[Myblackdiamond] puta!
[Myblackdiamond] jeje
[*AZ*] its 23.19 here
[Myblackdiamond] desviŠaaaaaaaa
[Amor_E_Morte] y a ti t gsuta
[Myblackdiamond] no
[Amor_E_Morte] si
[Myblackdiamond] va contra mis principios
[Amor_E_Morte] aki tol mundo es chan
[Myblackdiamond] pero lo de hentai lo entienden
[Myblackdiamond] pq hentai es una palabra japonesa
[Myblackdiamond] y aki son todos unos desviaos
[Amor_E_Morte] ya
[Amor_E_Morte] ceres hentai?
[Amor_E_Morte] Ņ?Ņ?
[AbysmaI_Grief] gtfo
[AbysmaI_Grief] anime has no room for the likes of you, sub-human
[Myblackdiamond] jesi me la chupas?
[Amor_E_Morte] m ha dicho a mi el tio ese?
[AbysmaI_Grief] grande puta?
[AbysmaI_Grief] jajajaajaja
[AbysmaI_Grief] stfu
[Myblackdiamond] q dice el tio este?
[AbysmaI_Grief] get out, spics
[Amor_E_Morte] spic?
[Myblackdiamond] se dice gran puta mogli
[wrxnfx] don't be racists.
[Amor_E_Morte] nos estn hchando por espaŮoles
[Amor_E_Morte] thanks [wrxnfx]
[blablanabong] SPANISH FUCKTARDS
[blablanabong] SHUT UP
[blablanabong] AND DIE
[Amor_E_Morte] here there are meany stupis
[Myblackdiamond] sew eice many
[Amor_E_Morte] shut up you, idiot
[Amor_E_Morte] !
[Myblackdiamond] die? y quien me va a matar come rabos?
[Amor_E_Morte] many*
[blablanabong] dude
[Myblackdiamond] Ůam Ůam
[blablanabong] TALK ENGLISH
[Myblackdiamond] gloarg gloggys! jajajaja
[wrxnfx] blablanabong, shut the fuck up pussy.
[blablanabong] XD
[Myblackdiamond] cuando tu hables Spanish
[blablanabong] ahahahaha
[blablanabong] NEIN
[blablanabong] I WONT
[blablanabong] I WILL SPAM
[blablanabong] NOW INTO
[wrxnfx] if you can't handle yourself in cyberland i can't see you handling shit int the real world.
[wrxnfx] pussy.
[blablanabong] ETERNITY
[blablanabong] JAJAJAJA
[Myblackdiamond] q me hables en cristiano
[blablanabong] NOW GET THE FUCK OUT
[wrxnfx] i don't care, you're not ignored bitchass.
[Myblackdiamond] no hables en idioma de yanki
[blablanabong] U CUNT
[blablanabong] OH NOES
[blablanabong] I AM IGNORED
[Amor_E_Morte] GIlipollas!!!!!!!!11
[blablanabong] I AM SO SAD
[blablanabong] BAHHAHAHAHAHA
[Myblackdiamond] you are not ignored
[Pirate Bob] Hey, bladude, you just told them to speak english, then you go spouting German?
[Myblackdiamond] you are the ignoration
[blablanabong] XD
[blablanabong] ahahahahha
[blablanabong] omfg
[blablanabong] this is fucking awesome
[blablanabong] GERMAN? ??!?!!?1
[blablanabong] XD
[Pirate Bob] Nien is german idiot
[AbysmaI_Grief] all he said was "NEIN"
[Myblackdiamond] ja...
[Amor_E_Morte] jajaj, you atre very sad guy [blablanabong]
[kittyhas1000legs] not really spouting...
[Amor_E_Morte] jjajajajaj
[Amor_E_Morte] jajajaj
[blablanabong] [Pirate Bob] Nien is german idiot >>>> nice typo
[blablanabong] :D
[Myblackdiamond] ich bin gross und stark
[AbysmaI_Grief] that's like saying "adios" despite not speaking spanish
[AbysmaI_Grief] it's a phrase
[Myblackdiamond] kandidaten spieletroken
[Amor_E_Morte] ajjajajaja
[Myblackdiamond] destrojen abrujen!
