands u doesnt make u an artist
[Anti-HERO] okay?
[Anti-HERO] clear?
[XxViciousxX] Since he can't spell whore. I won't even take offense to it.
[Anti-HERO] pieceo of shit
[nori] hahahahahah
[Anti-HERO] u dont worth be called whore
[nori] anti-hero = fails at life
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] hey you
[XxViciousxX] Hmm, still another sentence that fails.
[Anti-HERO] not really
[Anti-HERO] i have more life than u i bet
[Ancient Goddess] ALL of his sentences, fail, SK
[XxViciousxX] Maybe I don't worth be called a whore because you couldn't spell it the right way until I did.
[XxViciousxX] Hmm... if you have more of a life than me, then why have you come in here several times only to be flamed?
[nori] hahahaha
[Ancient Goddess] If he has an English class, I bet the teacher would smack him in the face with the text book multiple times.
[XxViciousxX] Does internet karma = self esteem to you?
[nori] man this kid is cracking me up, hes more funny that a fat fid falling over
[Anti-HERO] i want to establish the ballance
[XxViciousxX] Because if it did, you should've killed yourself several months ago.
[Ancient Goddess] lol, nori
[XxViciousxX] There's no need for a balance. And even if there was a need for it, we wouldn't call on you.
[XxViciousxX] You can barely type the English language. You can't help us here.
[Anti-HERO] i feel like i can
[XxViciousxX] Frankly, I'd welcome the room to be overrun with Spanish speakers than call on you to balance it out.
[anigirl82] look, Anti...stop saying stupid things, and maybe someone will have pity on you
[XxViciousxX] Well, I don't give two shits on how you feel.
[Anti-HERO] u just dont see it so far
[XxViciousxX] I feel like you should slit your wrists and hold them under warm water.
[nori] yeah, take it from some one here who "knows" english. mate you cant speak it for shit
[Anti-HERO] hmm
[XxViciousxX] Oh, no, I see you continually being flamed here if you chose to pick a fight with one of us.
[XxViciousxX] And one thing you have yet to understand is that you cannot match wits with me. So you mine as well shut the hell up while you're losing.
[Anti-HERO] well i cant battle against all thats how i said
[XxViciousxX] No, and you definitely can't battle against me.
[nori] then do us a favour and go die
[XxViciousxX] So shut the fuck up.
[anigirl82] I seem to remember you saying you were an army of one
[NemesisDcptcnz] battle against all?
[NemesisDcptcnz] wtf do you have a life kid?
[Ancient Goddess] If you know you can't win, why even attempt to?
[NemesisDcptcnz] jesus..
[NemesisDcptcnz] go out.
[NemesisDcptcnz] find a girl
[anigirl82] and that you would battle all...
[NemesisDcptcnz] or a boy what ever your sexual pref
[NemesisDcptcnz] and gtfo
[anigirl82] lol
[Ancient Goddess] Are you too stupid to find the exit?
[NemesisDcptcnz] and stfu
[XxViciousxX] Funny, the more you keep arguing, the more people that come in to shut you down.
[NemesisDcptcnz] thankudrivethrukluvyabye
[Anti-HERO] dude i fucken can pull avalanche on u but i can handle all of u
[Anti-HERO] thats too crazy
[XxViciousxX] Hmm, I'm sure you can.
[anigirl82] lol
[XxViciousxX] In fact, I'll sit here and wait for you to do it.
[NemesisDcptcnz] pull avalanch?
[XxViciousxX] C'mon. Do it.
[anigirl82] pull avalanche....
[Deathsylver] somebody knox berserk ??
[NemesisDcptcnz] wtf is he talkin about?
[kittyhas1000legs] oot
[anigirl82] yeah, I agree
[Anti-HERO] find a girl?
[Ancient Goddess] lol...his Engrish is hilarious
* Hentai Ojisan protecter of the weak and savior of the n00bs rudh into the scene<
[NemesisDcptcnz] everyone get a load of this character..
[anigirl82] we won't talk any more...we want to hear your worse
[XxViciousxX] I don't know, don't care, but I'm sure we'll find out what avalanche is.
[Anti-HERO] find ur dick u fucken fat faggot
[NemesisDcptcnz] lol Hentai
[Anti-HERO] guz u have that mirror illness
[NemesisDcptcnz] hahahah fat faggot..wow...how do you even know im a guy?
