[Ancient Goddess] (13:04) [maddtalenz] Thank u for letting me know that everyone is not here to cater to me
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] ....
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] STFU you lame.
[LastTime] haha
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] We aren't.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Right click.
[LastTime] you are here to cater me!
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Search for Files in Room.
[Ancient Goddess] (13:04) [maddtalenz] I was starting to feel like a God
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Wishlist.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Seach Files.
[Ancient Goddess] (13:05) [maddtalenz] your words took me down a notch
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Three options to find what you want.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL
[Ancient Goddess] (13:05) [maddtalenz] I appreciated them
[Ancient Goddess] (13:05) [maddtalenz] Thanks once again
[Ancient Goddess] [Ancient Goddess] Well, that's good to know...perhaps then as a god, you can come up with something better than that
[Ancient Goddess] * Ancient Goddess bans and iggies
[Ancient Goddess] that's probably the 75th moron added to my ban list
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] ....
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Rule #1 to SLSK:
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Never share information you wouldn't mind screaming in a full room.
[Ancient Goddess] Rule #2 of SLSK: n00bs AREN'T welcome
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LMAO
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] GTFO, madd.
[LastTime] tell me something I don't know
[LastTime] I open mouth kissed a horse once.
[LastTime] what?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] You're just a retarded n00b who got mad because no one was going to cater to you.
[LastTime] that's something you don't know
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LT, rofl.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Nice comeback you genius.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] There are three options to finding the files you want.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] It's not like they're fuckin inconspicuous.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] If you don't find what you want in the search results, it means no one has them, so don't fuckin ask.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] We bitches feel high and mighty because we've learned how to keep from pissing people off and utilizing the options that are given to find what we want.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL, and you'll get banned everywhere you go.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Good luck with your SLSK experience.
[Ancient Goddess] I learned the rules of slsk 10 minutes after starting the client...I also READ the buttons on the top of the screen before I even started to ask
[LastTime] such hostility.
[Ancient Goddess] I ALSO know how to use fucking google
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL, LT
[Ancient Goddess] too bad others can't do the same.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] At the very least, look first before you ask.
[63f58e] . . .
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] You are such a lame.
[Ancient Goddess] iggy it, SK
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] We give you tips to avoid this problem in the future and you try to insult someone.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] And the insults suck ass.
[Ancient Goddess] don't bother wasting your time
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LMAO, welcome to my ever exclusive iggy list.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL, poor 63.
[Ancient Goddess] and don't forget the ban ^^
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Ah, I won't forget the ban.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Oh, shit, he'd already been on there, AnG.
[Ancient Goddess] HAHA...such a retard.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] And from observing the way this person is already, he's probably still talking shit like a high school freshman.
[Heuzel] erm, is that the only thing you can say? Eat a dick?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] I'm sorry, 7th grader**
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Heuzel~
[Ancient Goddess] Zeul~
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Is he still saying it, Heuzel?
[Ancient Goddess] I iggied him ages ago...he can say whatever the fuck he wants
[Heuzel] k, now copy and paste it, really fast
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL, Zel.
[Ancient Goddess] hehe
[Heuzel] really fast, I bet you can't make it to a hundred in one min
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Lol, that would be interesting.
[maddtalenz] U fucks are something else
[maddtalenz] I message AG
[maddtalenz] Then SK gets involced
* Sephiroth_Kaizen waits for Zel to stomp the poor n00b if he so choses.
[Ancient Goddess] aww...are you mad that you have no friends here, mad?
[maddtalenz] Now some new guy wants in
* Sephiroth_Kaizen considers taking madd off iggy just to see this.
[Ancient Goddess] Go and cry in your pink sheets
[Heuzel] lol @ new guy
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LMAO, AnG.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] WTF?! He called you new?
[Heuzel] .....
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] ..................
[maddtalenz] Like i need cyber friends
[maddtalenz] Yeah that's it
[maddtalenz] U fucks are really something else
[Ancient Goddess] so then why are you talking on a chat then?
[Ancient Goddess] GTFO. No one likes you
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] So why are you STILL talking then?
[Heuzel] [maddtalenz] Like i need cyber friends <---- you got plenty of work, sucking your daddy's cock, don't ya
[Ancient Goddess] lol
[Heuzel] ya little daddy's bitch
[LastTime] ....
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LMAO
[LastTime] dddamn
[LastTime] you guys are rough
[Heuzel] does it still hurt, when he fucks you in the ass?