[Pirate Bob] Bah, splelling was never mine sstrongest point :P
[Myblackdiamond] q es eso de arriba q sale en verde sobre fondo negro????
[wrxnfx] if you're racist that means you have some inner problems with yourself.
[Myblackdiamond] BAKALAS! jajajaj
[wrxnfx] probably blablanabong getting raped as a child didn't help.
[Amor_E_Morte] how old are you blablanabongŅ 3
[blablanabong] uuuh..
[Amor_E_Morte] ?
[Myblackdiamond] do you know what is a bakala???
[blablanabong] and now a correct sentence
[blablanabong] and does my age matter?
[blablanabong] like the retard name said: this is the interfuck
[Myblackdiamond] I know yu're 16 yaers old
[blablanabong] nothing matters
[Makkura_Tsuyagoto] . . .
[blablanabong] except that we understand eachtother
[Amor_E_Morte] nazi
[Myblackdiamond] pero chico me kieres hablar en mi idoma?
[Amor_E_Morte] you are nazi
[blablanabong] shut up cunt
[Myblackdiamond] do you read mein kampf?
[blablanabong] get the fuck out
[blablanabong] and die
[blablanabong] of cancer
[Myblackdiamond] did*
[Ancient Goddess] ¨¨
[blablanabong] its a mess ang
[blablanabong] i tried to shut the spicks up
[Ancient Goddess] I can see that
[Myblackdiamond] cancer? caballeros del zodiaaaco jejejee
[blablanabong] but..
[blablanabong] failed
[blablanabong] :(
* blablanabong hides behind AnG
[Myblackdiamond] blablanabong??? q coŮo es eso??
[Myblackdiamond] ————————————————————
[Myblackdiamond] viva la ————
[Ancient Goddess] ...
[blablanabong] even english fucktards began to call me names
[Ancient Goddess] I just caught the last of the convo.
[Myblackdiamond] pero q dices???
[Myblackdiamond] what names?
[Myblackdiamond] je ne parle pas anglais
[Myblackdiamond] mais je sais parllair franÁais
[Myblackdiamond] juajauajaau
[Amor_E_Morte] viva spain, and all the countries!
[Myblackdiamond] VIctoria!
[Myblackdiamond] y tu q dices facha?
[Myblackdiamond] jajajaja
[kylekyle] forza scotland
[Myblackdiamond] La justiciera jessi jejeje
[kylekyle] B-)
[Myblackdiamond] jajaa SCOTLAND! jejeje
[Amor_E_Morte] jaja
[kylekyle] 8)
[kylekyle] lol
[Amor_E_Morte] viva scotland!
[Makkura_Tsuyagoto] ...wow.
[Amor_E_Morte] :)
[Myblackdiamond] eso eso jejeje
[Myblackdiamond] Scotland Allez! jejee
[Makkura_Tsuyagoto] All these different languages...
[Myblackdiamond] Now I am Scotish jeje
[Makkura_Tsuyagoto] How about this-- wonder if it translates right--
[Makkura_Tsuyagoto] STFU!
[Myblackdiamond] It is the wander of the world the diferent cultures
[blablanabong] my black diamond
[Myblackdiamond] bla bla vbla.....
[Myblackdiamond] I ignore you jajajaja
[blablanabong] yes, that is what yuo are sayin
[Myblackdiamond] QUe viva Stratovarius!!
[blablanabong] bullshit
[Myblackdiamond] Stratovarius Stratovarius
[blablanabong] do i look like i care if u'd ignore me
[Myblackdiamond] Stratovarius
[blablanabong] maybe its better its the other way around
[blablanabong] cuz im not the one sayin crap
[Pirate Bob] Stratovaruis is awesome :P
[Amor_E_Morte] blablanabong what is your problem?