[NemesisDcptcnz] you assume too much kid
[Anti-HERO] and u cant see ur small ugly thing
[Anti-HERO] u piece of shit
[XxViciousxX] Um, HERO, apparently you don't have a dick. Or a brain, because if you did, you wouldn't be responding.
[NemesisDcptcnz] man...ok i done figured it out
[kittyhas1000legs] such anger in this room...
[NemesisDcptcnz] you definitely have no life.
* nori is waiting for this hill of snowy abuse to cover him but at the moment all he can see is slain n00b
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] XD
[anigirl82] lol..Hentai...you do see he is bringing this on himself
[NemesisDcptcnz] im almost ashamed that your name is a synonym to mine.
[Deathsylver] BERSERK!!!!
[Deathsylver] I NEED IT!
[NemesisDcptcnz] not that id expect someone as uncultured as yourself to know what Nemesis means.
[NemesisDcptcnz] blah.
[XxViciousxX] LOL
[NemesisDcptcnz] ok im not wastin my time on this miscreant pissant
[NemesisDcptcnz] someone else fuck with this impudent lil twit
* NemesisDcptcnz goes back to reconfiguring WAN's<
[anigirl82] I'm waiting for his worst
[XxViciousxX] LOL
[Anti-HERO] i cant battle gainst all
[Anti-HERO] thats it
[XxViciousxX] I love that word: pissant
[XxViciousxX] Good bye HERO
[anigirl82] he did say he could if we didn't mob him
[XxViciousxX] GTFO
[Anti-HERO] i need to have some peeps on my side
[Anti-HERO] too
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] yeah
[XxViciousxX] Since you can't battle against all.
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] OUT|
[anigirl82] yeah, I agree...your time has come
[Ancient Goddess] Finally, you get the fact that you need to GTFO
[XxViciousxX] OH?
[anigirl82] you need internet death.
[NemesisDcptcnz] but before i go
[Anti-HERO] i can cut ur throat b4 u make a move tho u freaking no life cunt
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] OUT
[kittyhas1000legs] hero said the word peeps inreference to people. he/she/it must die
[NemesisDcptcnz] i wanna give a thumbs up to a brass monkey
[XxViciousxX] What happened to the balance you stupid fight starting fucktard?
[NemesisDcptcnz] cuz beastieboyz fans rawk :)
[Anacondabug] anyone have the texhnolyze?
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] OUT HERO
[Anacondabug] soundtrack
[anigirl82] lol
[NemesisDcptcnz] \m/^o^\m/
[XxViciousxX] No one will ever be on your side when you come in here and attempt to insult one of my friends.
[XxViciousxX] NOW
[Anti-HERO] i didnt start the beef
[Anti-HERO] that was the Hezel dude
[Ancient Goddess] yeah, you did
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] HERO GET THE FRUCK OUT
[Anti-HERO] or something
[Ancient Goddess] Today, you did
[anigirl82] bai bai~...run out with your tail between your legs just like yesterday
[Anacondabug] what exactly is fruck?
[anigirl82] good day, sir, now get the fuck out
[NemesisDcptcnz] shit that snerd made me forget about what i came in here for in the first place..
[NemesisDcptcnz] Paranoia Agent..is it dark..like Boogiepop phantom?
[anigirl82] Fire TrUCKing
[NemesisDcptcnz] or is it not as good.
[XxViciousxX] [Anti-HERO] ani girl? [Anti-HERO] u have sex often? <----------- this isn't asking for a fight?
[Anti-HERO] but then u suddenly started the whole thing on me because i cant read ur fucking subtitles orite
[Anti-HERO] u piece of shit
[Errror] its MUCH better..
[NemesisDcptcnz] anyone?
[Anti-HERO] fuck that girl
[Anti-HERO] fuck u
[NemesisDcptcnz] ok cool error.
[NemesisDcptcnz] like..whats better about it?
[NemesisDcptcnz] graphics?
[NemesisDcptcnz] story line?
[Ancient Goddess] just fuck off and die already, Anti-HERO
[Anti-HERO] there are other peeps that probably undastand what i was about ok
[NemesisDcptcnz] everything?
[XxViciousxX] Yeah, and I'll fuck you in return with a seven foot wooden splintered pole.
