Hall of Memorable N00b Bashing

If you are smart, you would never let any of these examples happen to you. Soulseek has a team of experienced n00b-bashers with a heavy artilery of wits and insults at their disposal.

Example One: Heuzel flames a tempermental n00b into the depths of hell

Example Two: Another N00b Bashing...brought to you by Heuzel

Example Three: This is what happens when you ask stupid questions... (Ancient Goddess Bashes)

Example Four: Group bashing...brought to you by Heuzel, Ancient Goddess, SarahKatt, and LastTime

Example Five: Smart-mouthed n00bs get it too. ^^ (Shadow'sMistress and Sephiroth Kaizen bashes)

Example Six: Stupid morons need to be shot in the foot. (Drago_sanguinante, XxViciousxX, and Ancient Goddess bashes)

Example Seven: Another group bashing...by Heuzel, anigirl82, Kitsune-Tsuki, XxViciousxX, and Kurdt Cobain

Example Eight: RETARD TO THE RESCUE!!! (The return of Anti-HERO)

Example Nine: Coming in to Anime/ANIME?....REMEMBER to bring your English dictionary.

Example Ten: Mess with siblings/respected members of soulseek...this is what you get. (Heuzel, blablanabong, everyday junglist, and Ancient Goddess bashes)

Example Eleven: Chauvanist gets his ass handed to him. (bash by baka^2, Heuzel, Ancient Goddess, Kitsune-Tsuki, and anigirl82)

Example Twelve: NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPAMMISH INQUISITION!!! (The Spammish Armada makes an appearance)

Example Thirteen: Another Moron in ANIME....nori and blab bashes

Example Fourteen: You may know him as 'migueldeloslobos'--the fucktard that ran cowardly from ANIME (anigirl82 and digininja bashes)

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