[Myblackdiamond] Blablanabong sais: Bark Bark! jajajjajaj
[blablanabong] you!
[Amor_E_Morte] jaja
[Amor_E_Morte] me?
[blablanabong] yes
[blablanabong] talk english
[kylekyle] lol
[blablanabong] and then my problem is gone
[kylekyle] that was harsh blab
[blablanabong] "normal english"
[kylekyle] lol
[Amor_E_Morte] gone with the sin
[kylekyle] :;O
[Myblackdiamond] and the screams of blablanabong still sais: bark bark!
[blablanabong] i am harsh, thank you
[kylekyle] lol
[kylekyle] i agree!
[kylekyle] where u from enyway
[kylekyle] ?!
[Myblackdiamond] I only heard Bark bark blablanabong jejej
[nestene] anyone remember atoon with a blonde haired humanoid robot that could transform into some kind of vehicle and maybe a phoenix too/or the toon ended with a fire?
[Ancient Goddess] Myblackdiamond...
[Ancient Goddess] stfu.
[blablanabong] Y HALO THAR
[Ancient Goddess] plz
[blablanabong] IM FROM THE INTERBUTT
[Ancient Goddess] kthxbye
[blablanabong] :D
[blablanabong] gj AnG ^-^
[Makkura_Tsuyagoto] ...enyway...?
[nestene] it was something I saw a few times from my local video hire in the mid 80s
[Amor_E_Morte] [blablanabong=HItler
[blablanabong] mang, that is so quoted
[Makkura_Tsuyagoto] [kylekyle] where u from enyway
[blablanabong] XD
[Makkura_Tsuyagoto] Wow.
[nathanielbolstad] so pirate bob, what would you rate my images?
[kylekyle] what?
[kylekyle] makkura, what?
[Makkura_Tsuyagoto] It's spelled anyway, you fucktard.
[blablanabong] XD
[Tranquility] baka....
[kylekyle] that was clever
[kylekyle] u knobjockey
[blablanabong] no
[blablanabong] it wasnt
[Makkura_Tsuyagoto] Not really.
[Myblackdiamond] I now i can't stay by your side forever, but i know i can't forget your beauty blablanabong,... jajjajjajajjaa
[kylekyle] O, we hate england, o we hate england
[Ancient Goddess] "u" need to pick up a dictionary, kylekyle
[blablanabong] ugh..
[Myblackdiamond] jijijijijiji
[kylekyle] i can speak better english than u probs
[Ancient Goddess] erm, no
[kylekyle] em yes
[Ancient Goddess] I can capatalize
[Ancient Goddess] AND spell out words correctly
[RogueLioness] hehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehe
[----AntisociaL-----] who have saint seiya ?
[Myblackdiamond] what are we disscussing?
[kylekyle] spelling is deifferent than speakin u dumbass
[RogueLioness] ah who cares....its only txt talk..no one cares aboot punctuation and or spelling
[RogueLioness] blah
[blablanabong] [kylekyle] i can speak better english than u probs >>> *probably
[kylekyle] omg, i sed enyways, big fukin boner a?
[blablanabong] stupid fuck
[shArEmInAtOr007] where can i get evangelion: death and rebirth?
[kylekyle] u like that in ur mouth u pof
[kylekyle] poof*
[RogueLioness] the shops
[Tranquility] think im to old for this room lol, take care kids
[Ancient Goddess] omg, you're a waste of space, kylekyle
[Ancient Goddess] Shoot yourself in the head
[shArEmInAtOr007] where i live are no anime shops!
[kylekyle] sharemln, i have death and rebirth
[RogueLioness] the dude...hentai ojisan...might have death an reberth
[Myblackdiamond] Amor_E_morte sigues por ahi???
[blablanabong] mang, the room is retarded today
[RogueLioness] oops speelling ...rebirth
[gino] when isnt it?
[Myblackdiamond] quien se viene a veranear a torrevieja?