[Anti-HERO] u have no life
[XxViciousxX] GTFO
[Anti-HERO] there probably some peeps here that have life
[kittyhas1000legs] O.o
[Anti-HERO] and cash
[Ancient Goddess] You've lost your fight
[Anti-HERO] and 2 cars
[Ancient Goddess] no need to be bitter
[anigirl82] lol probably
[Anti-HERO] and educated enough
[anigirl82] just accept defeat, man
[Errror] its not that dark but storyline and style are superb
[anigirl82] and leave
[XxViciousxX] HERO, just shutup.
[anigirl82] or say you are sorry
[NemesisDcptcnz] cool error.
[anigirl82] and I will take pity
[Anti-HERO] and dont fucken stroke their things every morning watching snoopy
[NemesisDcptcnz] ok..then i'll continue d/l...man not many seeders for the 13 episode pack im d/l
[XxViciousxX] LOL
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] I like snoopy
[anigirl82] LOL
[anigirl82] what the HELL does that mean lol
[Anti-HERO] i maybe sorry for some
[XxViciousxX] No, you're sorry for ALL.
[nori] dude, dont fucking dis charles.m.schultz
[Anti-HERO] if i was bad to somebody
[NemesisDcptcnz] i only got 3kbps <_< which is like...retarded
* kittyhas1000legs thinks hero stopped making any sense a while ago<
[Ancient Goddess] lol, kitty
[Anti-HERO] but not anigirl82
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] he was born where i live
[NemesisDcptcnz] its going to take 3 days to get it at this rate..oh well..hopefully more people wil start seeding.
[anigirl82] lol
[Anti-HERO] or Hezel dude
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] so he is like a hero hger
[XxViciousxX] You should be sorry for coming in here and being a dick head.
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] *here
[anigirl82] well, you don't get my sympathy now
[anigirl82] I was starting to feel bad
[XxViciousxX] Now gtfo, sit in a corner and think about what you've done.
[anigirl82] with like 15 people on you
[Anti-HERO] or fucking XxViciousxX piece of cunt
[XxViciousxX] And when you're done, go play with a livewire.
[anigirl82] but hey, you're funeral
[kittyhas1000legs] when i first came into this room, heuzel was really nice and helpful
[Ancient Goddess] He's too stupid to find the exit, SK
[Anti-HERO] im not hating everyone
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] XD
[Ancient Goddess] Hence why he's still spouting nonsense
[Anti-HERO] so my beef is over here
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] XD
[anigirl82] I think you will be blacklisted now....because anyone in this room who sees this will think you are an asshole and ban you from dl-ing
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] YEAH
[kittyhas1000legs] i don't see why anyone would have a probem with him/her
* NemesisDcptcnz shakes his finger at hero..puts 3 checkmarks next to his name on the chalk board and puts him OUTSIDE the classroom in a desk for the rest of the class
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] MASS BAN AND IGNORE!!
[NemesisDcptcnz] NEXT is the principles office MISTER
[XxViciousxX] LOL, Brass
[Anti-HERO] yea girl why u talk to much tho?
* NemesisDcptcnz reidles.
[Anti-HERO] like attention?
[Ancient Goddess] yeah, and you're going to be made an example upon your departure
[Anti-HERO] have lack of life then?
[anigirl82] Zool only attacks people who are deserving
[Anti-HERO] seen dick ones?
[XxViciousxX] HERO, why are you still arguing?
[XxViciousxX] This just shows your lack of a life.
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] XD
[Anti-HERO] shut the hell down
[Ancient Goddess] You probably see dick all the time, HERO. That's what you like, right?
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] damn she got u thre
[Anti-HERO] i dont hate others
[XxViciousxX] And shut the hell down doesn't make any sense. So stop saying it.
[Anti-HERO] the ones that were picking on me
[Anti-HERO] only
[Anti-HERO] so im over
[Anti-HERO] thaats it
[XxViciousxX] GET
[XxViciousxX] THE
[XxViciousxX] FUCK
[XxViciousxX] OUT
[XxViciousxX] NOW
[Anti-HERO] no hate in me for other ppl
[XxViciousxX] BITCH
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] i isnsit
[Ancient Goddess] Good. Finally he stops wailing on and on like a porkchop
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] MASS BAN AND IGNORE
[anigirl82] lol
[XxViciousxX] LOL, Brass.
