[Ancient Goddess] hello, are you there?
(13:58) [chinatsu666] hi A.G.
[Ancient Goddess] hi
[Ancient Goddess] I was told to ask you a question. =)
[Ancient Goddess] You know Heuzel, right?
(14:01) [chinatsu666] I know _of_ Heuzel
[Ancient Goddess] well, he asked me to ask you if and why you were still browsing him
[Ancient Goddess] he's away now, but he just wanted me to ask you
(14:06) [chinatsu666] interesting question... I guess I explained it to him a few times
(14:06) [chinatsu666] he's a bit dense eh?
[Ancient Goddess] what did you explain to him?
(14:09) [chinatsu666] it's not so much a matter of my personally browsing him...
(14:10) [chinatsu666] as, I am testing some software which browses everyone in a room, including you A.G.
(14:10) [chinatsu666] maybe he could explain why it bothers him so much
[Ancient Goddess] ah...so it still allows you to browse people that have banned you? Because it's in my understanding that Zeul had banned you...
[Ancient Goddess] which software?
[Ancient Goddess] is it an addon, or are you using a Mac?
(14:13) [chinatsu666] it is an add-on which I wrote myself
[Ancient Goddess] ah
(14:14) [chinatsu666] and it attempts to browse mr zeul but naturally does not succeed, as he is not sharing files with me
[Ancient Goddess] which language is it in?
(14:15) [chinatsu666] c++
(14:15) [chinatsu666] and Perl. I'm eclectic
[Ancient Goddess] lol
(14:16) [chinatsu666] the thing is, the Linux slsk client is not very complete, so I'm working on it
[Ancient Goddess] ah
[Ancient Goddess] so you're using nicotine?
(14:19) [chinatsu666] it's called museek; it's working for me a bit more stably than nicotine
(14:19) [chinatsu666] but sadly it does not implement the "room-search" feature
(14:19) [chinatsu666] so I wrote my own by compiling a database of the shares in a particular room
(14:20) [chinatsu666] now the thing is, if we do not have any shared files for a person,
(14:20) [chinatsu666] we ask again next time we are in the room
(14:20) [chinatsu666] hence as long as Hezeul or anyone else will not share his files, we continue to ask...
(14:21) [chinatsu666] I might be able to change this behavior but I don't know that it's worth the effort
[Ancient Goddess] ah
[Ancient Goddess] but you do know that people share userlist only....
(14:23) [chinatsu666] right so in that case, my browse probably is never going to succeed
(14:24) [chinatsu666] unless he decided to add me to his userlist, as I added him to my list already
(14:24) [chinatsu666] if he doesn't, it really does no harm to me or him anyway
(14:25) [chinatsu666] but perhaps some people would be irritated by being unsuccessfully browsed?
[Ancient Goddess] well, you're added to my list, since you're not doing it purposely. =)
[Ancient Goddess] Mind if I browse you for a sec
[Ancient Goddess] *?
(14:30) [chinatsu666] please do
(14:30) [chinatsu666] my client doesn't actually show when people are browsing me so I won't even know it :)
[Ancient Goddess] well, I'll explain all this to Zeul
(14:33) [chinatsu666] thank you
(14:33) [chinatsu666] maybe I would do better with Dutch or whatever he prefers to speak...
[Ancient Goddess] lol...no, he's very fluent in English. =)
[Ancient Goddess] I think he'd understand
(14:34) [chinatsu666] I've noticed most Flemish people as good with English as Americans are
(14:34) [chinatsu666] Very similar languages, plus you have to be pretty multilingual in Belgium
[Ancient Goddess] lol...well, when I first started talking to him, I couldn't tell the difference.
[Ancient Goddess] erm...message, from Zeul:
[Ancient Goddess] (14:34) [Heuzel] how nice, tell him to implement that in his client, then he'll know how fucktacular it is
[Ancient Goddess] As you can see...he's not a big fan of the actual client...but he likes the people on here, from what I can tell.
(14:37) [chinatsu666] So he is saying, If I could see all the people trying to browse me, I would be annoyed as well?
[Ancient Goddess] Well, Zeul usually is userlist only
[Ancient Goddess] so it's not like most people can *actually* download from him...
[Ancient Goddess] which I guess it would be annoying to see the same person trying to browse him multipule times, I suppose
[Ancient Goddess] lol...Zeul wants to know why you use "666" in your screenname.
(14:40) [chinatsu666] Hmm, well as you know if the browse successfully gets your file list one time, it will stop trying...
(14:40) [chinatsu666] that's why you are not getting repeatedly browsed
(14:41) [chinatsu666] tell him the 666 is because I drink Duval
[Ancient Goddess] (14:41) [Heuzel] ask him if he did an ip check on me
[Ancient Goddess] (14:42) [Heuzel] and tell him it's DuvEl not duval
(14:44) [chinatsu666] I just asked his Mom what beer she likes when she was over last night...
[Ancient Goddess] (14:46) [Heuzel] that's nice, so he did do an ip check
[Ancient Goddess] (14:46) [Heuzel] ask him where he's from
(14:49) [chinatsu666] I pretty much range from Oregon to Leuven
[Ancient Goddess] so you like anime?
(14:52) [chinatsu666] mostly fantasy and funny stuff... lodoss war, ninja scroll, comic party, ranma...