[wrxnfx] when life ceases to exist
[kylekyle] this room is retarded cuz all u comple losers are here, you spend all your time on the net which just shows how gay u must be
[RogueLioness] anyone have any good anime music vids (amv)????????????????????????
[blablanabong] [wrxnfx] when I ceases to exist
[kylekyle] its not "cool" to go on animť chatrooms all day u know
[RogueLioness] yeah it is
[RogueLioness] baka!
[RogueLioness] lol
[wrxnfx] kylekyle, why are you still in here then ?
[RogueLioness] soz
[RogueLioness] arghhhhhh
[RogueLioness] hahahaha
[kylekyle] none of you will have wives/gf's cuz u r computer sad ass geek losers
[kylekyle] with glasses!*
[Ancient Goddess] It's not 'cool' to act like a retarded-ass either
[RogueLioness] yay
[RogueLioness] me want glasses
[RogueLioness] and i dont want a wife...
[Ancient Goddess] You won't have any friends or girlfriends with your wretched vocabulary either
[Ancient Goddess] so I guess you're stuck with us
[wrxnfx] i have glasses, in school, work, and i have lots of girls i can call up.
[RogueLioness] hehe
[wrxnfx] maybe you're the only loser in here, kylekyle.
[Ancient Goddess] bitching at us for no reason, kylekyle
[RogueLioness] i love geeky guys
[Ancient Goddess] until that one day,
[kittyhas1000legs] i live on a college campus
[godsrighthand] Trolls are ignored first without warning, then banned.
[Ancient Goddess] when you get an ounce of intelligence
[kittyhas1000legs] life is great
[Ancient Goddess] and shoot yourself in the head
[igniss2000] you`re all just kawaii when you`re arguing ;) but does anyone have rurouni kenshi series?
[RogueLioness] ..........please people with AMV's talk to me.......pleeease
[kylekyle] rogue, enjoy life on your own, ull never get a wife, sign on sogn on!
[kylekyle] american knobs
[RogueLioness] me no want a wife....cos im a girl u moron
[Ancient Goddess] Oh, class A insults!
[kittyhas1000legs] kyle, you NO realize what you just said makes no sense, right?
[kittyhas1000legs] *do
[kylekyle] u neither
[kylekyle] fanjab
[Ancient Goddess] he's just bitching about nonsense, because he's a dumbass, kitty
[RogueLioness] *goes boxeyed*
[Myblackdiamond] dear kitty
[kylekyle] id better leave this shithole
[Ancient Goddess] yeah, it'd be the best
[RogueLioness] yes
[kittyhas1000legs] yes, please do
[kylekyle] enjoy gettin aides off ur gay partners guys
[RogueLioness] AMV's people???????
[Ancient Goddess] Same to you
[kylekyle] u unsocible cunts
[wrxnfx] thanks.
[wrxnfx] fuck off, mate
[Ancient Goddess] Since we all know you like dick
[kylekyle] Forza Aberdeen FC, Scotland
[Myblackdiamond] forza
[RogueLioness] no wonder...hes scottish
[Ancient Goddess] lol, Rogue
[kittyhas1000legs] i'm plenty sociable, i just also like stuff you can't buy in the US
[kylekyle] We h8 england o we h8 england (and geeks)
[Myblackdiamond] Torrevieja!
[RogueLioness] im half scottish...*ponders*
[kittyhas1000legs] meh
[Ancient Goddess] well, that was fun
[Ancient Goddess] I'm going now
[Ancient Goddess] room~
[RogueLioness] byeeeeeee
[godsrighthand] ~
[kittyhas1000legs] bai
[Myblackdiamond] this channel is a shit bye racists!
[RogueLioness] i made this!
[RogueLioness] soz
[Amor_E_Morte] torrevija?
[kittyhas1000legs] tower... somethin spanish?
[wrxnfx] it's not that bad in the night for me.
[Myblackdiamond] i am spanich kittyhas
[blablanabong] uuh.. does your opinion even matters?
[blablanabong] NO!

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