[Anti-HERO] no i will not go out
[Anti-HERO] and u know it
[anigirl82] bye bye~
[anigirl82] lol
[anigirl82] well, you shall certainly be banned
[XxViciousxX] And I will continue to rail on you everytime you make an ignorant comment.
[kittyhas1000legs] yaaaaaaaaaaaay *ignores and bans*
[Ancient Goddess] cya~ Hope you go jump off a bridge, HERO
[anigirl82] and maybe ignored...your stupidity is cluttering up my interweb
[XxViciousxX] WELL look at that! He was banned already!
[Ancient Goddess] Remember JESUS LOVES YOU... everyone else thinks you're an idiot.
[kittyhas1000legs] it's more interesting to read only 1/2 the conversation
* XxViciousxX sighs
[XxViciousxX] Is he gone yet?
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] MASS BAN AND IGNORE
[anigirl82] yeah,
* Brass Monkey Funky Monkey starts a chant
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] MASS BAN AND IGNORE
[anigirl82] lol, he stopped speaking, I guess
[Anti-HERO] :)
[Anti-HERO] okay
[Anti-HERO] the ignorant fucks will do that
[XxViciousxX] ...
[anigirl82] I believe I shall ignore him too..I don't care really what else he has to say
[XxViciousxX] You just HAD to say something, ani.
[Anti-HERO] but i bet only children of 15
[Anti-HERO] others wont ignore or ban me
[XxViciousxX] [Anti-HERO] but i bet only children of 15 <--- I'm sorry, what?
[Anti-HERO] plus im not even downloading from anyone
[XxViciousxX] You're the middle child of 15?
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] XD
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] HA
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] U SUCKS
[XxViciousxX] Is that why you're crying out for attention? Because your mother couldn't keep her legs closed?
[Anti-HERO] nope
[Anti-HERO] nope
[nori] bwhaghagahahahahahhahaha
[anigirl82] it's just more penis stroking anyway...."I'm sure gonna show those kids how smart I am by throwing around that he knows 8 languages....and calling me "whure" and all that....it's getting REEEALY old"
[XxViciousxX] Oh, I'm sorry... I think I *sorta* feel some sympathy...
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] i dont
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] i fell like MASS BAN AND IGNORE!!!
[Anti-HERO] nope
[XxViciousxX] Yeah, ani, he's going to go back to his school and tell everyone about how he took on six people in a chatroom and 'won'.
[XxViciousxX] And he's going to tell them in 8 different languages.
[Android 17] XDD
[XxViciousxX] And everyone's still going to point and laugh.
[anigirl82] lol..too bad I don't have the banner thing anymore, I'd post a MASS BAN/IGNORE of Anti-Hero, If I could...just to prove him wrong
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] XD
[Anti-HERO] following some stupid idiot online and doing that will prove u have no self opinion and no life
[XxViciousxX] LOL, ani
[Anti-HERO] and that girl is stupidest whure ever
[Ancient Goddess] Let's just face it...Anti-HERO fell from the retard tree and hit every branch on the way down
[anigirl82] no self-opinion
[anigirl82] I think that's a good parting note for you
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] look at my ticker
[XxViciousxX] LOL, no, HERO, it proves that everyone thinks you're a dumbshit and we all have agreed to ignore you.
[Android 17] XDD Retard tree.
* anigirl82 ignores
[kittyhas1000legs] is hero still talkin?
[anigirl82] ahh.....the beauty of silence from the ignorant
[anigirl82] dunno :)
[kittyhas1000legs] ooh
[Brass Monkey Funky Monkey] XD
[XxViciousxX] I'm sorry, AnG, he was sitting in the retard forest on a hill, fell from the tree, hit every branch on the way down and rolled into every tree trunk on his way to the bottom of the hill.
[Anti-HERO] who thinks so?
[Anti-HERO] everybody u think?
[nori] everyone whos talking here
[Android 17] Uh huh.
[XxViciousxX] Too bad he didn't bash his head on a big rock on the way down.
[XxViciousxX] LOL, Brass.
* kittyhas1000legs skitters away
[Anti-HERO] well everybody ignored me?
[anigirl82] SHHH BRASS
[anigirl82] I want no spoilers
[XxViciousxX] Um... I ignored him a couple minutes ago.
[Ancient Goddess] everyone just stopped paying attention to you.
* nori does the b+i dance into the sky infinty x20000000000

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