[maddtalenz] And that's original
[Heuzel] do you still bleed?
[maddtalenz] More so than eat a dick
[maddtalenz] u fucking whelp
[Heuzel] well, i'm trying to talk @ your level, so....
[maddtalenz] I'm sure that's what it is
[Heuzel] isn't that nice.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LT, Zel is by far one of the roughest n00b killers I've ever seen.
[Heuzel] indeed, that's what it is, you took the 'special' bus to get in this place, did ya?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LMAO
[Heuzel] or did mommy drop you off, wairing that diaper?
[LastTime] ouchies.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Damn.
* Sephiroth_Kaizen feels her own ego slightly bruised.
[Heuzel] maddtalenz <----- tallenz @ what?
[Heuzel] tallenz @ being a n00b?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL
[Heuzel] what were you searching in this place anyways?
[Heuzel] pokemon?
[Heuzel] you gay ooohh?
[Heuzel] inufagsha?
[Heuzel] craptacular dbz?
[Heuzel] do, plz tell me
[maddtalenz] homie no one was talking to u to begin with
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Bible Black... ¬_¬
[LastTime] homie?
[Heuzel] homie?
[Heuzel] erm.... what are you?
[Heuzel] I think he gets raped in the ghetto everyday
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] >_<
[maddtalenz] and the fact u felt the need to smash your keyboard just tells me all i need to know
[Heuzel] smash my keyb?
[Heuzel] i'd shuv it up your ass, rather then smashing it
[Heuzel] but, you'd like that to much
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] O_o
[Heuzel] [maddtalenz] and the fact u felt the need to smash your keyboard just tells me all i need to know <--- yes, it tells you to GTFO
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] XD
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Well, I guess that fight was won by Zel... obviously ...¬_¬
[maddtalenz] what fight
[Heuzel] ewww @ time warner cable
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Lol, Zel.
[Heuzel] well, that's his isp, so
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Lol.
[maddtalenz] u have issues friend
[Heuzel] erm first: the one with issues = you
[Heuzel] second: i choose my friends myself
[Heuzel] and third GTFO, no one wants you here
[LastTime] goddamnit
[yukimura] indeed, no go away, you annoying N00bish cunt
[Ancient Goddess] STFU n00b. You're a moron. Especially since you're trying to contend with Heuzel
[LastTime] 92 in line
[LastTime] FUCK FUCK FUCK I want my goddamn show
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Attempting to contend with Zel is suicide.
[LastTime] hmm WOT fan.
[maddtalenz] I don't gice a shit who your friends are
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Lol, yuki.
[yukimura] IP address of maddtalenz is, name gso56-129-194.triad.rr.com, port 18201
[Heuzel] c, time warner fucker
[yukimura] indded, indeed
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Madd, just gtfo before you get jumped on by everyone in here.
[maddtalenz] I asked a question and u got all crazy
[Ancient Goddess] correction:
[Ancient Goddess] you asked a STUPID question and we got all crazy
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Seriously, gtfo, or go away.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL, AnG, ditto.
[Ancient Goddess] kthxbye
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] ggnoren00bkthxbye
[maddtalenz] then because i said some something about it u and your cyber croonies felt the need to join in cause your kids
[Ancient Goddess] nah...chewing out n00bs is entertainment for us.
[Heuzel] erm, why do you care so much, if were just kids?
[maddtalenz] which is cools
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Chewing out stupid n00bs is entertainment for us**
[Heuzel] you still in here, so, you must really wanna like it here
[Ancient Goddess] thanks, SK ^^
[maddtalenz] i got time to kill
[Heuzel] erm, couldn't you just go kill yourself?
[Ancient Goddess] then why don't you just kill yourself?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Ditto, AnG.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] You beat me do it
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] O_O
[Ancient Goddess] nah..Zeul beat me too it
[Ancient Goddess] *to
[maddtalenz] plus i like to see what u constitute as descent comebacks
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] to*
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Obviously better comebacks then your overused "eat a dick" or whatever the fuck you were saying.
[maddtalenz] no no u remembered
[Ancient Goddess] how about you remember to bring a dictionary the next time you come in here?
[maddtalenz] u wrote phrase exact like
[PessimisticTerrorist] lol this is a funny conversation
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] So gtfo, get your huggies changed, come back when you have better comebacks and maybe, just MAYBE we'll be nice to you.
[Ancient Goddess] and learn how to spell
[maddtalenz] I agree PT
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] @ PT, great entertainment.
[PessimisticTerrorist] yup
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] ~
[yukimura] [maddtalenz] I like eating my daddy's dick, 'cos if i don't then he'd fuck me in the ass again :(
[yukimura] O RLY?????
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] O_O
[Ancient Goddess] just find another room, madd...ask your dumbass questions in there...maybe they'll help you. But you'll get no comfort here
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] XDDDDD
[Ancient Goddess] You're no one special
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Yeah, go in the anime room.
[Heuzel] erm....
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] ??
[Ancient Goddess] or learn how to use google like an intelligent person
[yukimura] there's a retarded numbfuck room, maybe you can go there....
* Sephiroth_Kaizen thinks he'd have a better chance with google.
[maddtalenz] and who the fuck are u
[maddtalenz] man o man
[yukimura] man o man?
[maddtalenz] yes u
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] His daddy is sitting there telling him what to say, yuki.
[yukimura] yeah, i know
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Lol.
[maddtalenz] u pricks are really something
[Heuzel] he's sitting on his daddy's dick.... typing the pain away
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LMAO
[Ancient Goddess] hehe
[yukimura] no really, go to the retarded numbfuck room
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Yeah, he likes dick a lot since he keeps talking about it.
[Heuzel] he's got a dickophobia, imo
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Ah, maybe...
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Okay, perhaps he's fucked off now.
[LastTime] hello?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Hiya, LT.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Lol.
[Ancient Goddess] heh...only if he got one more ounce of intelligence, SK
[Heuzel] no, he's not
[Heuzel] he's fucked up... that's for sure
[Heuzel] maybe mommy took the strapon
[Ancient Goddess] hehe
[maddtalenz] no more comments about me and my daddy tuff guys
[maddtalenz] i do so enjoy them
[maddtalenz] or mother comments
[maddtalenz] or who ever else is cool
[maddtalenz] what ever the three of you can come up with together
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] O_O
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Okay, I was definitely not expecting that one, Zel.
[LastTime] ...
[Ancient Goddess] more than what you can, mad
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] yeah, really.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Now he's begging for mercy.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] "Please don't talk about my mommy and daddy!" STFU and GTFO
[Ancient Goddess] so why don't you just take your grain-sized brain and move it elsewhere?
[Ancient Goddess] or just kill yourself...either way, you'll be doing us a favor
[PessimisticTerrorist] madd why dont you just give up? This is overkill
[maddtalenz] overkill
[Heuzel] he's to retarded to give up, or commit suicide
[maddtalenz] they aren't saying shit
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] PT, I was honestly thinking the same thing.
[Ancient Goddess] agreed, Heuz
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Anyway, I gotta get going. I have to go pick up a video game.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] BBL
[Ancient Goddess] SK~
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] AnG~, Zel~, LT~, PT~
[maddtalenz] nothing i wouldn't hear at one of my volunteer pee-eww soccer games
[LastTime] bye bye
[PessimisticTerrorist] cya
[LastTime] ...Oh yeah, I am LT.
[LastTime] I am just that cool
[Heuzel] erm... pee-eww soccer games?
[Heuzel] they pee on you?
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Lol, LT. I'm just too lazy to type out your full username.
[Heuzel] damn, that was that smell
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] LOL
[maddtalenz] Well like your butt buddy
[maddtalenz] I got things to do
[maddtalenz] Have a little pow wow while I'm away and come up with some A material
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] It looks like you should be doing that, not us...
[LastTime] I'm that cool GODDAMNIT
[maddtalenz] It's been fun kids
[Ancient Goddess] No one fucking cares about what you have to do
[Ancient Goddess] now GTFO
[Heuzel] hmm, how about you learn some A material, 'homie'
[maddtalenz] Just for you AG
[maddtalenz] one for the road
[maddtalenz] Eat a Dick
[Ancient Goddess] aw....I'm so hurt
[Heuzel] k, that was entertaining ¬.¬
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] ....
[Ancient Goddess] hehe
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] what...
[Ancient Goddess] yeah. It was
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] the.....
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] f...
[Ancient Goddess] I didn't even see the start of what he was saying to me in here
[LastTime] moop
[Ancient Goddess] since I iggied him
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] It was nothing important.
[Sephiroth_Kaizen] Peace out.
[Ancient Goddess] I'm sure
[Heuzel] c ya
[Ancient Goddess] cya SK~

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